But I was having trouble. Try as I might, it just wasn’t working. The data were too conflicting and a bit bizarre. Masks, lockdowns, distancing, mandates & experimental vaccines? Some countries locking people up for being unvaccinated? Did pandemic stir up in bat soup? Perhaps a bit too Orwellian. I believe that I instinctively recognized “double-speak”.

When I added up the information with which we had been bombarded since January 2020, I was just having a bit of a challenge processing it and the inferences being drawn from it.

The story, try as I might, just didn’t hold together nor did it wholly ring true. Certainly, it wouldn’t have been the first time that the media was caught skewing a story or making one up out of whole cloth. There are too many of these through the decades. I heard a Medieval scholar say recently that fake news was popular even then.

Not so long ago were those pesky “weapons of mass destruction”, remember them?

At first, I thought the Covid story was an incidental one. I had a healthy attitude that, like any other coronavirus, those afflicted would stay home and take care of themselves in traditionally known and proven ways: plenty of bed rest, plenty of water, Vitamin C, D, minerals, zinc and in a week or two they’ll be fine.

How right I probably was! But the rest of the world apparently didn’t agree. Especially those in high positions in government, WHO, the CDC, FDA and AMA thought very differently. The media went into panic mode and the rest, as they say, became ‘history’.

Now thankfully, after this painful period, the pendulum is beginning to swing in the other direction.

I felt myself being infected, not by a virus, but by other people’s fear. It was hard to avoid and was highly contagious. It took a yeoman’s effort to stay out of that fray. But believe me, I tried!

The peculiar demand that we conform to wearing masks without sound science I found to be an odd recommendation and hmm, or was it really just an issue of control?

Masks, no masks, two masks, sometimes, three? Cloth masks, medical masks, N-95 masks, and then again, no masks at all. Were we all being invited, then dis-invited over and again, to a series of masquerade parties?

Let me get this straight: This was a medical intervention for what was called a deadly virus (without real proof) recommended by grown-up doctors? When the pore of a mask is a thousand times larger than a virus? Can they not do better than this? Is this the New Physics?

It defied logic but from a fashion point of view, it was clearly becoming ‘en vogue’. Mask fashion was in. Some people’s fear was so great that if they saw someone without a mask, they boiled over with anger. I saw it happen before my very eyes and not once!

Dr. Fauci, head of the President’s Task Force on Covid, said rather adamantly at one point that there was no need to wear masks. More precisely, on March 8, 2020, Fauci said "there's no reason to be walking around with a mask…" Only the infected should wear masks. Infected with what?

Soon thereafter, the good doctor said adamantly that we (all of us this time) should work masks.

Well, which is it Dr. Fauci? None or one, two or three? For the infected, uninfected and/or the asympomatic? What if all we had was a cold or a common flu? Or just an allergy or the occasional sneeze? Should we really shut down the economy and don masks because of a series of sneezes?

The problem is actually a good deal more serious. Face masks very obviously, inhibit the ability to normally breathe. In fact, we are forced to breathe in what we are designed to expel as toxic waste, carbon dioxide. If one does this for six hours per day, this can lead to illness, respiratory congestion, anxiety, lack of coherent thinking and a form of suffocation. Wearing a mask for an extended period of time is no laughing matter. While science supports this, commonsense is all we need.

If protection from viruses through mask-wearing is so effective, why haven’t we been wearing them for centuries? Coronavirus, influenza, TB and the list goes on. Somehow we have miraculously managed to survive, perhaps because we don’t wear masks. Perhaps we have educated our immune systems sufficiently through exposure so that we’re overall, quite fine.

Putting masks on children is even worse physically, emotionally and from the point of view of social and brain development. Children cannot read non-verbal signals from their parents or teachers, which are essential to understanding communications, social cues or giving same to others. This has led to actual neurological disorders, let alone emotional ones.

Wearing masks by children and adolescents especially also skews self-image and can lead to reduced self-esteem and confidence while reducing oxygen to the brain and cells.

Has Dr. Fauci and all the good people at the CDC really thought through the (obvious) downside of mask-wearing, or “lock-downs” and social isolation including anxiety, depression and suicide?

Another major variable here is that of both the power and the psychology of fear.

When people are afraid, they are not operating from their higher brain functions but the lower amygdala, their reptilian, primate brain. Critical thought is subordinate to fight, flight or freeze. That form of reactive “thinking” means to “to conform and obey to survive or to run away”.

In this context, a person gripped by fear can be easily influenced by those deemed to be authorities, a fact well-known by autocrats. What happens when people are afraid should not be underestimated.

People have been known to do foolish to horrific acts or to believe foolish and nonsensical things that both history and scientific studies have borne witness to. The famous Dr. Milgram experiment at Yale University is but one of many. Another, need we say, is the Holocaust—something no one thought could happen in a civilized and advanced society such as in Germany.

