Dear President Biden,

So many of us worldwide are very pleased by your victory. Many across the planet are still heaving a sigh of relief weeks after the Inauguration. This letter to you is to help support and hopefully guide you in the direction of serving Americans as you have pledged to do.

As we know, the overriding issue facing the nation and the world is how to effectively deal with the Coronavirus, halt its spread, its deaths and get the economy back into full gear. Unlike your predecessor, I don’t think that you’ll have a lot of time for golf—clearly, you take the job much more seriously and to heart which is why so many people think well of you—they can feel you and your commitment to our well-being.

Many of us, therefore, stand behind you in respect to putting forth a positive vision of the future far beyond Covid through dealing immediately and effectively with it. No matter how bleak things look now in so many respects, there are also shining opportunities to break through this. Americans, and people everywhere, are resourceful, robust, and given a challenge, we rise to it.

However, I don’t think your current Covid Task Force is guiding you as you need to be. Theirs appears to be an extremely narrow, singular perspective that there is one solution before us. This preoccupation seems to have blinded them to other options rendering them limited in what they have to offer you and the American people.

I suggest that it is most helpful to understand the phenomenon of Covid in the general context that historically we have always periodically had nasty, disruptive viruses in society. To deal with any massively threatening virus or problem, a multi-pronged, holistic approach proves to be the most rational, effective -and most rapid-way of creating health in our people and going beyond the infection.

I would suggest that the current, ‘vaccine only’ approach is extremely limited, not a little risky and puts all eggs in one basket. These vaccines have no track record, no longitudinal studies to back them, are utilizing an untested, new methodology of which we have no idea what the long-term effects may be, need to be refrigerated making storage, transportation and administration extremely challenging and highly expensive, costing taxpayers billions.

Any scientist or member of the public knows that the usual time period for the research and development of a new vaccine and proper testing takes between 5-15 years. Yet the government is backing this highly experimental, truly risky treatment as its only tool for overcoming Covid. Isn’t this very irresponsible while there are several other inexpensive, easy-to-use-and-access therapies in the toolkit that have been tested and used effectively over the course of over 50 years?

The good news Mr. President is that these other treatments that could be implemented immediately without medical assistance at home for pennies on the dollar, the science behind which is long-term, could be made available and applied in a matter of days.

I get the impression, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is that your Covid Task Force hasn’t breathed a word of these to you. So my first proposal is that you change or expand this Board. You are being fed partial information at best and it is not serving the American people or the world-at-large but costing us, between the expense of vaccines and an enormously slowed economy, trillions and widespread unhappiness. Due to the lack of testing and some of the ingredients in most vaccines, it is possibly doing harm. A rigorous analysis is surely in order.

My background Mr. President is in Holistic Psychology, Acupuncture and am a stress management consultant utilizing sophisticated, scanning software programs to help people with psycho-emotional and somatic stress. I am accustomed to working with any manner of challenges brought on by stress and the issues around Covid are one of many people are currently facing. The stress of not being able to feed one’s family or paying the rent is also profound.

A holistic approach opens the vista of possibility, embraces numerous approaches, not just one single, narrow one of a vaccine that is without any longitudinal studies, as said, is putting people at significant risk. It doesn’t make sense and is not scientifically or medically careful or conservative, the way we want both science and medicine to be. Just a few weeks into vaccine administration, reports are already surfacing of serious side effects, even deaths of some of the vaccine recipients. This calls for serious review. One of several reasons for many people’s “hesitation”.

If people get healed from more natural protocols, or at least inexpensive, long-known, proven safe drugs, a vaccine may be superfluous. If they are not healed through these and then choose to have a vaccine, it is good that there are several choices available. But without the opportunity to avail themselves of other choices of medically proven options that have been in our toolbox for decades is scientifically and pragmatically disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

I am not saying that there isn’t a possible role for a vaccine, but given the choices, why should it be the very last step in a hierarchy if other approaches showed that they weren’t effective? What should guide us is the simple notion of “what works with the least amount of harm”, not what may be trending or popularized by media promotion.

