Vera Faria

Degree in International Relations in one of the most important Universities of Portugal. Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Marketeer of the biggest Portuguese Bank, having worked with the highest authorities of the institution.

Pioneer of outdoor, team building and business training in one of the most Important Portuguese Banks, since 1993. Worked as Quality systems Specialist in the Corporate field. Pioneer in Portugal, in Human potential, Personal Development, Transpersonal Coaching and Goddess Studies. Consulting on Psychological Astrology, with courses on PNL, Xamanism, Breathing Work, Soulcollage, BodySoul Work, Meditation of Primordial Sound created by Deepak Chopra, and trained Raja Yoga in India. Member of the Holding Team of Bodysoul Europe, a branch of the most prestigious Marion Woodman Foundation. Heal Your Life Facilitators and Coaching Trainer of Portuguese language worldwide.

Founder the School of Transpersonal Coaching: Wisdom Coaching Integral and Conscious and Sacred Feminine and Masculine. Trained In Glastonbury, Avalon, as a Priestess of Goddess. Author of the first Portuguese DVD on Personal Development and Spirituality, created decks of cards, CD’s, Meditations, wrote five books, published in two countries. Author of many articles in magazines and press in general, consulting in radio and TV shows and motivational speaker worldwide. Leaded Workshops and talks on the Sacred Feminine and/or Coaching trainings in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, China, Thailand, England. Founder in Portugal of the spiritual movement created by Neale Donald Walsh, Humanities Team. Part of the Hoçding Team of Bodysoul Europe, a branch of Marion Woodman Foundation.

Some institutional clients:
CHEVRON Cor., International- training engineers in my Program of Wisdom Coaching. - Prestige national magazines as Revista CARAS, Revista Zen na Teleculinária.
- National Television channels like SIC Caras and Sic Mulher, where I was consulting on self esteem and astrology in a show.

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