I have long said that “Mother Nature is the Mother of all Mothers”. I also went so far as to say that where the venerable Dr. Sigmund Freud fell short was limiting the scope of mother in his psychoanalytic world to one’s “local mother”, the one from whose loins we emerged, instead of embracing the larger “Universal Mother”, the one that has given life to everything.

Dr. C.G. Jung came closer to this larger idea in his understanding of archetypes and recognizing the universality of the Feminine Principle of Anima, which embraces the larger understanding found often in indigenous communities through the idea of Pachamama and Gaia. While representing the feminine, these ideas also signify Universal, the embodiment of love and the power of Creation itself.

In my teenage years, despite being raised in a lovely town in the Connecticut suburbs of New York in a reasonably comfortable setting, I had a frightening realization that our entire economy, society, was largely predicated on the destruction of the environment, that is the planet, and even of life itself.

In a paralyzing moment, I saw that the oil industry prospered by drilling holes into the body of Mother Earth, mineral extraction companies did the same, commercial agricultural companies monocropped in polar opposition to nature’s obvious plan for biodiversity, carcinogenic pesticides such as glyphosate were being sprayed on nearly all crops across the world, food was processed and brimming with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and even baby powder was riddled with aluminum.

In short, virtually everything was chemicalized, toxified and caused harm to people and planet. That is before I even thought about what U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower powerfully reminded us about the military-industrial complex. We see that there is also a pharmaceutical industrial complex, chemical, agricultural and even media industrial complex.

As an adolescent, I was distraught by these realizations and questions: Is this really the way adults behave? Do they really mount wars to resolve differences, resort to violence to establish peace? Judge people by the color of their skin, their gender or the size of their noses? It appeared disappointingly primitive to me and I felt called to do something about this.

One can imagine how devastating these facts were for a 14-year old boy to piece together, just when he was busy playing sports, intellectual curiosity was awakening and aware of a quickly blossoming interest in the opposite sex. Seeing that our economy and society were based on destruction instead of life-affirming, life-supporting and sustainable practices was quite a mental and emotional blow that one could say, my life since has been seeking to address, reverse and evolve.

To address this, I initially went into the field of psychology, and mind-body-based, traditional acupuncture, to try to get to the bottom of this individual and collective pathology and imbalance. I have spent decades working with people and continue to, but I also realized that the problem was so systemic that there wasn’t time enough to only work with psychological and emotional issues, literally trauma, that would allow people to be so destructive in their adult lives toward each other and the environment.

I had to engage other means to be effective, to reach a larger audience and to seek to establish a more heart-centered, thoughtful, ethical sense of values into what was otherwise the highly destructive system of “business-as-usual”.

To do this, I began hosting and producing a weekly public-access TV program in NYC called A Better World. I interviewed the sung and unsung heroes of society, who, I felt were making a difference toward creating a better world in business, science, arts, consciousness, politics, economics, thought leadership and on. Through media, I was able to reach thousands more people per week, educating, uplifting and inspiring them, empowering them to become leaders. I was also experiencing great joy and meaning in doing what I felt so called to do.

Enjoyable and meaningful as speaking and communicating through media are, I felt there were other steps that I needed to take which were to use organizations and social enterprise, “where the rubber meets the road”, to restore, protect and preserve life and the planet from the destructive tendencies of human beings toward Mother Earth and toward each other. In other words, off the meditation cushion and into the boardroom!

This is what accounts for the numerous enterprises with which I have been engaged to advance the use of renewable energy, to reduce our carbon footprint, to advance health and wellness and to truly endeavor to reverse global warming, exceedingly well outlined in Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, co-edited by Paul Hawken and Katherine Wilkinson.

If nature is to be able to continue being Mother Healer, we do need to stop destroying her ecosystem and to nurture her as she nurtures us.

If one truly examines the trends our species’ actions have set into motion which have led to the dramatically accelerated melting of the ice caps, which motion leads to a cascade of downstream effects of warming of ocean currents, sea-level rise, species extinction, coral bleaching, dramatic reduction in fish populations and erosion of our health, one certainly can get discouraged.

However, Paul Hawken spoke words of wisdom when he said: “Perhaps global warming is not something happening to us, but for us.” Perhaps this is a sobering awakening so long needed. Rachel Carson, in her renowned Silent Spring and early 20th century conservationists including President Teddy Roosevelt, saw the destruction taking place then, and felt called upon to speak and act to conserve and protect nature from man’s baser tendencies.

Indigenous people across all continents model a relationship to Mother Earth and Mother Nature from which we should have learned long ago and can still. Arrogance and hubris, plus the seeming insatiable force of greed, the striving always for more without valuing human life and dignity, reason and balance are the pathologies gripping certain members of our human species, enough to create profound harm.