Just this week, the prestigious American Journal of Medicine urged Americans to use HCQ and Zinc combination as a preventative because of the efficacy it has proven. Your Covid Task Force needs to unglue itself from this singular vaccine approach and look at the broader spectrum of proven, easy-to-access, inexpensive therapies. It should also be said that there are numerous others to reference Mr. President, but in this initial letter, I’m naming but a few.

The mind, body and environment work in unison, as a whole, complex, unified field. This is good because it offers several leverage points, not just one.

For instance, on a psychological level, when one feels that they are bigger than a problem and therefore well able to manage it, or a life-challenge as you yourself have done many times, one harnesses one’s energy, difficult as it may be and addresses the problem, be it the death of a loved one, a loss of a long-held job, a divorce or an illness, etc.

The mind tells the body to be ready for a challenge, be it a disagreement, a race or a disease, and this sets into motion the instant release of chemicals and hormones throughout the body to protect it and to ready it for the challenge. The mind, when set to a goal, has demonstrated nothing short of an extraordinary ability to deal with challenges including life-challenging illnesses that we could safely think of as nothing short of ‘miraculous’.

Having nothing to do with a single drug or even nutrient, this is the power of the mind. Entire religions and organizations worldwide, including scientific institutions, have been built around this powerful and provable fact. There is an enormous scientific literature corroborating this.

When the mind and heart align, we know through neuro-science and neuro-psychology, just as with the power of prayer, illnesses of all sorts, even those considered by the medical profession as incurable, have been cured. Medical science is lagging far behind reality in this regard and this simply needs to be recognized by all. Commonsense has also informed most people of the veracity of these statements—one doesn’t need to be a scientist or doctor—in fact, that training may limit one’s ability to recognize these inherent, abilities and talents of the human mind, heart and soul.

The medical specialty closest to this understanding to date is the relatively new field of psychoneuroimmunology. But because medicine has a mechanistic view of the body and doesn’t understand the way the mind and emotions work with it, modern medicine’s paradigm doesn’t include these latest advances in the art and science of healing—rather than the norm, they are considered anomalies. This doesn’t speak so well for the current level of the profession, amazing as it is in certain areas such as emergency medicine and plastic surgery.

With that said, we can take a look at the great, holistic healer of all, Mother Nature. Nothing heals like Nature, no doctor, no synthetic drug, and for that matter, no vaccine. In fact, pharmaceutical companies have spent billions pilfering traditional medicines in what is called by indigenous people as “Cultural Theft”. Big Pharma has routinely invaded indigenous healing traditions all over the world, e.g., the Amazon, Africa, Chinese, Asian and European herbal lore and traditions, and has essentially stolen these from indigenous healers.

Big Pharma then seeks to identify what they think of as the active ingredients of the herbs and synthesizes them so they can in turn, patent them, positioning them to then rake in huge profits. The patented drug never works as well as the way Nature combined the compounds in her plants but apparently, that’s not a top priority.

But we, Mr. President, have access to the herbs, foods and nutrients that have been used by our mothers and grandmothers, our ancestors, for thousands of years directly. We have access to natural anti-virals, such as Vitamin C, about which thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been conducted for the last 50+ years.

The great Linus Pauling who saved countless lives through the use of the very easy-to-access, very inexpensive, Vitamin C, was awarded a Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his ground-breaking research into its healing, immune-boosting, therapeutic properties, completely ignored by your Covid Task Force, probably never mentioned to you as an option despite its proven effect.

Did you know that Vitamin C was used in China to help them through the initial stages of the virus in Wuhan and it has been used here at home in the famous Northwell Hospital chain in New York? Probably not. Were members of your Task Force aware of these two vital pieces of information? If yes, were you informed? If not, why wouldn’t they know of something so important?

My interview with one of the leading proponents of Vitamin C therapy, Dr. Andrew Saul, lays out the science and the effective, inexpensive, potentially immediate application of Vitamin C to Covid patients. It is time to wake up and smell the rosehips.

In combination with Vitamin D and Zinc, we have an even more effective treatment. The clinical use of these is peer-reviewed in thousands of studies to be found in nowhere other than the NIH’s own archive, PubMed, yes, the government’s own medical library which it seems has not been consulted by your Covid Advisory Team, why I don’t know. I hope that I am wrong about this but I haven’t yet seen the evidence.

