It has become a run-away world. World leaders have run amok with our money and are spending it like drunken sailors. The problem is, people forget, it is our money they are playing with. A parent would take away the teenager’s credit card if they saw such foolish spending in a New York minute.

The U.S., the largest arms dealer in the world, is running super-sales on all sorts of weapons right now--nano-bots, fighter jets, and drones of all types to kill people. Many if not most, are innocent bystanders in what have become war-torn, decimated countries all over the world.

This month, the White House is running a special on cluster bombs.

Big-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big-Chemical, Big-Data, Big-Security, Big Banks, Big Government, Big AI, the Military and Media Industrial Complexes, instead of serving We, the People (peoples of the whole world that is) as we pay our taxes and fees for them to do, seem instead, hell-bent on controlling and dictating the terms of our lives perhaps more intensely now than ever. What is so exciting about controlling other people? Certainly there are better things to do in this life, better games to play. It’s a lot of data to manage, a lot of people!

I think they’ll regret it. All efforts made historically to accomplish this have backfired as will this. But this will only be recognized after so much damage is done. We will all look back and shake our heads—are people’s DNA closer to rebellious, playful, trickster monkeys or sheep?

What defines leader these days is not the long-recognized values and virtues of leadership of yore, but who has the most money and contacts to claw their way to the top ethics or moral compass notwithstanding. I’m not talking about being angelic or saintly—just having decency, respect for others and integrity!

Is there a leader in the house?

We need soul in our leaders, not hollow, self-interested children in adult bodies.

Isn’t it time for a real leader? To identify one, we should start with identifying what has historically been a family of leaders at least as a place to start, a family that has been committed to public service in the U.S. for decades. A family that has produced probably the most popular President ever in the U.S., an Attorney General who fought persistently and against all odds for Civil Rights legislation and a Senator who was known for fighting for the rights of the less fortunate.

Of course, in the U.S., this is the Kennedy family, one that has dedicated itself to public service. They didn’t need more money—many of them felt called to serve the less fortunate.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the next in the lineage who has been serving the public and planet since the beginning of his professional career as a lawyer protecting the environment and by so doing, public health.

He is fearless, has been speaking truth to power his entire life and just doesn’t stop. He has been willing to topple sacred cows and challenge the most powerful people and corporations in the world. He founded the Children’s Health Defense organization to educate the public about the poisons routinely put into vaccines and what other alternatives to these that are less toxic. He has blown the whistle on the government’s agencies that have routinely lied and have deceived the public they are there to serve.

He has been able to unmask so much serious corruption in high places based on self-interest in place of public service.

He’s done the same thing for poor people in West Virginia who lives were disrupted by coal-mining and miners were dying left and right. He’s been this kind of a leader and pioneer for decades. As a result, he is controversial because truth-telling stirs up the waters and unsettles the toxins.

On the life-affirming side. Bobby Kennedy is interested in being “a real Democrat”, not a corporatized one, but one that still believes in helping those most in need without selling out to all the “Big ____” players previously mentioned.

This is a leader. We are blessed that RFK Jr. is running for President of the United States. We are blessed that he is running on the Democratic ticket with the interest of restoring Democratic values to a party that has run amok, and which no longer represents the blue collar worker and people of all ethnicities. More on RFK Jr. in an upcoming article.

Who is calling the shots in this world?

It’s interesting because many people, especially younger ones, don’t even recognize that many unelected but powerful entities such as the World Economic Forum and ALEC, “suggest”, apparently quite convincingly, legislation and policies to our Congress and others around the world.

In short, the WEF and their friends are seeking to manipulate our values and minds toward their benefit which they call “our benefit”. Clever!

It needs to be noted that the overt message WEF proclaims in many ways is music to the ears of people who saw the Climate Crisis coming decades agoand have been working to reduce Global Warming, move to renewables, get chemicals out of the food-and-soil chain, move away from plastics and so many other needed actions.

However, beneath and behind the WEF overt story is one of manipulating and controlling the People through digitized currency and digitizing the minds and bodies. Add to that, we would not own our own homes, cars or even vacuum cleaners, but rent them, ultimately, from the WEF! Yes, it’s becoming a digital chip and a rental company.

