Human beings are a funny and complex species. While they want peace and most of the many billions live among each other peacefully, a small group of them pursue the opposite. It’s as though this small lot doesn’t know how to be at peace with peace. It appears that most of this quite small clique find themselves occupying high government positions.

As governments across the globe seem to have considerable trouble serving the People who pay it their hard-earned money in taxes, they have to find some raison-d’etre, some reason for their existence, their purpose for being in the positions that they occupy. It seems that Heads of State justify their positions with rhetoric aimed at pleasing the People but spend time and money fighting neighbor states in the name of Protection of the People and National Security.

Usually the story is only partially true, a form of fabrication that maintains their power. It also feeds their campaign donors the military industrial complex. Which, one of the great U.S. generals and presidents, Eisenhower, warned us about as he was leaving office.

Of course this does not speak of all elected officials. Some actions taken do serve their people. But upon analysis of the government budget, especially in the U.S., it is obvious what the priorities are: military, security and war. Along with that, is the expense of propaganda and media control.

Numbers don’t lie. The U.S. spends nearly 1 trillion dollars on its military budget. The next in line is China, around 200 billion. A colleague recently said to me that while China goes around the world building roads, bridges, schools and tunnels in developing countries, the U.S. is busy building military bases and preparing for war. Our main export is munitions and war. Stark, painful, uncomfortably true.

How do you build a culture of peace when you keep investing in war?

The popular war these days is the Ukraine-Russia war. The current Administration and Congress want the American People to sympathize with the Ukrainians and to demonize Putin. We sympathize with Ukrainians and Russians—we sympathize with all who are manipulated by the more powerful, especially by governments justifying their actions in the People’s name and at the People’s expense.

Many of us recognize that the U.S. and NATO have military bases peering into Russian territory and biological weapons factories, despite initial denials, throughout Ukraine, deliberately antagonizing Putin, ignoring his multi-year requests for this encroachment to stop. Poke the bear enough and you will get attacked. The U.S. apparently has a different agenda, yet with its control of media, Americans get only a faucet’s drip of truth.

Yemen is another war which the U.S. is supporting , in this case, a dictator. How does the U.S. decide which dictators it will publicly criticize and which ones it will embrace? Considerations about Democratic values or principles are clearly not the deciding factors! But which are? Hmm, it looks like it has to do with availability of oil…

Virtually the poorest country in the world, Yemen, is being decimated by two of the richest. And Americans slumber. It is time for us to become wholly aware of what we are supporting through our President and Congress’ actions (yes, even the “liberals”) and We the People’s inaction.

That phrase, “use it or lose it” applies to Democracy as much as it applies elsewhere in life.

You will not see these facts lined up like this on the nightly news ever. The media are owned by a handful of companies and news casting is listed in the entertainment departments of each station.

News is not entertainment folks! It is paid for by Big Pharma. It is big business. It’s all about money and the maintenance of power. This is one of the many reasons we are thankful for media such as Meer.

People want to live peacefully, side by side others of entirely different, diverse backgrounds as it adds to the spice and flavor of life: different customs, cuisine, music, dance, humor. Heads of state and politicians, on the other hand, thrive on division, divisiveness and driving wedges between People. This has been the modus operandi for millennia and persists to this day.

They speak of peace and live by war.

An irony is that many, if not most people know that they are being sold ‘a bill of goods’ by the politicians in their respective countries. Few believe the rhetoric. Surely some do go for the bait and buy into the narrative but many just roll their eyes and mutter something like “….here we go again…” as weapons are purchased, guns are sold and war, in one way or another, is waged, often in the name of Democracy. The weapons can be drugs or vaccines against the ‘enemy’ of a virus. The story about is much more important than the ‘facts about’. We love stories and government and WHO loves to weave them!

As said, this gives many politicians a sense of meaning and purpose, pathological as this may be. They are protecting us! They should instead protect us from their self-righteousness, confusion, greed and ignorance.

Another irony is that so many politicians, at least in the U.S., wear their Christian faith as a banner.

Truly, does anyone think that Jesus would be in favor of killing innocent people all over the world for any reason, let alone for oil? What does it mean to be Christian, or any religious follower for that matter believing in a higher power, a higher good, yet one funds wars and kill innocent women, men and children?

If this is not the height of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is. Evangelicals define abortion as murder even if pregnancy is through rape or jeopardizing the mother’s life, but apparently when grown up men kill each other, as long as it’s in the name of Democracy, it’s not immoral, it’s not a problem.

It’s true to say the human spirit seeks adventure, true enough. But balanced people seek it by challenging oneself, not through violence.

