The squaring of the circle is to accomplish the freedom of becoming whole and complete. It is fulfilling spirit into matter – to be present, awake, in the now. It is a coming-home-to-ourselves journey. Our soul yearns for this!

In the beginning was the primordial chaos:

The concept of chaos describes the original state of the world; it is an absolute, original state, an improbable original state, where the opposites are right next to each other, represented in countless images, with flames and drops of water among them, with signs of the different planets, with signs of the different metals and signs of the zodiac opposed in a hostile way, or interested in each other, or applied to each other, i.e. pairs of opposites in conflict, a constant intermingling, with no above and below or right and left… This chaos was mostly conceived of as darkness. This is where ideas from Genesis come in. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters...

Out of the chaos emerged firstly the four rhizomata, the four roots, the four elements of Empedocles. These are the four parts expressed by the ancient Greek alchemists with the maxim: "to divide philosophy in four" (tetramerein ten philosophian).

Philosophy is meant here in two senses: first as the first original material (materia prima), and second as philosophy, which must be divided into four parts.

Chaos is the materia prima; it cannot be understood by us. For these people the entire natural world was materia, and pure miracle. Which is why everything they did not understand was projected into it. And the workings of the psyche are the philosophy we do not understand.

(Carl Jung, Psychology Yoga Meditation)

To get out of primordial chaos, from the mother's belly, from the undifferentiated consciousness of the matriarchal Neolithic, from the lost paradise where we were (Adam and Eve) naked equals unconscious, and where we have to eat the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil and born out from that unconsciousness-original-fusion, ‘suffering’ the stoning of the path of opposites. This is the slow and painful pilgrimage in search again, of the Promised Land, the process of differentiation, individuation, which has the power to return us to conscious Union. In the East it is called the Tao, Samadhi; in Alchemy, the lapis lazuli, the Work. We are closer to divine grace the less divided we are: rescuing the unity-self-lapis lazuli.

First, I naturally felt the opposites as tension, with the inherent suffering. Then I started calling them Dance (like dancing, it's exhausting to become awaken, it consumes a lot, a lot of energy!). The (alternative) option? Stay asleep. Inspired by this excerpt from the Four Quartets by T. S. Elliot:

At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there is the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

We start life as children, with the unconscious innocence of seeing everything as one. Then, separation or division — into the 4 elements; directions and psychic functions (of Carl Jung) are produced by psychological processes. This squaring of the circle is humankind’s destiny and corresponds to several initiatory psychic deaths, from birth to physical death. Rediscovering/reentering paradise is remaking the circle of the square: it is the synthesis of three, made by the dance of thesis and antithesis — of opposites such as light and shadow, illness and health, unconscious and consciousness, etc. The synthesis of three contains, hidden, the 4th element that makes up/rescues the square. Alchemical Mystery... Returning/regaining paradise lost — regaining a more holistic vision, a more conscious awareness, a more blissful experience — requires another process of fusion; from the square to the circle, this is coming home.

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

(The Holy Bible, Matthew 18:3)

Inner Peace (kingdom of heaven), as a dynamic concept of course, requires Conscious Innocence. As the Taoist yin/yang symbol teaches. We start the ‘descent’ from the One and back to the One we move. Oneness always in the making.

Facing the shadow and ‘mining’ the gold-light-consciousness, in the unconscious. Is the collective unconscious God? (The ‘possible’ God of this humanity, because depending on our state of integration, so God and His ‘possibilities’ change, becoming ‘more aware of Himself’ in us.) The collective unconscious represented by the astrological sign of Pisces, which contains and merges all other previous signs. The four elements represent ‘God manifested in matter’ and the 5th element, still material at one end of its continuum, but immensely more subtle, quintessential, is the Aether-Ether, the etheric body, or the soul that bridges matter (mother) and spirit (father). For me, thus, the ‘circling of the square,’ the way back home, could very well be represented by Pisces, the Unifying Sign.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, will be together with Neptune, in Pisces, for the only time in our lives, in April 2022. The last time this conjunction took place was in 1856 — this century was the scene of revolutions in Europe, and the flourishing of romanticism in music, literature, philosophy and visual arts. Romanticism postulated that truth could not be deduced from axioms and that certain realities could only be grasped through emotion, feeling and intuition. Very Piscean! We can expect more inspiration from music — is the best music Piscean and Librian? And the deepening of parapsychology and spirituality. Where you have Pisces in your natal chart is the area of your life where this process will come into play like the apex of a triangle. Don't try to control anything there. At this point in your life purpose, follow your heart, learn to trust more, uncover the stars of your intuition, deepen your sense of belonging to the Whole, enjoy the divine love and magic.

The light manifested or incarnated in matter, the Anima Mundi, is represented in Tarot`s last card, nr 21 — the Alchemical Wedding, the transformation of lead into gold. In both Tarots of Marseille and Rider-Waite, the four elements are in the corners, represented by the four fixed astrological signs: Taurus (earth), Lion (fire), Scorpio (eagle/phoenix, Water) and Aquarius (human, air). They are also representatives of the four Christian evangelists. A naked woman in the center, surrounded by a wreath/ouroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, symbol of the completeness of the Work. For Robert M. Place, the central woman who dances naked, with manuscripts in her hands, is Sofia, the Divine Wisdom; the spirit, the sacred center, the fifth element; symbol of the goal the mystic of all ages seek. Sophia, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.

And in some older decks, this central figure is the majestic Christ, love, wrapped in the mandorla or Vesica Piscis, the cosmic portal the Divine Feminine represents; the potential of perfect union with the Universal Mystery. In yet another deck, that central figure is Hermes, the elusive alchemical Mercury, slippery and difficult to work with, but essential to the process of transforming metal into gold. The greatest, fullest and truest happiness is giving back to the world: sharing what we've learned, the person we are becoming in this process!

The Philosopher's Stone, the sacred elixir that holds the promise of immortality, the energy that transforms any fire into living fire, any metal into gold, any stream into Divine Flow. The synthesis of the wisdom of this path is in the V.I.T.R.I.O.L.'s maxim: Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando, Invenies Occultum Lapidem translated as ‘visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying), you will discover the hidden stone’. So many spiritual practices, from Kabbalists to yogis, seek this realization of the Tao, the path, through the balance of vital energy, in the yin and yang manifested in creation. With meditation, breathing, yoga, sound, symbols, chants, mantras, prayers, one seeks to always evolve in those higher states of consciousness — higher because they are more unified. Through this purification of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energies, the masters teach that we can obtain whole health, lightness of Being, true accomplishment.

A final word I offer today, concerning the astrological role of planets Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces, may be: redemption. Redeeming our destiny, individually and collectively, is the continuous process of remaking the square`s circle, the spirit inhabiting matter, of returning home into ourselves. As in the magnificent work of art The Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticelli: art has always been a channel for the expression of great truths. Who has eyes, see. Venus as the Evening Star, the Great Lover, in the center of the Garden. The three Graces and Flora, the spiritual and material worlds and Cupid above. And Mercury/Hermes once again, with its Caduceus/Kundalini/Serpent of Fire, awakening through and up the chakras, representing this process of enlightenment/individuation.

May this be the ultimate message, to retain, of this once-in-a-lifetime conjunction!