What is the goal with the use of the mind or the use of these nutrients given by Nature? It is, of course, to boost the immune system.

At the end of the day, Mr. President, it is our immune system that protects us from pathogens. When it is fortified, it has effectively dealt with viruses, bacteria, and microbes of every stripe for hundreds of thousands of years.

Do you think that would suddenly change because of Covid-19? Of course not. When fortified, it does what medicine couldn’t possibly do. What heals, Mr. President, is Nature. To the extent that allopathic medicine is effective is that it has mimicked Nature.

Why not just go straight to the source for pennies on the dollar? Or should we put our country into further, multi-trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t more rigorously reviewed our options?

Vitamin C, D and Zinc are available in every drug store on every corner of Main Street, America for almost nothing. No roll-out is needed. No time lag would occur. Immediate action, immediate immune boosting, no side effects. There would be no “hesitancy”. There is one side effect, Mr. President, my apology: greater health.

There is another approach as well to be mentioned here now for those who would be interested. The highly-credentialed physician, Dr. Pierre Cory, to the credit of a sub-committee of the U.S. Senate, was invited to present and it was recorded by C-Span.

In it, Dr. Cory and his colleagues wax articulate about the thousands of Covid patients they have successfully treated, those with symptoms and preventatively, with the long-time known and used worldwide safely, Ivermectin.

If you yourself listened to this Hearing, you would be appalled that this very inexpensive, out-of-patent, re-purposed drug has not been approved for use for Covid by the FDA and that this proven, effective drug too has been ignored completely by your Covid Advisory Team.

On the other hand, I believe that you would be even more thrilled that there is a drug, so available and so inexpensive that has already gotten a highly impressive track record in treating Covid-19 existed.

You’ve been informed that there is significant disinterest in taking vaccines by large swaths of the population despite the hype being foisted by non-stop media reportage scaring the daylights out of people and making them feel powerless which they definitely are not, about which I’ve made the case above.

People’s resistance is not just because of distrust of government and Big Pharma which certainly has sound basis, but, I personally believe, people’s own native instinct, informing them intuitively that there are better more proven, simper ways to protect oneself. This should be considered and honored.

But Vitamin C, D and Zinc? No refrigeration needed, no needles, no medical intervention at all. No hospital. Ivermectin? It can be easily prescribed or made available over-the-counter.

Making healthy lifestyle choices keeps the immune system highly functional. Taking long walks, exercise, yoga, Chi-Kung, eating healthily, having loving, affectionate relationships, plenty of regenerative, deep-wave sleep, plenty of pure water, laughing and loving a lot, keeps us healthy, which largely means a healthy gut microbiome and immune system. Someone can have a Vitamin C deficiency, but no one has ever been known to have had a drug or vaccine deficiency.

All of what I’ve suggested is immediately implementable as in today, at almost no cost, no distribution, no administration, all medically proven. What if the immediate implementation of either the all-natural protocol or the simple drug treatment led to the clearing up of Covid in 4-8 weeks after commencement? I don’t know the time-frame, it could be less or a little more, but you’ve increased the probability, in any event, safely and considerably.

I am concerned that you who sincerely want to see through an end to this Covid Crisis as soon as possible, have been terribly misguided with highly narrowed, partial information, but you can turn this around immediately, re-vamp your approach, heal many, save lives and get the economy into gear quickly. You’ll also be able to stop with the masks and social distancing because people will be healed.

Should it not be, Mr. President, the obligation of a government to provide healing relief in as many ways as possible, and to avail itself to a wide range of medical opinions, not just that of a relatively small handful? If healing can take place using natural substances that are long-known anti-virals and immune boosters, wouldn’t that be the first line of defense?

If results are not satisfactory, and an American wants to experiment with a vaccine, I certainly agree that they should be able to do so. I am saying that there are other, far easier, far more affordable choices right under our noses that should be made available first on a national basis.