Our brains, nervous and immune systems expand through challenge and adventure. These come in many forms, external and internal. From rock-climbing and sport, to the arts, from moving chi through the body to meditation and all the way to exploring the joyous intimacy of human relationships.

I propose that a novel adventure that we engage to expand ourselves in the 21st century, after some 300,000 years as a species, be through the adventure of creating a culture of sustained peace. We would break the addiction to stress and cortisol running through our blood (yes, it’s an addiction) and instead create a level of inner peace, which would naturally and organically give rise to a consensus of peace. In this state, any form of violence is identified and collectively abhorred and simply not allowed.

True, some accounts do say that our tool-making and cave-art abilities developed some 60-65,000 years ago, what is called “behavioral modernity” so even if we use somewhere between 65,000 and 300,000 years ago as a starting point, we’ve had plenty of time to get violence and war handled, “out of our system”, and evolve beyond these.

Our knowledge of neuro-science, psychology and quantum physics today is reasonably advanced—even with so much still to learn--that we at least understand how we can inhibit reactionary tendencies we may have epigenetically inherited toward violence and pro-actively program ourselves for peace.

Through the use of suggestion, intention, contemplation, self-reflection and meditation, through using sound programmed binaurally with theta waves and subliminals programming into our neural networks peace, love, compassion, understanding, patience, bliss and joy, by allowing the para-sympathetic nervous system to balance out the sympathetic, beta-wave governed system, by creating both brain and heart coherence, we can truly become an advanced version of ourselves. By embedding these frequencies in our being, we come to embody an idealized version of the higher self of the species.

We would want to reinforce these new learnings by groups of people discussing among themselves the feeling of this new experience, a new sense of self.

It doesn’t matter if there were tendencies toward violence, be they genetic, epi-genetic or karmic. These ancient methods of meditation, etc., now with scientific corroboration as to effectiveness, can be used and can give rise to exactly this idea of a species “evolved beyond violence and war”.

We can de-program and de-toxify ourselves of violence and war, then embed peace into our neuro-circuitry. What is beneath the tendency to war, ironically, is the fear of not surviving. What is under the fear of not surviving is the fear of not having enough. What is beneath the fear of having enough is that of not being enough.

We are getting to the substrate of human consciousness here by looking at the biological motivation regarding the drive to survive, and the psychological underpinning of behavior related to this drive and further deepened by the cultural, psycho-social experience of not feeling worthy.

This then gives rise to the drive of greed to ‘become somebody’ through acquisition/consumption and the disregard of others who are thought of as one form of projection or another of those who deprived one from the love they desired as infants. The anger at such deprivation is then ‘taken out on the world”.

The materially wealthiest are too often (though not always) the spiritually poorest. Thankfully, there are many brilliant exceptions. But those doing damage to other humans, other species and to Earth Herself do not measure up to that category, at least not yet.

The other vital point is that we have the tools to literally work with one’s mind, brain, heart, gut and consciousness so it can be altered to make peace sustainable, that is, to create a culture of peace.

This is a state of mind and being we want to become accustomed to, that we want to normalize. How do we do that in a world of war?

We go ‘inside’, we go into that inner space, that inner place we call home, that place of peace that is ours, where we can rest and we can create.

In this Hall of Creation, we see, feel, hear, sense, smell and experience the peace we want to see when we open our eyes and come back from that energy field and flow into the 3-D world.

If we bring this experience of peace into us, our nervous system cannot distinguish between what we imagine, what’s virtual and what we call ‘real’. It’s all the same to our biological systems, all of them!

We are literally programming ourselves in peace. If enough of us do that, it is going to ‘tilt the cosmos’, it is going to permeate the morphogenetic field described so well by British biologist Rupert Sheldrake and this then creates ‘the new norm’ of a culture of peace.

The idea of doing harm becomes untenable. The mind-body field cannot, will not tolerate such blasphemy to the human soul, such a low frequency. The film and TV industries will have to change their purveying of violence-as-entertainment because no one will want to be subject to the toxicity and pathology of this. They have normalized this with the help of the acronym agencies. It is time for this to be seen as abnormal, which it truly is.

The best part is that everyone in the culture feels the same way about violence and war which cease to be options, They are not even mentally referenced as options. Then we know change has occurred.

This culture of peace is to filter up to the politicians and decision-makers from the grass-roots level of people. People won’t allow their tax dollars to go to military munitions but to building a society that nourishes, empowers and serves people, not corporate interests. Corporations will be about service too and will enjoy profit as well they should: moderate profit.

The culture of peace becomes like a healthy contagion and love the inoculation. The energy and zeitgeist of the culture shifts to a new octave.

The more of us who think this way, condition ourselves consciously, the sooner it will be at our doorstep.