We all know that no one wants to die! Yet to live in fear, however, is in some way a form of dying, a giving up on the vibrancy of life. It is said that when fear takes the place of love and courage health, well-being and immunity suffer. The body contracts instead of expanding. The brain’s reptilian function, heading toward paranoia, dominates rational, cerebral cortex processing. Increased amounts of adrenaline and cortisol are released into the blood and while each, of course, has its useful function, in excess which occurs in an ongoing state of fear, is highly toxic to the system.

Yet, since February 2020, due to “The Covid Scare”, by and large, people began gradually giving up their rational function, flipped largely into fear and have increasingly allowed institutions such as media, powerful parts of the medical community and government to scare people, in effect, into one level or another of concession of commonsense. Rational, critical and independent thinking conceded to “Group Think”, coalescing around fear of the enemy, Covid.

Before you know it, most changed their behavior radically. Staying inside in “lockdown” (what a horrible word!), wearing masks most all the time (even in one’s home?), keeping a 6’ distance from others and getting irritated if anyone got closer. And let’s not forget, wash your hands again!

People just reacted, and on some level, it’s very understandable because people want to do ‘the right thing’ vis-à-vis themselves and others. This is healthy—I’m all for it. But what were we doing then that was “right”, how was that being determined, by whom and what was their motive?

Little context was taken into account. Viruses pre-existed the human species and will likely outlive us. They reside in our bodies all the time and are an inherent part of the eco-system. Like bacteria, some help in healing processes and others are antagonistic. Those that are antagonistic, by challenging our immune system, educate it and strengthen it. If they are part of the eco-system, they have a place and purpose in the entirety of sentient life.

Philosopher Nietzsche’s famous quote: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger,” is especially applicable here.

If it is a virus wholly unknown to us due to geographical or climatic conditions and our immune systems are not able to adapt, it could be fatal, true enough. But if we condition ourselves with our powerful minds, live a healthy lifestyle with appropriate supplementation, with laughter, joy, meaning and purpose, we have significantly increased our chances of survival while getting healthier. We have increased oxytocin, the love hormone, and all biological systems are signaled for well-being, measurable in blood, brain and tissue.

So the role of fear is minuscule, and far from being useful, it compromises our immune function.

Surely when we heard about Covid, a novel coronavirus spreading, alarm was surely an appropriate reaction. But after reflection and review, we could have done the research about Covid’s origins, about the gain of function research with it, this research being terminated by the Obama Administration, and its continuation in other parts of the world, we could begin to get a handle on this from near inception.

Rather than learning about what was going on really and what remedies have been used for coronavirus that are immediate, available and affordable, so many people flipped into fear and found themselves listening to what were rather confusing and contradictory messages and instructions from government agencies being parroted by media agencies. One day wear masks, another day, don’t. One day social distancing would be enough, another day, distancing and masks. And by the way, stay indoors, even if indoor air quality is vastly worse than outdoor and has minimum circulation, less oxygen, and people don’t get fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D metabolism. But if we do all these things, it should be gone in 21 days, or maybe 30.

There is another attribute of people who are gripped by fear: one tends to become more susceptible to suggestion and to lose critical thought. Why? Well, the enemy might just be around the corner. A doctor on TV told us to be alarmed—hide!

It’s also true that much of life is overcoming fear, of learning to assert courage, identity, our sense of self and brandishing our values through our self-expression. This is a constructive use of fear. How beautiful!

Humans have faced pandemics many times in the past and overcame each and every one without fail. During last Spring and Summer, it was as though we were ‘losing the battle’, when in fact, the species has never lost the battle. It might not even be a battle, I don’t know.

We also lost sight of so many deaths from other causes, such as heart disease, cancer, car accidents, drunken driving, iatrogenic deaths, influenza, suicide, homicide, war, infant mortality, and on. These plague our society daily but were suddenly drowned out in the face of non-stop coverage of Covid, giving the appearance that there was simply nothing as bad as this nor ever has been facing humanity, which is simply not true.