We should also inquire: How is it that in Wuhan, a year later, their economy is thriving and ours is not? The Chinese re-established their health and safety prior to the release of the vaccines.

Apparently so did every other country that is back to ‘near normal’ such as our allies in South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and apparently even Italy, so hard hit early on. All re-established a sense of normalcy and economy without vaccines, and in some cases, without much masking or social distancing.

Is it not our medical profession’s obligation to research these cases and find out how this happened in each one? And to examine what sectors of the population have mainly died and which have not, then to report back as it appears that very specific sectors are most vulnerable, not all and different treatments and protocols can be applied accordingly.

The economy: if you implement the above Holistic Thinking & Treatment Option Expansion Plan, people can get back to work close to immediately as well as children and all students back to school. To provide relief plans for those small businesses hardest hit such as restaurants, hotels, travel, small business, would certainly be government serving people during this interim period. Most everyone is eager to get back to work, to school and to resume a more normal way of life. Work and school also provide depths of meaning, purpose, self-worth and usefulness, which in turn, stimulate the immune system, so it’s another circle of success and compassion all at once.

Our bodies have 100 times more bacteria than human cells, we live in a sea of microbes every single minute of every day of our lives. Biologically, we are more bacterial than human! So our immune system is designed to deal with bacteria effectively and viruses—it does so constantly.

It should also be said that children should not be growing up not seeing their parent’s full faces and expressions of approval, disapproval, or love. It’s horrible and inhuman. And seeing as about 80% of all communication is non-verbal, removing it with masks can be a matter of life and death.

So dear Mr. President, I’ve outlined several perspectives. Best for people to feel that they are bigger than any challenge, whatever it is, or they get swallowed up by it, then get anxious and depressed, the remedy being to ‘be bigger’ than the challenge and meet it.

Fear-mongering is highly detrimental for the immune system as well as for emotional and mental health.

The view, that Covid a virus among many and we’ll overcome it as we always have other viruses and challenges, is empowering and strengthening. That’s the attitude I’m suggesting we adopt as a nation, and spread this perspective to the rest of the world.

We can then resume travel, trade, tourism, cultural exchange and get back to a new-and-improved ‘normal’ that is full of gratitude. None of these ‘vaccine passports’ and this kind of restrictive, undemocratic nonsense would happen and be abandoned forthwith.

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but there is what is called The Great Barrington Declaration which many thousands of long-time practicing physicians, epidemiologists and scientists have signed that is stating in no uncertain terms how they feel that the issue of Covid-19 has been severely distorted, both in its testing procedures and treatment. The medical opinions of thousands of prestigious physicians, professors of medicine and others have been completely ignored by your current Covid Advisory Group.

I would strongly suggest again that you immediately expand it and save thousands of lives being deprived of proper guidance and inexpensive treatment, save tremendous anxiety and depression of many and get the economy in motion robustly again very soon.

The mental and emotional health issues that are emerging from the questionable testing and treatment procedures are profound and there really are remedies in hand that are being ignored.

Thinking holistically, another way of saying systemically, it should also be mentioned that the Arctic Ice Melt which is happening at an alarming degree due to Global Warming which creates accelerated Climate Change, is releasing vast quantities of methane as well as long-buried viruses. I’ve heard from scientific sources that there are some 1.7 million viruses currently being released as a result of ice melt.

What is our solution to that, 1.7 million vaccines? And their mutations?

The entire perspective of “vaccine only” does not make enough sense to be practical or sustainable. Even now new strains are emerging which we knew were the way viruses work and adapt. Shall we have a new vaccine for every emerging strain too?

This is why a long-term, large-scope, sustainable purview of this is needed now, not some kind of a quickly developed, expensive vaccine which we’re not even sure works.

The answer, Mr. President, is for us to build our immune systems, repair our environment and get personally stronger, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, not with drugs or vaccines, but by commonsense approaches to strengthening ourselves. That way, we are equipped to deal with almost all the challenges life presents us and we will have a stronger America.

Once reading this brief introduction, I know you can pivot on a dime and make the needed changes. More letters and words with suggestions are on their way, Mr. President!

Thank you for your kind attention to these important matters.