Fear impoverishes executive brain functions of the pre-frontal cortex and the depressing of both emotions and the immune function.

In February, 2020, Global society became largely gripped by fear due to pontificating government officials and the media about a common virus that the human immune system, which, when sufficiently nourished, is well able to deal with as it does with billions of viruses, bacteria, cancers and much more daily. That’s its job. It has managed to accomplish as long as the human species, and no doubt our primate ancestors, have been on the planet.

With good nutrition, exercise, a positive, sunny disposition, plenty of sunlight, water and delta-wave sleep, exercise, healthy, intimate relationships a life of meaning and purpose, and plenty of love and laughter, it can and has dealt with the greatest of challenges under much more extreme conditions than a coronavirus.

A fairly common coronavirus isn’t an overwhelming issue unless, with gain-of-function manipulation alleged to have been executed with our tax dollars through Dr. Fauci and a multi-million dollar grant to Eco-Health Alliance, it was artificially genetically modified. Yet even that can be dealt with by a robust immune system.

In my opinion, the distortion of information was so profound and repeated so often through all media outlets, other perspectives were drowned out or systematically removed from any mainstream publications. Two of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet had to retract false claims based on questionable data regarding the spread of Covid-19 and its treatment by hydrochloroquine.

How embarrassing is that? That false papers were published suggests the power of the forces that were and are behind the false promulgation of the Covid narrative for what appears to any astute observer, to have been generated for the two greatest pathologies of our time, neither of which is Covid: power and greedy profiteering.

The promulgation of the Covid story and vaccines have nothing to do with public health or safety. Now that’s something to feel fear about!

The next unverifiable variable that entered the fray was what was called “social distancing”. Was it social distancing Dr. Fauci and his team wanted, or was it ‘physical distancing’?

Did he not want us to talk to one another or to just stay away from one another by about, say 6 feet give or take? Could we get socially closer but remain physically distant? Should our lives be spent on Zoom?

This was never well defined, clarified or despite the oddest studies, proven to have anything to do with anything ‘real’, not unlike the masks. I know that some people say that there are definitive studies about the efficacy of masks, but commonsense and physics defy these as does the value of being exposed to contagions to strengthen against them which is ultimately the bottom line.

From the point of view of distancing, shopping was always interesting and became one of the more intimate experiences during that period we might have. At first we were bumping into each other reaching for a cucumber, bustling about in the aisles about 6 inches away from each other if that, and then when in line, we were a good 6 feet away. Is this good enough Dr. Fauci?

But a good thing that there was plexi-glass around the cashier because we were often very close to the cashier and we wouldn’t want germs to get too close. No kissing anyone!

Airports were especially curious places because one is 6 feet away give or take while in line to board, but 3 inches away while sitting on the plane. Just when one wished to be 6 feet away!

I kept asking myself, where’s the science in all of this, does it exist? It’s certainly not obvious. Hiding under a rock? There really can’t be legitimate science that suggests that wearing a mask with large pores was going to keep a smaller than nano-sized virus from penetrating it. Have you ever tried to keep a mosquito from passing through a chain-linked fence?

Oh, it’s droplets, of course! Stop the droplets! The droplets are attacking. Someone is about to breathe, watch out! Someone else is considering a sneeze. And yet another, contemplating a cough. Can humanity handle it? Everyone, don your shields! (at least with those you can breathe…).

I hope that you see some of why I have been having trouble taking the current interpretation of Covid and its univocal treatment by an experimental vaccine seriously. It is fraught with sensationalism, untruths and self-interested stories masquerading as compassion and interest by public health officials in public health. If there was real interest, in January, 2020, every doctor in the world would have used whatever tools they had in the tool kit and re-purpose those most akin to viral treatment for those infected. But this was outlawed by Fauci, et al under threat of losing their jobs or medical licenses. This was insane.

As a rough-and-tumble kind of a kid that grew up in NYC in my very earliest years and then its suburbs, having always played sports where one spends a lot of time falling on or sliding in dirt, the current, popular attitude toward microbes is clearly in need of educational upgrade. We are part of a microbial world and fear of them is the worst, immune-depleting response we can have. It is the opposite of what is healthy and needed.

But today, if someone sneezes or coughs, everyone is running for their masks and heading for the hills! Did we forget that sneezing and coughing, even getting sick from time to time with microbes coursing through us is simply a natural and routine part of everybody’s lives? It’s not a problem.

Should we get inoculated from life itself?

It wasn’t long ago that people knew to “starve a cold and nurse a fever”. These are natural phenomena that, uncomfortable as they are, are really good for us and strengthen us, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today, with the slightest little discomfort or symptom, too many people are running to the medicine cabinet or to a doctor for a drug or vaccine. This is so unhealthy! It is the opposite of autonomy and self-reliance. It is not recognizing the power and intelligence of Nature and the human body to de-toxify, strengthen and heal, which in fact, is what it is doing all the time, with every breath. Nor is it recognizing the healing power of the mind.