To this day, a year later, people are still wearing masks and government, medical experts and media continue to say: “We’re following the science”. I simply ask: “What science?” I’d be glad to comply if independent, objective science demonstrated that social distancing and mask-wearing stopped the spread of any disease. I feel surrounded by corporatized science, science used to sell products and help companies earn insanely large profits based on people’s willingness to comply and stop asking pertinent and pesky questions.

In the case of a virus, let’s get quantitative. Take a moment to examine the size of a virus (a nano-particle) and the pores of a mask, in comparison, enormous. How then again is the mask going to protect us from the spread of the virus?

Our immune systems will do the protecting, not a mask.

Is it possible that wearing a mask is a desperate attempt by the government to give us a sense that:

  • they know what they’re doing
  • they can give us something to do so we don’t feel so helpless and fidgety
  • perhaps experimenting with mass compliance with flimsy rational basis, testing just how far people are willing to abandon common sense and critical thinking?

If I had any sense that social distancing and mask-wearing would do something to protect others, not to mention myself, I would do it in a heartbeat as most all people would. We love humanity and go to great lengths to protect our brothers and sisters. But the flimsy science held out to us that has several other tentacles to it as the reason? Rational people would think twice, especially when realizing that exposure to pathogens, that is, in proper ‘doses’ rather than weakens, strengthens us.

If their findings are based on objective, independent, good and not corporate science, certainly government and the AMA can request. It is up to us to comply or not. Not all science has been created equal—far from it.

In short, we are masking fear. Fear isn’t so pretty, so perhaps it’s better that it’s masked. If we free ourselves from fear with objective thought, science, commonsense and intuition, we will likely want to unmask ourselves forthwith!

How much have our medical experts told us about what happens when we spend excessive amounts of time indoors, or for that matter, inside a mask? Amounts of available oxygen are decreased, re-breathing carbon dioxide and other vaporous toxins to be exhaled are increased, and I’ve heard that gum diseases as a result of mask-wearing are sky-rocketing.

When parents are wearing masks, young children cannot read the expressions on their parent’s faces which are showing approval and love or disapproval, so vital communication between parent and child is getting seriously distorted. And when the child grows up? What will their ability be to read non-verbal cues, the largest part of all communication? The damage could be devastating for life—this is a largely unrecognized and deeply serious matter. And it is just masked. Like so much in our society. Unmasking fear and ourselves on many levels is very much in order.

We think of beauty as a luxury. I suggest that it is much more than that. Beauty is an organic part of our lives. When we behold something beautiful, it nourishes our immune function. If we are masked, we cannot enjoy each other’s beauty and are thereby reducing our own vitality and health. This is a sober reality—do we really want to give this up? Do we really think that wearing a mask after millions of years of immunological evolution is going to ‘do the trick’?

When we social distance and don’t visit, see each other except on screens, don’t touch, hug, kiss, etc., much of what feeds life is eliminated. The downstream effects of what seem simple and perhaps ‘no big deal’ are in fact, an ‘enormous deal’ and seriously compromise our health and immune systems. Touching, cultivating the kinesthetic sense, develops intelligence in infants and adults.

When was the last time you heard a “TV physician” as I call them, report these effects and consequences? Or about loneliness or suicide? Or about loved ones dying in nursing homes or hospitals without their children or others able to be by their bedside, one of the most natural, important moments in all life? Shouldn’t we seriously take this to heart before listening to fear-mongering media physicians and broadcasters every day on the evening news? What does it take for people to snap out of this fear-based trance?

How much have medical experts told us about what we can do to prevent illness in general, and in particular, how to prevent getting infected by Covid, if that’s truly what happens: all assumptions, should be questioned including this. And question all authority while you’re at it.

When was the last time you heard TV docs tell you that taking Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Selenium would statistically vastly reduce your chance of getting infected? Curiously and ironically, Dr. Fauci told us that he takes Vit. D personally. Isn’t that interesting! Why then didn’t he recommend that this be a national, preventative measure with the force of the CDC behind it?