The attitude of the WEF toward people, when one looks behind the curtains that Toto has ripped open, is not pretty. Here’s an example:

Don’t take my word for it. Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari outlined this exact vision at the World Economic Forum meeting in 2020.

Human beings are no longer mysterious, spiritual souls, we are now hackable animals, said Harari. “There will be two classes: The exploited and the useless class (people who don’t adopt wearable technologies, metaverse, etc). It’s better to be exploited than be useless.

Other WEF members like Prince Charles (now King—I hope now he comes to his senses), George Soros, Bill Gates, and others have called on the people at the World Economic Forum to usher in this future before the “rats” do it.

Did I hear correctly from these supposedly advanced, at least monetarily wealthy, adults? Assertions that humans have no spirit but are essentially biological algorithms is the premise of Dr. Harari’s purview. Another important point when I speak about “The Hollow Leader”, he who wants to control and prosper by exploiting The People instead of serve, using wealth and office to do so.

You’ve heard of the internet of things, but there’s also the internet of bodies.

Imagine your every movement watched, your every thought monitored, your every decision evaluated and quantified.

Millennials and others may be just too young to have seen it before, or are sadly too inexperienced with the darker side of human nature to perceive the profound level of self-interest at play. They simply don’t understand what’s going on and are therefore even more vulnerable than more seasoned individuals, for whom this is not the "first rodeo”.

But it is these groups and other billionaires that run the World Health Organization, the WEF, Black Rock, Vanguard and more who are “calling the shots”. This is all behind-the-scenes yet is also readily available public knowledge for those interested in understanding how our society operates and the controlling influences.

By the way, one of the means of gaining control is through the World Health Organization. By the WHO having control over the definition of a pandemic and its treatment which they are seeking through treaty, people in so-called Democratic countries will be conceding their sovereignty of their own health. It’s hard to believe that our “leaders” would agree to something so unethical and egregious but indeed, without the People speaking up, our freedom and rights are quickly going down the drain.

This casts the idea of Democracy in a whole new light.

This is why I say that the use of humor is our only way to process all of this “crazy talk”, and the need for comedians en masse to ridicule these bizarre, psychopathological intentions.

Is history still taught in school?

History is not taught well in schools in general, and the “inside story” of history has not ever been taught in public or private school that I know of.

Unless someone is particularly curious or adventurous and conducts his own research, he won’t know about, say, the origin of the CIA, FBI, NSA, even the formation of police departments in the U.S. and their respective purposes.

One wouldn’t learn of the underhanded, unethical activities in which each agency has engaged, supposedly on behalf of the American People, including the development of bio-weapons, experiments with LSD on unwitting citizens, undercover operations to harass Americans protesting wars and assassinations of leaders like JFK, RFK and MLK.

When one learns about these and other atrocities these agencies have committed in the name of creating or preserving freedom and Democracy, you would want a refund on your tax dollars. They are largely funding activities that most Americans, most people anywhere, would never gift their stamp of approval to. This is one of the many reasons their activities are so clandestine.

If one were to look into the practices of another set of 3-lettered agencies, such as the NIH, CDC, FDA or the USDA, while certainly some good has come from these—it would be inaccurate to think otherwise--an enormous amount of corruption has also prevailed in these agencies for decades.

All Federal agencies are protected by good public relations, with their actions often hidden as are their sources of funding yet is a matter of public record.

When leaders make money and power more important than service to the People for which they have been hired, things eventually go awry. The position of leader has unraveled like a hand-spun weave, and has largely lost its integrity.

The beloved rock star, Jimi Hendrix summed this up simply and elegantly: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

On the largest level, the world goes mad when the mind goes mad

It appears that there are few leaders in the world that get this right—and thankfully, there are a few. But when might is deemed greater than right, when leaders promulgate war instead of peace, you are in the presence of insecurity, ignorance, confusion and ego, which the Buddhists call “mental poisons”.

In fact, war occurs on many levels in our society—though the battlefield, it appears, is found first in our own minds. From here it extends outwardly and eventually to the world-at-large.

