To understand the current state of our world and how it has been overtaken by the “Covid phenomenon” in less than two years, we have to take a step back. It appears that our society has been more affected by the phenomenon perhaps more than the infection itself. It may be useful to get some historical perspective on a few main tracks have crossed paths over the past couple of years and have actually gotten enmeshed.

First, we have to deal with the actual threat of infection from Covid-19. We are told that medical science has nothing for us to date besides a ventilator, perhaps a few steroids but certainly nothing substantive. All the many anti-virals which are found in Nature in abundance, all the many anti-virals found developed by leading pharmaceuticals are not up to the task of Covid, that we instead have to wait for a vaccine that doesn’t yet exist to be our savior, our single solution to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By the way, we don’t know how long it will take to develop, we hope not much more than a year, but if you throw a few billion of taxpayer dollars our way, we’ll try to speed it up. Until then, well, no doubt many of you won’t be around for that Champagne-clinking day.

The enmeshment occurs when the Global elite resort to tactics to induce fear in people and then seek to capitalize on this for their own enrichment and self-interest. I am suggesting that this understanding is seminal in cracking the code to Covid, which is just cracking open the door from a lot more to come.

Along that track, as we are seeing now, is a contraction of freedoms and regulations, policies and laws that seek to delimit freedom of speech, travel, access to stadiums, restaurants, public spaces. Add to this is an effort to induce guilt in those who are not “adhering to the program”, that is, compliant with those called authorities’ recommendations because those non-compliant are selfish and don’t care about anyone but themselves. This is brilliant!

There is only one problem: nothing could be further from the truth. Others feel they have better, less experimental, less potentially dangerous, healthier, more cost-effective recommendations!

There is an enmeshment not of two, but three distinct but related tracks: a potentially fatal infection, mandates and laws coercing people into a medical choice that some want, and many do not, and another agenda altogether to profit from and to control a population.

Pandemics have besieged human society over and again throughout history. The Bubonic Plague, the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu, and several others just in the last 20 years that were purported to be pandemics, or certain forces sought to establish them as pandemics such as Sars, Ebola, the Avian Flu, to name a few, but they never really ‘caught on’ to deserve the name pandemic.

Each time there has been a pandemic, human beings have gotten through them. Some have muddled, some have been fear-stricken and others sailed through it, just like so many things in life.

In January 2020 were the beginning of whisperings of an intense form of flu in Wuhan, China. There was a company in Toronto, Blue Dot, that tracks surfacing trends and sensed something ‘up’ going back to November, 2019. As theirs is a for-profit service that the U.S. government didn’t subscribe to, it didn’t have access to this information though a handful of doctors in Southern CA. did. I presume that they didn’t know enough or foresee what was erupting, but some knowledge was available to some members of the U.S. medical community.

Memory tends to obfuscate reality. Do you remember when the first chant we heard in the media around March, 2020 was “Flatten the curve!” If only everyone “shelters in place”, (a nicer way of saying “lockdown”) for about 90 days, social distances (a nicer way of saying stay away from each other), we’ll beat this thing by Independence Day. Except there are exceptions to this, say, in a household or what later formed among friends and family as “pods”. Why do the laws of science not apply in those instances but everywhere else?

Former Commissioner of the FDA, now on the Board of Directors of Pfizer, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, commented on the CDC’s guidance on social distancing on CNBC based on his Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal, indicating that there were more assumptions than science behind social distancing. Quickly, it went from 6’ to 3. Just what and who are we to believe? Potential financial conflicts of interest abound in respect to Dr. Gottlieb’s relationship with Pfizer that merit judicial scrutiny. This is a single instance among alphabet agencies’ notorious financial conflicts of interest, of greatest note here, the CDC.

Probably no one has studied the history of the coronavirus as thoroughly as David E. Martin whose business firm analyzes patents of innovative technologies with a specialty in bio-tech. Martin remarkably connects the dots in a way that the story seems endemic to the wealthy and powerful seeking to control and profit from the rest of our species. We would do well as a human community to sit up and pay close attention to what Dr. Martin has discovered through tracking patents on the coronavirus, who applied for them and when going back to the 1990’s.

Between that and the revelations through Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leaked emails, combined with his ‘wobbling’ under oath during Congressional Hearings, light is cast on another important official government narrative about Covid-19 and the vaccine as a singularly valuable treatment. This narrative appears to be about public health but I suggest that it’s really about profiteering from illness under guise.

There have been effective treatments for Covid for pennies on the dollar, which was exactly the problem: Big Pharma wanted to dismiss these out of hand and were powerful enough to convince the FDA of the same even though Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin was FDA-Approved. This is a measure of how corporations literally govern government.