One of the great things about “The Covid Scare” (do you remember “The Red Scare”?) is that it has highlighted all the cracks and fissures in our society, values, institutions, belief systems. One big crack is the so-called ‘healthcare system’. We see—old news to many—that this isn’t a healthcare system at all but a disease-maintenance system. Doctors aren’t trained to help people build health but to catch it as it is slipping away. So, they know very little by training about how to build strength, vitality, chi, life-force or the immune system.

If you want to know what the ‘healthcare system’ is about? Follow the money trail. Sadly there, you will find the answers.

You won’t find much money lurking behind production of Vit. D, Zinc or C. But vaccines?

The human species has always survived hardships, from massive earthquakes to nano-sized viruses without medications or for that matter, vaccines. This is due to the resourcefulness of the human spirit and Nature’s extraordinary gift to us of a highly, biologically intelligent immune system that man’s many inventions have never been able to rival the sophistication of.

When one is smitten by symptoms of a cold or flu, through simple measures such as bed rest to regenerate, salt baths, increased fluid intake, and God knows, listening to your mother, after 5-10 days, you’d be ready to go back to work, school, to re-join life. Taking Vitamin C, D and zinc would also be prudent—part of Nature’s gift to us.

One wouldn’t have to shut down a multi-trillion dollar economy, one wouldn’t have to wear masks or social distance. One would stay home, which is isolation and recuperate. What if we were to have treated Covid-19 as a very strong and even highly contagious flu and did what we would do with flu, what a different world today we would have? That we did not at least suggest that there were other forces at play—one would have to look at who would benefit from such an extreme reaction as this? Perhaps Microsoft wanted to go into the vaccine passport business?

We have many more bacteria and viruses in our bodies than we do human cells. Should we consider that perhaps we are more bacterial or viral than human?! Or should we be scared of ourselves? The more you look at it, the more bizarre and strangely hilarious, if not embarrassing, our species’ reaction to biological processes have been that are always occurring to one extent or another.

Hundreds of millions of years of immunological evolution have been tossed aside in exchange for a pharmaceutical company touting something they refer to as a vaccine which many medical professionals claim is really a form of ‘gene therapy’, a form of a genetically-modified organism. Instead of an ear of corn being modified, the organism is us.

Am I suggesting that we can rely on ourselves, on having a healthy lifestyle and that that would be sufficient to deal with life’s many curveballs including Covid? I am suggesting this yes. Due to the pollution and contamination of our food and water supplies, we do need to supplement and attend to the gut’s intelligence, the Microbiome, a subject the brilliant Zach Bush, M.D., has brought squarely into the foreground of scientific conversation around boosting health and prevention.

We would need to upgrade our food supply which means removing a vast array of chemicals and preservatives from both the food and soil. We would need to engage in regenerative, bio-diverse agriculture as it was before corporate farming and to stop mono-cropping.

We’d have to clean up our water supply which has gotten horribly polluted and degraded over the past century largely from massive industrialization. If people were collectively as outraged about our food and water being so contaminated as they are about Covid, we would be a lot healthier and a much healthier planet.

The issue of Covid and its treatment has become paramount in our global society even though I’m suggesting that this was unnecessary and continues to be. I am suggesting that we were told to be afraid of it, to contract, stay indoors and by implication, be disempowered: the pharmaceutical world will save us, just sit tight!

The Great Barrington Declaration is one of those documents that testify to the fact that thousands of doctors around the world have denounced the radical approach governments have taken to address Covid-19.

If a government or any other institution wants to control a population, it has been well known for thousands of years, that the way to do that is to instill fear in the people, and then they will be “eating out of your hand…” This knowledge is as old as the hills. Yet so many people have fallen for it. Thankfully, perhaps the majority, have not and are standing up for what appears to be much more independent, objective science offering safer, smarter options to lock-downs, social distancing, mask-wearing and seriously compromising freedoms that are inherent in Democracies.

We are living in a world of massive surveillance, of multi-nationals harvesting data of every sort, and in which privacy is virtually a thing of the past, AI is here to stay and corporations, as author and economist David Korten spoke of 50 years ago, “rule the world”. We have lost so much cultural and social tradition and so much ground to the current Technocratic Age.