It starts as an unresolved, inner conflict and if unchecked, is projected outward to something basic like: There’s the bad guy, get him!

Sleight of mouth

Perhaps one reason world leaders in both politics and business are being fairly effective in persuading (brainwashing) people these days that their interpretations and policies are sound is due to their control of media and means of communication on so many levels.

Business and political leaders these days use much subtler, “user-friendly” language that seeks to give the impression that these trillion-dollar companies and orgs. such as the WEF, are doing what they are doing “for the public’s good and the betterment of the planet”.

Everyone wants more good and to improve conditions in every way on the planet, but who is actually doing it, what are the motives at play?

Greenwashing, as well as old-fashioned brainwashing, are as popular now as ever.

It’s a brilliant marketing tool which we’ve seen historically many times. Most recently, it was the pandemic that was used to scare people into following government’s protocols. The vaccines that were pushed (yes, as in drug-pushing) were rushed to market, minimally tested and deemed experimental by definition of the FDA itself. But few listened.

People became hysterical and lost their wits and their reason. They rushed to attribute authority to a paternal fellow like Dr. Fauci without knowing anything of his actual background. He was avuncular at a time when people were feeling pain and that is not a time when people do their homework. We understand! That’s the effect of fear on the mind. Thought is suspended and survival actions take over.

Mandating the closing down of the economy didn’t help either and now, years later, many people’s lives continue to be detrimentally affected having resulted in massive increases in anxiety, depression, myocarditis and suicide.

When I say that world leaders have ‘gone mad’, their handling of the Covid spread is but one of many cases in point but perhaps the most major example of “leadership gone wrong”, leading us down ‘the primrose path’ of lies and at base, self-interest.

Shaming people who exercise their right to choose as to how they manage their health, a right given by God, is contrary to a therapeutic intervention.

Media and government orchestrated to promulgate a view of hailing those who got the jab and demeaning those who didn’t to the point of shunning. The extent of this manipulation was made ever clearer once revealed in The Twitter Files. The coordination of government with social media, defiling the First Amendment and people’s lives along the way went from being dubbed “conspiracy” to oops….evidence. Matt Taibbi is yet another national hero in journalism who was defiled for doing a real journalist’s job.

Leaders, leaders everywhere, but not a one to lead

It should be understood from the outset that there is no longer the quality, dignity, honor or virtue in today’s leaders that we have witnessed at least in some cases in the past.

Leadership here simply means the ‘people at the head of the pack’ who we call Presidents and Prime Ministers or the captains of industry. The problem is that they’ve become vacuous and hollow of the commitment they need to lead, and serve the People.

These positions, typically respected and dignified over generations, these days are typically hollow and of course, with exceptions, for which we are grateful.

Leadership cannot be conferred to an office of President when one is pushing war at enormous expense to his own People and planning future ones as the bulwark of his foreign policy. His own country’s children cannot be going to bed hungry while he is brokering sales of weapons which are killing innocent people.

Covid policy around the world crippled people and in a forceful way, demanded that people capitulate to an unproven, by FDA definition, experimental treatment (vaccine), a mandate of which is prohibited by the terms of the Nuremberg Code. The problem is that the U.S. and other countries ignored this and other international law at their convenience.

The pre-emptive strike on Iraq, for instance, is yet another example of the violation, in this case, of the Geneva Convention.

Two of the primary tenets and values of our American Democracy are freedom and privacy.

Yet, in 2023, our government and businesses surveil us, track us, and use AI most everywhere so that there’s barely freedom or privacy at all. And the water is still tepid as the frog becomes gently anaesthetized.

As George Orwell spoke of in his novel, 1984, this watchful eye is for the People’s own good. It’s a scary world out there and government is here to protect us!

Yes, in some ways, it is a scary world out there and all too often, it’s largely because of government. This is not a revelation but historical fact.

Individual freedom, privacy and Democracy are not being stripped away by tanks rolling through our streets, but by subtly shifting the rails of perception of our values and re-defining what society is. It’s well-crafted and to many invisible, yet to many others, very transparent.

