Vera Faria

Degree in International Relations. Since 1993 worked in Corporate Banking as: Public Relations/Corporate Communications/Marketeer, Pioneer of outdoor, team building and business training, Quality systems Specialist.

In 1999 I changed my life completely, left the corporate world to be a Teacher of Louise Hay`s philosophy, astrologer and writer. My spirituality led me into my mission, and travelled the world to learn with reputed teachers. Esoteric teachings, arcane wisdom, psychological astrology, transpersonal coaching, Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis of fairy tales, myths and archetypes were some of the chosen fields of my study and practice.

Was pioneer in Portugal, in the fields of Personal Development, Transpersonal Coaching and Goddess Studies. Consulting on Psychological Astrology, with courses on PNL, Xamanism, Breathing Work, Soulcollage©, BodySoul Work, Meditation of Primordial Sound created by Deepak Chopra, and trained Raja Yoga in India. Was member of the Holding Team of BODYSOUL EUROPE, a branch of MARION Woodman Foundation. Was for 20 years the Heal Your Life® - created by Lousie Hay - Facilitators and Coaching Trainer of Portuguese language worldwide. Founder the School of Transpersonal Coaching: Wisdom Coaching Integral® and Conscious and Sacred Feminine and Masculine. Trained In Glastonbury, Avalon, as Priestess of Goddess. Author of the first Portuguese DVD on Personal Development and Spirituality, decks of cards, CD’s, Meditations, several books published in two countries. Is finishing her first book in English: “The Power of Love” to be published worldwide. Author of articles in magazines and press in general, was consultant in radio and TV shows and motivational speaker worldwide; offered a Ted Talk in Zimbabwe. Led Workshops, Retreats and talks on the Sacred Feminine, Coaching trainings or Astrology in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, China, Thailand, England, Zimbabwe. Founder in Portugal of the spiritual movement created by Neale Donald Walsh, Humanities Team. As Ambassadress of Portugal do Zimbabwe from 2022 to 2023, travelled extensively in Africa writing many chronicles that were published.

Currently also organizes group trips “Journeys with Soul”, open to everybody worldwide; namely, to Avalon, Glastonbury, Crete.

Over the years I have developed a repertoire of activities and techniques that have led me to my personal syntheses, supporting my creative flow. This continuous process of fidelity to my destiny, following my intuition and expressing my creativity, led me to redesign Trainings and Workshops where, after 25 years, I hope to be able to continue helping people in their processes of self-knowledge and healing. Help them renew their sense of wonder at existence, connect with their inner joy and completeness, radiating their creative potential and authenticity. I see in the fusion of arts, therapeutic and expressive work with movement, body and voice, in music and poetry, in fairy tales and myths, an enormous potential for transformation and individual and collective guidance, in this demanding and extraordinary transition of eras we live.

On a more personal note, I am a mother of two, a grandmother, an Aquarian that loves to dance, music and poetry.

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