Many technologies are excellent, but it is up to us to keep them in check, not to let commonsense and moral compass lapse. In fact, these need to be fortified in the face of the technologies that are looming large, not least of which is 5G, again, another sector where our TV docs don’t breathe a word about a major threat to human health despite hundreds of peer review articles—the only subject worth discussing is Covid and its singular treatment: vaccines.

There is entire literature that correlates the presence of major electrical developments such as 5G with the most serious outbreaks of Covid. Draw your own conclusions.

This article is a call to action regarding taking back our power from institutions and the places to which we have typically attributed authority. It is asking us to become rational thinkers again with critical attention and intuition intact, and to demand that our institutions serve us as we serve each other, that we do not allow the story about Covid to eclipse our rights and Democracy which is occurring as we speak, largely but not only through the use of vaccine passports.

Some universities will not allow students on campus who are not vaccinated. If this whole narrative isn’t transparent a ‘money-and-power play’, I don’t know what is while being an outright theft of our Democracy and freedom. It is under the guise of “protecting us”. It is protecting profits.

How do things happen in our world, what are the motivations of large governments and corporations? If you want to understand virtually any phenomenon one needs to ‘follow the money trail’. Who is profiting and gaining benefit from what and from whose actions will tell the story? The issue isn’t the making of profit, not at all, but at what and at whose and what expense? That is the issue, and perhaps one of the most important issues we humans have to deal with.

If we wrestle this one down while mindful of our humanity and ethics, we may come up with an entirely different, much more humane world. Underneath this is a single word that is in reality, a powerful pathology: greed. Greed is born from the feeling of not having enough, and under that is the feeling of not being enough.

Material acquisition becomes the compensation and solution for that self-damaging feeling. If we as a society were to address this, we would have an economy borne out of a balanced mind and heart, which would activate the Green Party’s motto: “People & Planet before Profit”. This simple phrase could be the guide for our economy and society, along with the notion I’ve developed over decades of “moderate profit”. With these two, this scandalous Covid Scare would never have happened.

Along this line, should we not be looking more closely at the CDC and its track record of credibility, and its corruption largely around vaccines, that is virtually endemic there? Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s most recent documentary film called Medical Racism: The New Apartheid, makes quite clear as have numerous programs by scientist, researcher Gary Null, that the cover-ups at the CDC have been a long-time pattern, especially in respect to vaccines and their dangers.

In NYC, the rules for social distancing, curiously, recently suddenly changed overnight. For schoolchildren, the rule is no longer 6 feet but 3. Overnight! Is that because the physics of transmission of viruses changed overnight too?

It is time to unmask fear, re-embrace commonsense, and normalize now!

Is everyone who questions vaccines what is called an ‘anti-vaxxer’? Could it be that people who question vaccines are the same people who question most all assumptions we as a society make, and by so doing, bring another level of intelligence, critical thinking and awareness to everyday situations?

I would wager yes and rather than be critical of them, we should be thankful to them. This is the Hegelian model: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Diverse opinions make us think and reflect.

Remember that it was just over a year ago that Johnson & Johnson was being sued for some 4 billion dollars when caught trying to addict as much of America as it could to their opioid products. Before that they were sued for their cover-up of the dangerous chemicals in their famous baby powder.

Pfizer was criticized heavily just recently for trying to strong-arm countries like Argentina and Brazil into turning over government assets to assure payment for vaccines and reduce liability in respect to their vaccines.

These corporations are in the business of making money and they do it well. Since pharmaceutical advertising dominates the television airwaves in the U.S. they are certainly keeping the stations afloat and pay most of the salaries of most newscasters and management in the media business.

How in the world will you get an unbiased and independently scientific point of view in mainstream media when their very livelihood is dependent on these companies?

There are many, many millions of people around the world who are horrified about how government and media have been cheerleaders and marketing firms for Big Pharma and have forgotten about all the simple, commonsense approaches we have always used for treatment of viruses and simply building up our own immune systems.

