A discussion about coronavirus in general, any serious infection, or Covid-19 in particular, begs the question of our definition in the U.S. and world-wide, of what we call “public health”. What is it?

Public health policy in the U.S. is unclear and seems cluttered by a list of prominent diseases and their common, pharmaceutical treatments. It appears based, not on an affirmative idea of what good health could, or should look like, let alone ideal or optimal health, but rather on “what diseases you haven’t yet gotten”.

Can you take a break from your cell phone for a few minutes or from your TV after hours watching to eat a Standard American Dinner (SAD)?

I’m being a little facetious but public health policy in the U.S. is a dismal affair. Even preventative care isn’t mentioned. Just dealing with major disease categories is the focus. It is as though the pharmaceutical industry wrote the policy because it mentions nothing about self-care, holistic care, good diet, exercise, sleep, good relationships, low stress and healthy habits, spending time in Nature?

Yet don’t we all know that these are the common-sense elements everyone knows to compose good health?

Ironically, emphasis on optimum health and wellness or healthy longevity are found virtually only in rarified circles. Yet this should be the norm for the nation.

We are a society that is populated, inundated with junk, fast food restaurants, processed foods, artificial ‘everything’ (coloring, sweeteners, preservatives), lots of stress, noise, inordinate time spent in front of screens, altogether too much conflict in family and job-related, professional relationships, little understanding of the importance of rest and sleep, meditation and spending time in Nature.

There is too much drinking, smoking and drugs, tilting many toward diabetes, heart and respiratory problems, depression and obesity. Nearly half the population suffers from 1 and more co-morbidities which makes getting any infection, Covid-19 included, a potentially serious or even fatal matter.

Indigenous cultures knew self-care, meditating in Nature, eating whole, healthy food, maintaining dignity, integrity and healthy relationships. But we fancy ourselves far more advanced than them, yet time is showing us across domains how untrue that is, from the care of the environment, community to care and respect for others and Self.

Against this what could be called nationally ill, immune-compromised backdrop of a population, the ill effects of Covid-19, pneumonia, asthma and the flu are worsened, amplified and in some cases, fatal.

In short, what are called Covid cases not infrequently are not and what are called Covid deaths not infrequently are not either, yet the presence of Covid does seem to seriously exacerbate underlying conditions which are nationally endemic to the pandemic.

If there is a population of some 325,000,000 people and almost half are suffering from some form of co-morbidity, some level of a pre-existing condition, have little sense of true wellness or optimal health but instead are full but malnourished, sleep but not rested, sit most of each day, do minimal exercise, and have too many stressed relationships, when an infection like Covid shows up, it could well have a devastating effect on many. What then, is the actual source of the problem?

Yes, it appears as Covid-19, but is actually much broader and deeper a sickness that has been pervading the country for decades, arguably centuries and the world-at-large for millennia. It may be poor health practices blended with poor business practices based on the pandemic pathology called greed.

On the medical level, the problem isn’t the infection as such but, as biologist Antoine Bechamp said in the 19th century, the problem is “the terrain”. The compromised immune system is what gives an infection the place to fester. It isn’t the germ or virus itself but the biological condition of the host. The celebrated Dr. Louis Pasteur ultimately abandoned his germ theory and came to agree with him.

If our nation had a true and robust public health policy that boosted health using natural means instead of boosting by vaccines, Covid may well have more than likely ‘come and gone’ like a bad summer cold instead of shaking all society to its roots. Several people I’ve personally either known or heard of have had it and were over it in a couple of weeks, and in some cases, days, some vaccinated, most not.

In sum, understanding the context of the largely ill health of a population, one can understand why many have been smitten by Covid-19.

The degradation of public health by what have become standard business practices of polluting the soil with the known carcinogen glyphosate, with the distortion and perversion of food, with the pollution of the mind by Madison Avenue, the immune system, and the whole “thinking human being” have been seriously compromised.

What we could surmise is that the nation’s real illness is putting profit over health across virtually all domains: the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the agricultural industry, the food industry, the energy industry, the chemical industry and the media industry.

Medicine used to be the combined art and science of healing for which practitioners, including doctors, would be paid, sometimes by food, sometimes shelter, sometimes money and sometimes one form or another of donation.

It was predicated on the care of a patient, empathy, love and compassion for a patient, commitment to their well-being. Doctors were committed to healing.

Now? It’s a massive, money-making operation, an industry that Wall St., private equity, venture capital and all aspects of the financial industry in which it has a major investment. It has become unrecognizable as a healing profession. It is a profession run by the for-profit pharmaceutical industry, not by healers.