Looking back historically, human society has dealt with pandemics many times before without vaccines or modern medicine and the species has survived. As a society, we have become “medicalized”, with the strange belief that our lifestyle choices of a healthy diet, exercise, joy in life, purpose, meaning and pleasure, healthy emotions like love don’t affect our health.

Science proves that that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics shows exactly how our emotions influence bodily health. Medicine is fine when other commonsense, preventative, lifestyle choices don’t match the severity of an illness—that is when I suggest medical intervention is appropriate unless it is preventative in nature.

We humans are resilient have adapted and have survived each and everyone most often without vaccines or even medical intervention but by lifestyle choices, mental attitude, healthy emotions and improving hygiene and sanitation.

Good doctors are always reaching into their existing medicine chests to find treatments or to re-purpose medicines for whatever may be causing illness. This skill of resourcefulness is what they were trained to do, what they get paid for and are often very good at.

What is significant to this discussion is to realize that each and every prior pandemic was resolved without vaccines or even significant medical intervention. A frequent medical recommendation for many illnesses is “bedrest”. This is another way to say that when things run their course naturally, when Nature is in charge, the body’s innate intelligence, its immune system, when left to themselves, heal illness.

What is also significant is to realize that certain countries weren’t affected by Covid-19 but minimally if at all. Here is a partial list of them: Haiti; Cook Islands; Federated States of Micronesia; Kiribati; Nauru; Niue; North Korea; Pitcairn Islands; Saint Helena; Turkmenistan; Tonga Tuvalu.

Why? Certainly, an epidemiologist, along with the rest of us, would like to know. Is there something in their diet or soil that renders them immune? Did it, for some reason, not reach their borders while it seemed, we’ve been told, have reached almost everywhere else? Is it genetic? Epigenetic? Was it because there wasn’t fear coursing through their blood in the form of adrenaline and cortisol?

Or was there something those who did get infected took that grows locally such as artemisinin that remedied it? All of these are questions worth asking and getting answers to. It seems that any responsible scientist at WHO, the CDC or FDA would have sought to uncover these leads first before authorizing the investment of billions of dollars of U.S. citizen’s tax dollars to fund a vaccine from scratch that would take a minimum of a year to develop and countless numbers of lives lost while waiting.

Shouldn’t those who backed this rather preposterous Covid policy of waiting a year feel guilty about such a choice rather than engaging on-the-ground, known, re-purposed remedies that cost almost nothing, that are immediately available? This is how the plot thickens and how the media became complicit in steering the narrative away from what can help immediately to some “savior vaccine” that doesn’t even exist yet. Journalism ceased and again, Big Pharma defined the media narrative.

How could this be a responsible practice of medicine? How could jeopardizing public health for a year be good medical practice? Clearly it is not, and clearly there was another agenda at play. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see this.

Over and over, logic and commonsense are not part of the equation. It’s suspicious. The only way to make sense of it is, cracking the Covid Code, which is to say “follow the money trail”. I sincerely wish this weren’t true, but I have found no way to explain the many inconsistencies in the official narrative. From inception, little to none of it follows the norms of commonsense or logic.

We have hard data that shows that in China and in New York at Northwell Hospital, the use of intravenous Vitamin C that worked in itself. When was the last time you heard that on the nightly news? How about never? For best results, it is said, combined with zinc and Vitamin D. But, if there isn’t money to be made, it just won’t get coverage in the media, any of them, but there are exceptions such as Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network, and others that won’t be found in the mainstream.

What we of course see is a media blackout of any information that would empower people to take their health into their own hands, or to use natural approaches. Pharmaceuticals are but synthesized (and patented) aspects of Nature after all. Do we really think a test-tube extraction of Nature’s ingredients is more effective than what Nature took millions of years to formulate?

What is happening with the Covid Story is just a fractal of what has always been going on in the world of allopathic medicine as an industry, as a business, in contrast to indigenous, homeopathic and natural medicine. In other words, indigenous medicine such as Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese or Tibetan Medicine, and dietary traditions have long touted remedies to chronic illnesses such as cancer. But these have been marginalized and disavowed by those who control the narrative of science and medicine. We’ve been told that nothing else works!

Everything but what we pharmaceutical giants have is quackery. So the U.S. has some of the most well-fed, poorly-nourished, sickest people on the planet. All for control of the narrative and profit. Illness makes money! Ask Goldman-Sachs’ CEO and what he thinks business policy around medicine should be. It’s all about profiteering on the ill and infirm. This is how corrupt medicine has become.

There are scores of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers here and around the world who are sincerely committed to help and heal but are thwarted by the “monetization of medicine”.