Baby-boomers and those older have experience and frames of reference of a world pre-personal computer and certainly pre-cell phone. It was a world in which people learned to read and write, speak, listen, debate, think, reflect and challenge in all grades through college. There was interest in penetrating deeper than the glib story on the nightly news, of getting behind the story, of learning what made the world tick.

We had to dig into books in libraries, journals, and into history to understand a subject. One sought historical antecedents and precedents to understand and to make a case.

Later generations with exceptions, don’t tend to have the larger frame of reference and are therefore more vulnerable, I suggest, to most any version of reality and authority.

Where we were taught “to question everything”, today it appears more like “if it is offered up by authorities, question little and accept everything”.

Even though I suggest that baby-boomer’s frames of reference are considerably larger with greater purview than subsequent generations, ours is likely narrowed from generations before us, in which history, and knowledge of language (including learning Latin, Hebrew and Greek) were standard parts of schooling.

True, everything is relative and it is healthy to remember this.

Comedy & humor soften the blow

The insanity of what we are experiencing across the world in 2023 orchestrated by the so-called leaders who are working assiduously to dominate each other through war, chemicalizing our soil, air, water and food, may be best addressed by comedians because what is going on is so ‘over the top’, no one can quite take it seriously as in ‘believe it’.

To say what is going on with a straight face is too much to bear without a comedic twist, or we all might break down sobbing which we might do anyway, but at least after a wry smirk from laughing at the open-faced hypocrisy before us.

Take for instance, a news interview I just heard on popular NPR Radio with an expert at the Pentagon defending the sending of cluster bombs to Ukraine, despite that most of our allies and the world have condemned their use for many reasons, not least of which they tend to kill and maim civilians, largely children.

Apparently, according to Biden, this is really ‘no big deal’, and well worth it. After all, we have a large, unused inventory of cluster bombs sitting on the shelves—we’ll just dust them off and send them—anything to dislodge Putin! Rules of war? Not a problem!

Cluster bombs are strategically placed and dangerous like land-mines. Children have tended to pick them up as they are colorful. They play with them as though they found a toy. They are also mistaken for a package of food.

Tell me, is it believable that an adult human being could talk about explosives that look like colorful toys or a food package for hungry people yet are designed to kill people and one can say this honestly, not being embarrassed and with a straight face? What kind of sick individual must one be to consider engaging seriously in such a conversation?

Yet on the nightly news, on all stations, radio and TV, this is what we hear. These reports are conditioning people to think that this kind of madly crazy conversation is “okay”. It is far from ok—it is sick, pathetic and needs to be seen as such.

Evidence of the madness

Some years back, Rep. Ms. McKinney from Georgia, spoke this (below) to her colleagues in the House of Representatives in 2001. It is in the Congressional Record, Volume 147, and page 21009 about cluster bombs being used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan:

I ask my colleagues to take a look at this object and this object. To more than just a casual observer, they might even get mistaken for the same thing. And that is what has got the U.S. military quaking in their boots. Can one imagine the horror if this object, a cluster bomb, gets mistaken for this object, a food packet? One is life and the other one is death. The squarish one is the food. The roundish one is a cluster bomb. That is what the poor starving people of Afghanistan must now contend with.

Is it believable that adults, our Representatives no less, are engaging in this kind of dialogue, on our behalf, in our name and using our hard-earned money to produce these camouflaged killer bombs? This is a horror in itself made even worse because our own country’s infrastructure and economy for the blue collar worker is in shambles.

Opening up the nuclear conversation and its inherent madness may be pushing us over the top.

And still, the IRS tells Americans to “do their share”. Our share of exactly what? Paying our share of taxes to produce bombs to kill innocent people around the world? What is fair there, and who wants to share in such a pathology?

When I see military leaders, all dressed up in uniform on the cable news channels, brandishing their brass, speaking authoritatively about the different ways they have devised of killing people, one wants to think that one is having a bad dream.

Can these otherwise smart people get more creative about how to make peace instead of war? Isn’t the best military strategy to avoid war and to ‘keep the peace’?