How does one have a society paralyzed by fear and still have a working Democracy or a healthy public? What about looking at the countries that overcame Covid before vaccines were on the market which is very recent?

Curious that these countries overcame the virus without vaccines. Should we make collective, public note of this? Or ignore this in favor of a profit-and-control-based ‘party’ line that has masks for sale along with vaccine passport apps that are setting up a two-class system, this time not rich or poor or black or white but “vaccinated/not vaccinated?” These are the downstream effects of fear and out-of-control profiteering run amok all a result, ironically, of sick minds.

Altogether separate from and a lot more proven and inexpensive than this most recent spat of vaccines is Ivermectin. It has been shown that this drug, a long-time proven, 50-year track record as an anti-parasitic, pennies on the dollar, has been re-purposed and found to be highly effective in Covid treatment. It was presented at a Senate Subcommittee meeting by Dr. Pierre Corey, then summarily ignored. Hydro-chloroquine with zinc suffered a similar fate despite dozens of studies and practical application demonstrating efficacy despite the way it was characterized by cable TV anchors who so obviously have a vaccine-only bias.

60 Minutes did a segment recently referring to another re-purposed, inexpensive drug called Fluxvoxamine that has been shown to be very effective. Same with Vitamin C, D, zinc, selenium and Astragalus.

So people are unmasking fear, they are getting tired of the Covid story, they are tired of not going to work and having their businesses shut down and tired of the fear-based stories about super-spreading events and want to get back to life! Many are just not believing the story anymore and asserting themselves accordingly. We need more of this worldwide.

Certainly, I am not advocating that people who want a vaccine not get them—certainly, they should. That is their business—I would encourage a more thorough examination of the science, potential, hazardous, negative effects and to understand the larger economic picture. I am advocating that people have the right and ability to choose however they’d wish in respect to their own bodies and minds across the board, across all time and place as a matter of sacred right.

Our bodies are not the jurisdiction of government, media or medical experts. It is our own personal jurisdiction.

Yet vaccine passports are creating a class of citizens that cannot go to public events like concerts and sports stadiums. This is now becoming big business and will be traded soon on the stock market, all based on a ruse, designed for profiteering and control only, a la 1984.

I always say to do what my grandmother said to do: if you feel sick or have a cold or flu, stay home under the covers. Drink hot soup, tea, water, garlic, ginger tea, take Epsom salt baths, and the symptoms will come and go. When you’re all better, venture outside for some sunshine and Vitamin D. Listen to your mother!

I suggest we demand that our government agencies, politicians and media get off the Covid bandwagon and think instead of reacting, prevent rather than hospitalize, with natural approaches or the many, time-tested drugs that have been re-purposed that cost so little and are so easy to administer.

We simply need to normalize now to an upgraded ‘normal’.

Let’s learn from this whole scenario, and recognize that greed is an illness, it is a form of addiction and needs, not to be fed but treated like any other mental illness because I suggest that that is what has put the wheels on this Covid Crisis and most other crises we face from systemic racism, poverty to Global Warming.

Perhaps at the end of the day, Covid-19 is really but a symptom of systemic greed and this is the real problem in society. I would wager yes. Making money isn’t the problem. But making money at any expense is a terrible and unethical ‘thing’ and yet it is this that literally dominates society. Greed is the real virus.

Let’s establish a ‘new normal’ in which people are kinder to one another, more compassionate, and people are more accountable to each other and to themselves, that each person be responsible for their own health and their own carbon footprint, waste and relationship with Mother Earth.

We are at a critical point in human history, with our personal health and the health of our eco-system are on the line. We need to understand both much better and with humility. We each being responsible for how we act and the way we transact can and will make a difference.

We have the advantage these days of advanced healing technologies, of innovative understandings of regenerative agriculture so we can have plenty of healthy, organic food in cities and rurally.

It’s time for us to move into these realms, decentralize power on all levels, grow our own, use micro-grids and build communities, unmask fear and really get back to living.