To learn from the indigenous people across the planet and our ancestors a respectful, healthy and sacred relationship to nature, to the land, yields hope that has shown up in ancient herbal and medical practices, in regenerative agriculture, in small farms regaining control of their soil and crops. There is a worldwide movement brimming with the beauty of this instinctive intelligence and relationship with the land.

One sees that nature is by definition always seeking balance and is in herself a billion-year plus experiment in how to refine, adapt, diversify or die. Our human body is a remarkable representation of these refinements, perhaps topped off with the development of our brains, spirit and consciousness. The human body’s design, contours and structure are magnificent as both a work of art and an infinitely smart ecosystem.

The immune system is among the crowning achievements of this magnificence in its ability to learn, adapt and neutralize the effects of pathogens, endogenous and exogenous.

Combined with the plant world, and the development of knowledge around the intelligence of life-force, called Chi, Ki, prana or Ruach across cultures for thousands of years, our understanding of the body’s wisdom, while still young, has advanced with time.

The human body is brilliant in its ability to adapt.

Our immune system has sustained us during epidemics and pandemics and is nothing short of remarkable. We have learned about how vitamins, minerals, water, protein, energy, as well as the extraordinary powers of the mind, keep us healthy. We are armed by nature, to deal with the greatest of challenges. Nature has healed our species since we arrived on Earth and continues to moment by moment.

Yet, it is interesting to watch in today’s world, how this refined ecosystem is disregarded as the healer of all time in exchange for test-tube concoctions that may or may not work. Vaccines have long been known to contain serious toxins that can be fatal when nutritional supplements do not, homeopathy does not, harnessing the mind does not, yet everyone looks the other way. In these natural, time-proven approaches to health and immune defense, there aren’t billions to be made. Is it not scientifically dishonest?

To ignore lifestyle choices, natural options, and complementary medicine without side effects and only discuss expensive, minimally-tested vaccines which may alter one’s DNA in respect to dealing with Covid-19 or any other health challenge? How does this stand to reason?

If we know how intelligent our immune system is, if Nobel Prizes have been awarded for ground-breaking research into the antiviral Vitamin C to Dr. Linus Pauling, if copious amounts of scientific research have been conducted for over 50 years into the effects of Vitamin D, zinc and selenium, all of which combined are affordable by so many and yield no harmful effects but rather yield greater health, why in the world would these not be promoted by the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association and other medical associations per around the world? People can be supplemented with these at low cost preventively as well as if or when symptoms appear.

If people wanted to take the next step into the world of conventional, allopathic medicine, many doctors across the world have been very effectively been using a few out-of-patent drugs with zinc with what they’ve reported as outstanding results.

Yet these have not been referenced by the CDC, the FDA, big Pharma or the media virtually at all. Easy to access, very affordable, immediately available and have been for 50+ years, simply repurposed, out-of-patent, affordable, time-tested drugs. Little money, and that is why.

Nature is the healer, nature is our body, mind and spirit, and when we are aligned with nature, through the use of her plant-based substances, and our attitude, respect and love for Her, this alignment itself heals. Isn’t it time to learn this lesson deep in our bones and stop letting doubt stand in the way of us and our true Mother? Should we hand authority over our bodies to others?

It is as though we are slowly waking from a deep, media-induced trance and it is truly time to wake up before the world becomes covidized. Why are so many people willing to abandon their native intelligence, inner nature, due diligence and simply concede to such an extreme and radical intervention as a nearly unproven vaccine with a long needle injecting a wildly uncertain substance directly into their blood? Nature has already provided so much and continues to, yet so many simply ‘follow’ instead of think and lead.

The larger picture is that both nature and our indigenous elders who lived and live so close to the plant kingdom offer us a variety of plants from all over the world that heal, restore, protect. Mother Nature and the Divine Intelligence of the universe have provided us with a powerful mind-body intelligence, a large brain, a brilliant microbiome, which, when all harnessed into a unified, quantum field of purpose, image and direction, acts on our behalf through forms of prayer, meditation and humble request. We have been gifted from the universe natural means of dealing with the imbalance and we’ve always survived.

A deep part of nature is the physics of frequency on which everything in the universe is based. Some of the greatest healing on the planet throughout time banks on this understanding in both ancient and modern times.

In modern times, we have the profound work of Royal Remington Rife, Nicolai Tesla and those who have varied and improvised on their discoveries. As a result, today we have use of a series of systems which make use of these generally called “energy medicine”, which I have been using in my work since the 1990’s It is aligned with the Hippocratic oath of doing no harm, it is subtle and impactful.

When one can utilize therapeutic approaches that are effective without side effects, would it not be best to be aligned with nature, the true healer?