“The wise warrior avoids the battle,” said Sun Tzu in The Art of War.

Are we having a bad dream? How can people wake up in the morning and spend their day planning different ways to kill children and adults, destroying and polluting the planet?

Remember Madeline Albright’s statementon 60 Minutes:

In that now-iconic interview, veteran journalist Lesley Stahl questioned Albright – then the US ambassador to the United Nations – on the catastrophic effect the rigorous US sanctions imposed after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait had on the Iraqi population.

“We have heard that half a million [Iraqi] children have died. I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima,” asked Stahl, “And, you know, is the price worth it?”

“I think that is a very hard choice,” Albright answered, “but the price, we think, the price is worth it.” With this response, Albright showed that she sees innocent Iraqi children as nothing more than disposable fodder in a conflict between the US administration and the Iraqi leadership.”

This conflict wasn’t about oil, was it?

I say that only a comedian with a bent toward dark humor could pull off delivering lines of this type, because normal, decent, human adults simply could not. It’s simply just ‘beyond human comprehension’.

Or at least, it is beyond “humans with a heart”. Apparently, there are a few different styles of anatomy that God has served up here on planet Earth.

The number of examples of horrors committed by world leaders are too numerous to begin enumerating them. Human history overflows with them—it is a veritable cornucopia.

Major U.S. companies funded Hitler and the Nazis. The last many U.S. Presidents have been supportive of and friendly with dictators across the world who either recommend heads being cut off or people hanged in the public square. Sound like gladiator times?

This is the 21st century everyone!

Calling our political leaders “insane”, while this is in large measure true, is upsetting for us all and has serious downstream consequences. Money doesn’t trickle down as President Reagan used to say, but sickness does.

Yes, schizophrenia abounds yet has a silver lining

Think of this: The U.S. goes to war with Russia, a proxy war as is occurring as we speak. It has all the potential to become a nuclear WWIII. The leaders don’t discuss that enormous elephant in the room, they actually don’t talk at all. They remain in their respective castles, walled off from the rest of the world.

But their cabinet members do discuss many other topics with each other, some of which are also important like grain export, prisoner swaps, etc.) simultaneous to other parts of the two governments seek to annihilate each other. And of course, where to hold the next global sporting event?

This is schizophrenia—many personalities inhabiting one body and mind.

Recently, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, went to China to talk about cooperation as did Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellin. She also spoke about “unfair advantage” in a dog-eat-dog world of their own making.

Meanwhile, both sides are building up military arsenals with the ability to utterly destroy each other. So one part of the schizophrenic personality is having State Dinners with parts of the other country’s schizophrenic personality, while the other personae are doing everything they can to strategize against, sabotage and undercut the other, all very politely and diplomatically by the way.

That is until Biden gets involved and publicly declares that President Xi Jinping is a dictator just before Blinken leaves for Beijing, like a patient with Turret’s Syndrome. It’s a Grade B movie.

How to make friends and positively influence others!

It’s like putting a smiley face on The Grim Reaper. It is literally psychopathological and in need of immediate treatment.

On the other hand, we may be grateful for this expression of schizophrenia because, while it is a “divided house”, at least some part of each party is talking and hopefully moving toward reconciliation.

Why so much hate? Hostility? Can’t we talk? Is it that difficult? With egos the way “leaders” have, apparently it is.

Looked at this way, schizophrenia is showing signs of health! Some talking, even if guns are drawn, is better than no talking at all.

We look at the mass shootings, at the serious uptick in suicides, we look at people’s willingness to shut down their own economies and to be “locked down” for unknown duration, at people’s willingness to get injected with unknown, unproven substances, we look at the anxiety and depression rampant in our society and we look at the widespread use of drugs to deaden and tranquilize emotions only to continue perpetuating and supporting the same old madness.

Is there a correlation between unbridled war out there and the war on our own streets?

Is there a psychopathology dominating the actions of our government spending billions of dollars arming one of the most corrupt countries in the world with no accountability while some 20 million children in the U.S. go to bed hungry every night and our country’s infrastructure is collapsing?