As just mentioned, all of this stems from a profound misunderstanding of the role of germs and microbes in our eco-system and in and around the human body. We need them! We die without them.

Evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris, in her book Bacteria R Us! educates us about this interdependent relationship, an education we all need.

I don’t think I was or am the only one who was having, or is currently having trouble taking the narrative about Covid seriously, try as I initially did! As Dr. Zach Bush said in an interview I did with him, “The CDC is operating out of vastly outdated, 100-year old science.” Government-based science is not the cutting edge at all but is based on corporatized science, which is “science-and-medicine-for-profit”.

Another unverifiable variable which put a taint on my ability to take the Covid Story as seriously as I initially tried to was the PCR Test story, yet another layer of the false narrative we were to find out. Nobel Prize Laureate for the invention of the test, Kary Mullis, said that the test was not to be used for diagnosis, yet the WHO and CDC promoted its use for just that.

Since December 31, 2021, the CDC recommended that labs and all clinical contexts find “alternatives” to the PCR Test for Covid-19 testing. Why? It doesn’t work. What about all of the hundreds of millions of people who were tested by a test that doesn’t diagnose? Exactly what kind of madness is this? Yet, governments and people still live and operate according to what even the CDC says is an inaccurate test.

New Mexico attorney Ana Garner and colleagues have filed a Federal suit with the claim that “Covid-19 is not an emergency” and argues that:

New Mexico’s public health orders are unconstitutional, and are based on what a 125-page complaint describes as the “invalid” results of polymerase chain reaction, or “PCR,” tests that are commonly used to diagnose individuals with Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

If one steps out of the Covid-19 Narrative Matrix and objectively scrutinizes the information, piece by piece, with which we the public have been relentlessly inundated, ensconced in an envelope of fear and hand-delivered, in effect, to each home with a television, radio or internet connection, one may see what hundreds of millions of others worldwide have also seen: we’ve been lied to, likely for power-and-profiteering purposes.

It has been the biggest advertising campaign that the world has possibly ever seen and pretty successful, that is, until now.

With the increased public outcry in School Boards and City Councils across the country, on these local levels, States are beginning to modify their draconian ways. Mask and vaccine mandates are beginning to be rolled back, public policy about these is changing in NY and across the country. Now those schoolteachers and government workers who were fired for not being willing to go against their principles and beliefs about this vaccine need to be hired back.

The courageous truckers across Canada and the U.S., also in France and elsewhere, are standing up for their freedom, which has somehow become political party-affiliated when for centuries standing up for freedom was the gold standard for all Democracies world-wide.

Another interesting twist in the Covid Matrix! Turn the world upside down and stir. People are stepping out of fear and back into their own power.

Many, not all, people are beginning to ‘mock the masks’. They are recognizing that nothing trumps natural immunity. They see that there is a manipulation by government, corporations and the media that is coming down to an enormous money-and-power play.

If we are here to make the world a better place for all sentient beings, we would really want to know about Nature, our fundamental eco-system and then the society constructed by man. We would need to know its power and decision-making structure plus its form both of governance and sustenance. These are the component parts of the puzzle in order to bring about evolutionary change.

The combined, current politico-corporate, power structure and the vastly disparate economic landscape is so extreme, along with technological advances in AI, IT, IoT, surveillance technologies, trans-human developments and robotics that our world is teetering on the border of schizophrenia in its attempt to juggle, order and prioritize this overly complex mixture of brainy technologies in the hands of an emotional adolescent.

It is up to authentic leaders in the world, rarely but possibly occasionally the captains of industry, entertainment or government to bring forth a new, integrated, holistic vision of and for humanity that can be organically connected to Earth in an egalitarian, renewable energy-based, healthy, conscious, sustainable and compassionate way while benefitting from breakthroughs in technology, exploring those of collective value and allow others to disappear into desuetude.

In my opinion, the Covid Narrative is an expression of a society ‘gone mad’, based on the design of the wealthiest to commandeer the future of society for us all through nefarious and largely under-handed methods for their self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment.

My hope is that we can learn from this dark episode in human history and see how vulnerable so many people are to the pitfalls and foibles of fear. And how to see through facades and get to the truth, then be willing to stand up for it calmly, patiently and firmly until the rest of our brothers and sisters start to see behind the curtain hiding Oz thanks to Toto.

This would represent a breakthrough for humanity and a lesson learned for future, preparation for potential and likely future attacks on our bodies, on our freedoms, our chosen way of life and on our consciousness. Time to plan the future for ourselves before others seek to plan it for us!

As bad as things sometimes get, and as seriously as we need to take them, we also benefit from a good laugh at the absurdity of how we have taken a magnificent planet, awesome beauty and human potential being as extraordinary as it is, and create the mess that we have.

Having seen it Oh, What a bloody mess! I have hope and faith that we will “break on through to the other side”, to another evolutionary level very soon.