With money and power introduced to the discussion so as to “Crack the Covid Code”, what we can begin to surmise is a relationship between the power elite and the use of disease as a way to make massive profits and now, with developed technology, and to control populations if they so choose, for any number of self-interested reasons. Disease and vaccinations are but the door-openers.

If mainstream media were honest and real journalists seeking to educate, wouldn’t they show scenarios of people getting better through natural means or even by easy-to-access, inexpensive drugs?

Or should we surmise that the mainstream media is not seeking to serve viewers and listeners at all but seeking instead to serve their advertisers who pay their salaries and operations, provide profits and longevity to the media corporations themselves?

If we examine media coverage, one could come really only to a single conclusion: they serve those who pay their bills. Mainstream and cable TV prove this point overtly. It is virtually silly how obvious this is. If one doesn’t see it, after reading this, try again!

Media does so in a few clever ways: first, they succeeded in convincing many (not all) viewers that there has been nothing more threatening or scary than Covid-19, that it is novel, that no one is safe, and you should just lock yourself in the house, distance yourself from everyone (especially those who think), and if you dare go outside, only go out for absolute necessities, wear a mask or two or well, while you’re at it, wear three, keep a distance, and then get back home as fast as you can without stumbling, as you may get infected, God knows, by the sidewalk. It is raining droplets--Covid is everywhere!

As authoritarian regimes in all of history including ancient Chinese dynasties know, inducing fear is the way, bar none, to manipulate and control a population. The methods have been perfected.

Next is to create a sense of helplessness, that this phenomenon is so terrible that even modern medicine with doctors and scientists all over the world and literally thousands of medications and drugs for all sorts of things, let alone the infinite intelligence of Nature, have no ready remedy. But the government, no worry, will come up with the solutions and ‘save you’.

One of several problems with this from a healing point of view is that fear and a sense of helplessness crank up adrenaline and cortisol release into the blood. These catalyze the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response which is highly toxic to the body, to the immune system and ultimately weakens it. If people are in a prolonged state of fear, of feeling that ‘the conditions are unmanageable’, this leads to a longer-term immune degradation. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, it has, including to suicide.

But with the investment of several billion of our tax dollars paid to a few choices already multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies, we should have a remedy in the form of a vaccine within about a year. Yet we are told that the rate of fatalities is enormous, but we are now being positioned, with our own tax dollars, to wait an uncertain amount of time for an untested, unknown, novel that treatment will be the “one and only” solution to Covid.

Despite their being dozens of already FDA-approved drugs are on the market a few of which may be re-purposed to help stem this deathly tide, these are eschewed and marginalized.

Every doctor and scientist knows that to develop and properly test a vaccine before it is ready for submission to the FDA and to market takes 10-15 years.

A classic Marx Brothers episode takes place in a Fire Dept. in NYC. Groucho-as-fireman gets a call saying that there’s a fire right then taking place on Canal St. He says to the caller: “We were just on Canal St. yesterday. Couldn’t you have had the fire when we were there yesterday?”

That’s how absurd it is to tell infected people today that if only they could wait about a year, we’ll have a (brand new, virtually untested and by the way, very expensive) vaccine: just wait!

But if you happen to die in the meantime, we’re very sorry—you just got infected at the wrong time.

Yes, a few remedies may work but the CDC and Dr. Fauci aren’t recommending them even though front-line doctors are getting consistently excellent results with this 30-year, FDA-approved, re-purposed medication like Ivermectin, but better that we put you on a ventilator that few people here know how to operate and well, we’ll pray for the best.

Curiously, Ivermectin is so effective for several illnesses, the scientists who developed it were awarded a Nobel Prize. But of course, Dr. Fauci, dismissed this out of hand I would daresay because it costs pennies on the dollar, doesn’t need to be jabbed and there’s just no money in it for investors.

While I’m trying to say my points politely, this behavior and thinking is pathological and has pathetically become normalized.

This kind of irrational medical approach, if you step back and review, is what the media, the CDC and Dr. Fauci have been promulgating since February 2020, costing millions of lives and injuries, ruining economies, bankrupting countless numbers of people and running the globe into severe depression on all levels.

It was quite a sales job by the media to convince millions of people that there is no medical or natural treatment for a Coronavirus that has been co-existing with humans for thousands of years and from which the species has always survived.

So many people were so scared, gripped by their lower, reptilian brain, they felt powerless, helpless and believed what they deemed as authorities against what is their own innate, common sense. This article is all about, having Cracked the Code, people return, en masse, to their own innate intuition and common sense quickly before our collective health and freedoms deteriorate any further.