Does it not remind one a bit of the Roman Empire?

Where is all of this coming from? Where is the civility, the Ivy League education bearing on our policies and choices, budget allocations and behaviors?

It’s a large question and I’ll say that the answer has many sources, but not least of which is a truly sick leadership that, as said, is trickling down and causing floods of chaos everywhere.

There’s always a justification and a rationale for these heinous acts. Always. There is a little truth in the old phrase "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." or “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

Yes, human beings are a strange lot, so being prepared for the unexpected is prudent and wise. But is there not a limit? Is it not wiser to establish and propagate trust and peace-building, life-affirming activities among nations globally and among people locally?

Building a personal, then a collective neural network that affirms and envisions a beautiful, peaceful world in which cooperation is key and prolific strikes me as our real mission and mandate.

As I have said many times in my articles in different ways that “Peace begins within”, when we make peace with our own mind and body, with our own soul, and it emanates out from there.

Quantum physics outlines the Butterfly Effect and how impactful this is on the morphogenetic field, the world in which we all live.

Assumptions of intelligence of leaders

What we know is that a political leader is at least clever and cunning enough to raise a lot of money and to get himself elected to office. There is no test administered to politicians of IQ, brain or heart coherence nor moral compass. Why?

Former Presidential candidate of The Natural Law Party, Dr. John Hagelin, proposed that when he ran in 1992, 1996 and 2000 that all candidates be tested for at least brain coherence.

Hagelin was then illegally excluded from the televised debates for which he legally qualified in 2000, because the Federal Election Commission “didn’t think he stood a chance”. But who are they? He recognized then that we have a wholly corrupted political system.

Intelligent or not, I do believe that a good number of people go into public service to be true public servants—they want to help others. This is good.

To succeed in the system, however, requires raising untold sums of money (truly untold) and to often create “unholy alliances” that compromise the integrity of the person seeking to serve the People and to do good.

But to hold office and to weather the powerful influence of lobbyists and other influence peddlers is clearly unspeakably difficult and usually leads to losing elections. This is one of the many reasons why there shouldn’t be incumbents, just one-term politicians and judges. I’ve been recommending this and writing about this for decades.

“Pork belly” items of special interests get stuffed into otherwise legitimate, People-serving bills. We call it “the art of compromise”, but it’s more like “the art of keeping your backbone from being broken”.

The unlawful, if legal, Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, has further thrown a major monkey wrench into an already troubled, corrupted system, but it just goes to show how money and power influence even the Supreme Court.

Senator Whitehouse has been exemplary in pointing this out to Congress and anyone who will listen. His research needs to be heard far and wide.

I am not making excuses for politicians, but I do think that it is incumbent upon We the People to demand corrections in the system so humanity and ethics can more thoroughly reign.

What can we the people, worldwide do to restore human norms?

We the People can do this with each other and even with our so-called “leaders”: talk & listen.

As dystonic as it might be, it would be wise to listen to these “leaders”, seek to understand and to relate to their obviously compromised positions.

Where has the love gone? Isn’t it one of the main missing ingredients in today’s world? We have a lot of it “among ourselves” for sure, but among those who are starting wars and those “calling the shots”?

As the song says, “Love is the answer”. We need a lot more of it. We need to call a spade a spade, God knows, and to bring love and heart more into the world and daily activity, in our speaking and acting. This is our Super-Power.

From there, we make the effort to rehabilitate their irrational, inhumane views that are based on fight or flight and the dominance of the reptilian brain. Their decisions jeopardize us all and it’s up to us, as best we can, to influence them toward “right thinking”, not geo-political chess.

One of our jobs is to help to upgrade their negative mental and emotional patterns with peace, compassion, “right action” as the Buddhists say, and respect which will change the current trajectory of human society which is clearly on a collision course with its own fate.

As Dr. Carl Jung wisely said: “What is not brought to consciousness, comes to us as fate.”

Let’s recognize what is sickness and abnormal in our leaders and in ourselves, so we can get back to some sense of humane normalcy and balance. And protect the planet from even more human insanity that is jeopardizing our future. We can and are turning this around.