It couldn’t be more different than its origin or purpose. Thankfully, there are many doctors, nurses and scientists who remain in contact with their original intent to provide healing and remain committed to that despite the powerful forces pushing them to comply with financial protocols and values over medical and ethical protocols and values.

I am suggesting that these powerful financial interests, not sound medical thinking, medical ethics or an ideal of what health could look like shape, if not dictate, the country’s public health policy and not unlikely, same is to be found in public health policies all over the world.

If our public health policy was life-affirming and supported healthy habits in respect to shaping a national consensus around a healthy lifestyle, healthcare costs would plummet, hospitalizations would vastly lessen and there would be vastly lower iatrogenic illness and many millions more of healthier, happier people. We would have a different, better world.

This would in turn boost productivity and well-being of business and the economy, forming a positive feedback loop. I would daresay less stress, fewer family conflicts, less addiction and subsequently less crime. Society would be tuned to a different operating level, a different frequency.

With attention to a healthier diet, exercise, deep-sleep regimens, healthy relationships, stress reduction practices, time in Nature, gratitude and love practices, I daresay that as a nation, our experience of Covid would have been vastly different.

Many health professionals know this well and appreciate it. But when other medical professionals put profit over public health, all hell breaks loose and I suggest that cracking the Covid code leads us to see just that.

As a nation that reveres money and power more than health and well-being, we have and are still paying the consequences of a national health policy that privileges private profit over public health. From that point of view, public health policy is very coherent. Off-base for humanity, on-base for profiteers.

If more people could see this, there would be a public outcry that these monopolies have co-opted and betrayed the public trust in our institutions. I believe that people just might rip off their masks and demand a change in any legislation compelling their use or any policy that mandates a medical intervention such as a vaccine. People would have a choice as they should in a free country, in a Democracy.

I believe that people would demand that Congress reverse the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, H.R. 5546 that protects vaccine manufacturers from legal liability, i.e., they cannot be sued. It is against the principle of corporate accountability and protection of The People.

To this day, most people don’t even know that this Act exists, that in 1986, Big Pharma had so much power, gave away so much money to members of Congress, that they forced their exemption from litigation. It is unheard of and Congress can rescind it if they were pressured to do so by their Constituents. Otherwise, you can be sure, your representatives pray you never find out about it and how ‘bought off’ they are.

Still and all, it appears that our society has been more affected by the Covid phenomenon more than the infection itself by the fear tactics used by government and media alike to whip people up into a frenzy—even smart people getting scared out of their minds. Smart perhaps but impressionable and vulnerable. We’re positioned to parse ‘smart’ into smaller component pieces.

In light of so much international uproar about Covid some 19 months into it, let’s look to see if Covid infections have increased fatalities annually. It appears that despite all of the media noise, annual fatalities have not risen. Possible?


We Forum shows that the greatest number of annual fatalities from cardiovascular disease is about 22 times greater than the fatalities from Covid-19, cancer, about 12 times. This appears to suggest that the loss of life from Covid is a mere fraction of those other illnesses. Why then such a hoorah?

Maybe we should have a Vitamin C/Quercetin/Co-Enzyme Q-10 passport. We don’t want anyone in our establishment, business or school to die of a heart attack on the premises, do we? Prove to all that you’re healthy! Or perhaps the government shouldn’t let you into restaurants, theaters or airplanes…

There has not been a significant rise in fatalities world-wide since the inception of Covid-19. While the numbers are different, another phenomenon that got whipped up by the media after 9/11 is analogous to Covid. Then one would have thought that terrorists were the most threatening problem in the world. Yet since, 9/11, in the U.S., only 549 Americans have died from what were deemed terrorist attacks.

If you follow mainstream media, you would have been led to believe that the numbers were significantly higher which justified their effort to keep us living in fear for years and rationalizing a major uptick in military spending while bolstering war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In short, mainstream media does the bidding of their advertisers and will apparently misrepresent as needed. It has been doing this for decades. Do you think this unethical, misrepresenting behavior suddenly changed in reports on Covid-19 or 9/11 for that matter? Shall we go back to MLK, RFK or JFK or before?

The U.S. government has the published data in its own archives (Pubmed) about the powerful efficacy of these nutrients yet disregards them and always has. Why? There’s no money in them. The CDC earns royalties off of patented vaccine licensing agreements. The CDC disputes this to some extent but not completely.

If one looks at the CDC Board, one sees the obvious conflicts of interest. They, therefore, badmouth other proven treatments that don’t feed their pockets. Part of the cracking Covid code is unearthing consistent CDC, FDA and WH corruption over decades.