The fatalities were primarily among people with co-morbidities that the Covid infection exacerbated, suggesting that those deaths were people who were already quite ill. So the numbers reported of Covid cases and deaths we’ve been told of, I will daresay, appear to be seriously exaggerated to help feed the fear factor.

In February 2020, the medical profession froze as though time stopped. There were, as thankfully there always are, those thoughtful, caring, creative and resourceful scientists and doctors who examine existing treatments of the vast array, in this case, of anti-virals, and based on biochemistry and clinical experience, applied what made sense to them in case it might work. Several doctors hit upon success.

Let’s also examine the lack of logic or commonsense among the AMA, CDC, FDA, White House, media and overall medical community: they determined that there was not a single treatment for Covid so they would just maintain hospitalized patients on ventilators, pretty much until they would wean them off or they would die.

They stood down, did not consider other reasonable remedies that were yielding results like Ivermectin, Hydro-chloroquine with zinc, Vit. C with zinc, Vitamin D, selenium and astragalus. These were and are considered dangerous despite dozens of peer-reviewed studies.

The above hesitancy to proceed with existing drugs was, in effect, the national policy of the richest, supposedly most advanced country in the world, the USA. The entire policy for Covid treatment was based on something that didn’t exist. People die daily but we should just ‘wait’. And now, people who are not willing to take the vaccine which is legally deemed “experimental” are considered “jeopardizing’ the health of those who have taken the experimental vaccine. This is a sales job that would impress the best. But it’s worse than that: so many Americans, to keep their jobs, are subject to vaccine mandates, wholly unconstitutional and against the highly important Nuremberg Code of Ethics.

If those who have taken the vaccine are ‘safe’, how in the world could they be ‘jeopardized’ by those who haven’t? Again, there is no logic to this. But this is how masterful a manipulation of mind the media and government have become.

Just how effective then are those highly-touted vaccines if the vaccinated are in jeopardy around those who are not? And those vaccinated are still getting infected with Covid, some still getting hospitalized, some becoming seriously injured and some dying? What are these vaccines exactly effective for?

Certainly, it’s not Covid. Oh yes, we’ve been told that it lowers the chance of getting hospitalized. How exactly does one measure that?

Another manipulation of the media of their rather passive, minimally-questioning viewers is the shaping—and narrowing—of the conversation. The larger questions are:

  • Is Covid-19 natural or man-made?
  • If it is natural, there will be a natural remedy, or at least an anti-viral drug for treatment.
  • If it is man-made, why was it made, what was or is its purpose? And what are its ingredients? We know that Dr. Fauci was involved in funding gain-of-function research with viruses. Why do we not know more about this? Why are our tax dollars going to such research? Just who is this serving?
  • Of the enormous palette of natural remedies, herbal remedies and pharmaceuticals, what is the array of potential treatments?

But the media narrowed the conversation to being vaccinated by either the Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccine as the only possible options among a significant array many of which are either the result of Nobel-Prize winning scientists or are FDA-approved.

It should also be noted that the only way Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA is granted is when there are no other treatments available that are deemed capable of providing the same treatment. Hydro-chloroquine had been authorized but was since revoked. Why?

Could this be the reason that Ivermectin and Hydro-chloroquine, both FDA-approved (for humans, dear Rachel Maddow) were defamed and marginalized? The infraction committed by the FDA here is that they knew the clinical studies done on both of these going back decades, and more recently, the studies done on these being re-purposed for Covid and they had to have disregarded these so to grant the Emergency Use Authorization to the three main vaccine manufacturers. Such is my suspicion and concern.

I am not a scientist, nor am I formally a medical researcher. I am a holistic thinker and psychotherapist. I look historically at both systems and at patterns. I apply logic and I think through a subject at hand with what I discern as the most trustworthy and authoritative material I have before me. There are always knowledge and information gaps in almost all research.

This is why I invite the reader to examine the facts with me, and certainly draw their own conclusions.

I see a form of genocide when I consider how this matter has been handled by our medical authorities, supported by media and driven by the government at what appears to be at the directive of a few pharmaceutical companies. This is an extreme statement and not made lightly, but based on some facts and several logical inferences.

You cannot base sound national, medical policy to save lives founded on a treatment (in this case, vaccine) that didn’t exist. And now that several do exist that are legally defined by the FDA as experimental. There is no legal basis therefore to be able to mandate a drug that is in experimental status. It is illegal and unethical. Even if approved, to mandate a drug in a free country is much more like the totalitarian state in Orwell’s 1984 or the drug-induced society in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

From this experimental vaccine, there are a frightening number of fatalities and injuries that are unreported by the mainstream press so that nearly no one has an idea of the number of fatalities and injuries there really are (any other drug would have been long before taken off the market). Simply, they do not prevent contracting Covid, hospitalization or death. Nothing prevents death, and more people die annually of iatrogenic illnesses than most any other cause.

First of all, let’s wake up folks—nothing prevents death! The primary spokesperson for the vaccine is of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose leaked emails told the truth of what the vaccines are about (money) and was shown to have lied under oath before Congress. How can that be the “voice of medical reason” for the country? How could he be the chief spokesperson about Covid for the Biden Administration who stated that he won’t be fired—even if he is shown to have lied to Congress, a felon?

The media ceased being objective long ago and has since become cheerleaders for their advertisers. Stories that don’t jeopardize their advertisers can be reported more freely, but if it gets near to the ‘motherlode’, they will not be getting anywhere near objective journalism despite their opinion of themselves, sad as this is. It’s all about money.

The other major incrimination is the erosion of freedom and of the Constitution during this heady, self-righteous period of time during which apparently, Congress and the President have become medical experts and are clearly up in the wee hours scrutinizing the peer-review medical literature.

Despite facts showing the dangers of the vaccines and how ineffective they are in preventing Covid and infectiousness despite all the media-hyped rhetoric, if someone chooses to take one, they should have the right to do so. They do not, however, have any right to impose their choice on others. For whatever reason, this is where reason has broken down. Very sadly, this has caused major schisms in families where daughters-in-law are not allowing grandparents to visit or hold grandchildren, families have gotten ripped apart all because I suggest, deliberately programmed fear into people.

The entanglement of medical choice with limiting freedom of choice is a scary one and is reminiscent of times we’d rather not recall. But it is also true that the current state of affairs in the U.S. at least is in violation of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, which is why attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is suing the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group on this basis.

The very idea of a medical mandate in what is supposed to be a free country that is said to ‘lead the world’ in Democratic freedoms is one of the most onerous and egregious violations of Democracy we have ever seen in this country. It is a complete anathema.

If one thinks through the actions since February 2020, based on the facts, one could not conclude that public health and saving lives were the real priorities in the U.S. by any stretch of the imagination.

If there were, existing remedies such as Ivermectin, and others would have been deployed back then and hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved and an untold amount of suffering would have been avoided.

But that is not what happened—instead, we were told ‘to wait’ for these ‘miracle, warp-speed vaccines’ and a year passed with many deaths and terrible suffering. That’s not a policy or practice that supports human health. It supports the profit of a series of shareholders.

There is the money trail which is quite obvious and admitted to explicitly in one of Dr. Fauci’s emails through CEO of Eco-Health Alliance, Dr. Peter Dusak who stated, in effect, that the media will be used to create sufficient anxiety which will attract investors to get behind vaccine development (I paraphrase—the specific language is in Dr. Martin’s interview).

One would also reasonably suspect that now with the vaccine passports, there is something else at play.

What is it?

Let’s stay simple: who controls Congress and the White House? Who puts money into the politician’s campaign coffers? Lobbyists of course. Since the Supreme Court deemed corporations to be “people”, a near endless stream of money has come in from corporations, shell companies, and what is called, even in daylight, “dark money”.

Buying favor, more precisely, votes on certain pieces of legislation and the awarding of no-bid or partial-bid contracts is what is at play, and possibly, likely, a lot more.

An important question arises: do We the People have any say in this scenario? Interestingly, we do. It might not be huge, but we do. This area requires its own inquiry and discussion. For the moment, I leave the reader with questions to consider about what the incentives maybe for the very wealthiest and most powerful to inconspicuously (to most) exert a profound level of systemic, at this point, digitized control over large swaths of the population.

One must see that there is an agenda at play that has little to do with your health or mine, your Democratic freedom or mine.

If we can even momentarily slip out of the “matrix’, take a meta-position to it, look at the communications more objectively, we may see just how clever the marketing has been, and see the flaws in the narrative, but especially how the public—worldwide—has been played.

We are poised to wonder: What’s next? Can we collectively wake up in time to stop the horrific injustice between many (not all) of the ultra-wealthy and the other 95% of the world?

At times it may look bleak but consciousness has arisen many times in history and we have reason to believe that the amount of goodwill, cheer and determination to create peace, justice, happiness and harmony between all and with the Earth will prevail.

As Paul Hawken powerfully reminds us in his Blessed Unrest, there are millions of people and more working for the common good, equity and justice for all—we are called upon to persevere perhaps beyond anything we imagined, but this is also how the 4-minute mile was broken through to success.