One of the most powerful areas of corruption is the passage of policies and even unconstitutional laws that mandate, that means force, vaccines in order, for instance, to travel or to keep one’s job. These are now in the Courts and decisions being made that are beginning to recognize the illegality of the mandates.

What could be less Democratic than this? Interestingly, it is largely Democratic lawmakers who are forcing this on a largely unwilling, uninterested public. They decry that it’s for the public good. But they don’t know that at all because the vaccines with Emergency Use Authorization are still experimental and have been minimally tested.

Passing laws that are both unconstitutional and in violation of the Internationally inviolate Nuremberg Code to mandate vaccines whose legal status is experimental per the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization. Consent of the patient is required. This takes an experimental vaccine and illegally mandates it for as much of society as elected officials with millions in their campaign coffers from Big Pharma, can get away with.

The resistance to government dictating the People’s medical choices is massive for many reasons and growing by the week because the cracks in the official, Covid narrative are becoming increasingly transparent even to the ‘average Joe’ on the street. The injuries from the vaccines are frightening and showing up on Main St., USA. This is not a “left-right”, Repub-Dem issue but a human freedom issue despite efforts to politicize freedom of choice.

People want choice for many and differing reasons. Here are a few.

  • Some refuse the vaccines because many people are conservative and they aren’t willing to take something so minimally tested as these into their bodies.
  • Some refuse them because they are allergic to some of the ingredients and if they take it, they can get terribly sick, break out in rashes, get diarrhea or even die, not from the Covid, but from the treatment, the vaccine.
  • Some don’t believe that the purveyors have been nearly discerning enough as to who should get a vaccine, who not, and just how the dose should vary according to the state of health of the individual, age, height, weight, gender, pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities or immune status. It appears to be a very glib, casual, not thought through, non-scientific determination that “one size fits all”.
  • Some don’t take drugs or vaccines for any reason or condition but rely on a healthy lifestyle which keeps their health and immune system in tip-top shape. Taking a drug or vaccine could compromise their health and they’re simply not willing to take such a chance.
  • They believe that this is their sacred choice in a country which is said to honor sacred choice, freedom of choice, operate by the rule of law backed by a Constitution, a system that is predicated on and defined by freedom of, by and for The People. That freedom is guaranteed, not to vaccine-makers but to The People.
  • Some have very serious health conditions and the vaccines could relatively easily paralyze them or just kill them. The statistics of vaccine injuries over the course of 100 years bear this out as do the statistics just from the Covid-19 vaccines themselves.

Why is it that the masses couldn’t see through this crack in the Covid story? It’s untrue and was always untrue. It was and is a marketing campaign that the public ‘bought’ and fell for. Madison Avenue, meet the CDC!

The pre-frontal cortex of the brain does not work properly when the amygdala is engaged through fear. I am suggesting that this understanding is seminal in cracking the Covid code which is just a crack in the door for a lot more to come. When people are gripped with fear, rational thinking is not an option but compliance, even obedience, if they haven’t fled, are.

Reality: each time there has been a pandemic, human beings have gotten through them mostly without drugs or vaccines.

We have been ‘medicalized’ and it is a conversation now so deeply embedded in the culture, it is like fish swimming in water, wholly unaware of the milieu. People aren’t even aware of it, but Madison Ave. sure is!

For every problem, there is a corresponding drug. Big Pharma is aswim with solutions! Also with plenty of “side effects”. Is fatality a ‘side effect’?

We have been taught by the AMA, Big Pharma and government agencies that medicine has answers even when they don’t.

We have been led away from our natural instincts to trust Nature, our true home and sustenance, and that man knows better than Nature. Millions of years of evolution, of the most magnificent development of an infinitely brilliant eco-system that has given rise to millions of species, are marginalized so that we should prioritize the opinions of one Dr. Fauci and friends.

This dis-information, this dis-orientation from reality is so radical and dangerous everyone should shout out and rebel against such feeble-mindedness. It is a psychological and illegal but judicial coup.

Do people know that natural immunity has and always will be more effective than artificially-induced immunity? I’m amazed that it even has to be discussed.

I will leave you here in this article with a simple point, that the Covid code has been cracked: It’s about money and control. It is a set-up for something else altogether. Our mettel, our resolve and intelligence are being tested, our willingness to stand up for good science, freedom and commonsense is on the line.

To the extent that people roll over, those who own about 90% of all world’s assets will prepare to launch the Global Re-set and other plans they have for us that have been disclosed and are in public view, even if most people don’t want to look. Those preparing will be in the best position at those points in time “coming to your theater near you soon”.