Jupiter, the planet of “luck”, wisdom and expansion, advances two signs and joins Neptune in April 2022: review what happened to you 13 years ago; meditate on what you harvested and sow a new harvest! The dark side of this connection is collective madness, the shadow of the collective unconscious; whether by blindly following a leader, fanaticism, or mass manipulation.

New opportunities may arise in the area of your birth chart where this conjunction takes place; we just have to avoid excesses of idealization (or others) and lack of healthy limits. The other side, which we must cultivate, is redemption, true salvation, which is always an inner process of surrendering to our soul, self-absolution, and baptism in the Greater Love. Beware of blind and alienated faith, which can escalate.

New spiritual studies, connection with the divine, expansion of horizons of wisdom. New possibilities and inspiration for the arts and pop culture; new forms of marketing, extreme conditions in the media in general. Trips (mainly linked to the sea) could be revived. We may see new technologies to generate money, assets, and savings through natural resources.

This new year, we may see the unfolding empowerment of feminine values – from new female leaders worldwide to the appreciation of certain feminine values considered “inferior”, such as intuition or psychic gifts. Renewal of lifestyles, a reappraisal of what is really beautiful and valuable.

It will be important to review and clarify what we consider essential, versus what is accessory, for our well-being.

Every 75 years the lunar nodes conjunct Uranus, which will happen in July-August 2022: currently we have the south node in Scorpio and the north node in Taurus. This brings the focus on the themes of stability and security, whether emotional or material. The themes of this axis have to do with power, be it psychic, sexual, material. A shift from the paradigm of love for power to the power of love.

It will be important to review and clarify what we consider essential, versus what is accessory, for our well-being. Disconnection from what no longer serves us; the old negative patterns; releasing what is toxic in our lives. The healing of traumas, grief, unresolved blocks, is greatly enhanced, as well as better care for the body.

The recent fears resulting from the pandemic tend to produce the search for greater security - the insurance companies, the state security; but let us always remember that the greatest security needs to be worked from within. And from us, it can expand supporting people who share our daily lives.

In this very incipient Age of Aquarius, we will often feel that the “father” State-Government-Institutions will not be there to give us the necessary security. It will be the communities that we can build – from the family to local people, friends, partners in common projects – that will give us more and more that sense of belonging and the security that human beings need to fully flourish. Increased self-employment and collaboration between communities with similar principles.

Pluto makes its final passage through Capricorn, the sign of civilizational structures, overturning, despite the natural resistances, those that are rigid, restrictive, corrupt, obsolete. In the financial world, the north node was also in Taurus, on this axis of finance when the euro was introduced in Europe, so we can expect changes in societies, speculations, currencies, in what is valued by the markets. Many fluctuations in currency values; more and more digital currency: all of this will configure a global economic revolution.

Homemade, artisanal, natural, and eco-biological products will be valued more in 2022.

The north node synthesizes our life mission, the dharma, what we choose to do and be, from the roots we have inherited from our ancestors and from previous lives, for those who consider reincarnation.

Home-based work, but also entertainment, schooling children and spending more time with family in general, might be a product of Pluto in Capricorn. Not only due to the complex transformation on the jobs-employment market, but also because the other sign of this axis, Cancer, needs to be integrated: familiar life, emotional bonding, intimate relationships. Capricorn is the sign of work, career, professional achievements; Pluto the archetypical Lord of transformation, is providing the stage where a new work-life balance will come to focus. In general, work might not be the centerpiece of people’s identity, from now on. There’s more to life, and we are not what we do. A deeper sense of identity, belonging and purpose is therefore, ready to be birthed as we develop into 2024-25, where another huge turn of the Wheel will take place. It is of paramount importance that we use these 2, 3 years wisely and consciously so that we can benefit the most from the future changes and be, simultaneously the protagonists of the most blissful changes to others.

The North Node in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in July-August 2022 (the last time this conjunction occurred in Taurus was in 1855). It is the continuation of the new global chapter on Earth. Liberation movements concerning many themes, acting by expanding the limits they feel imposed from outside; activisms, ideologies that demand more freedom of expression especially for minority groups in societies. Return to Earth (Taurus) with sustainable, biological agricultures; more people leaving cities to live in nature.

Mars is linked to this conjunction, adding fire to this impulse against obligations that people perceive as dominion. Igniting the fire for our need to be inventive, original, unique; the dark side to this is anarchy, accidents, violence. It is important to manage this pressure cooker as well as possible, which has various expressions, individual, collective, and even in nature (volcanoes, earthquakes). The South Node in Scorpio forcefully asks us to let go of the weights - whatever they are - that prevent greater existential lightness and joy. It is, therefore, necessary to pay this price, so that the vehicle that is Life in us, advances with greater grace, regenerated and blissful.

Where your Uranus is in your birth chart, is the area where you have to “modernize”, to Uranize, to boldly reinvent yourSelf. You may feel a new vocation-professional calling or more clarity about what to do that serves this deep need for evolution. Update your skills and areas of potential, optimize your income, freeing yourself from negative patterns that limit greater financial well-being and professional fulfillment.

Until March 2022, we have the “eclipses season” at the same degrees (27 for full moons, 12 for new moons), which calls for reinforcement of conclusions starting in 2021. In May, pay attention to excessive reactions in the face of possible disappointment (Mars together with Neptune in Pisces). The truth is like the sun, it can never be hidden and it emerges, sooner or later. Be trustful. May is an important month with another new cycle: the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus in Taurus, powerfully activating insights, revelations, and changes: if you want to (definitely) change something, this can be a potent time to do so.

Jupiter will enter Aries from May to October 2022 (he was in Aries in 2010-11). Review what happened at that time in your life and meditate on what you have grown and learned. Jupiter will join Chiron in Aries in 2022: a blessed opportunity to review and heal our negative beliefs, blocks, insecurities.

Become the best public relations person for your own brand, work, and Being, as Jupiter can also stimulate promotion and growth.

There is a renewal with Jupiter in the first zodiac sign that calls, however, for courage and pioneering. This planet, considered the “lucky guru” teaches that luck is when “committed work meets a good opportunity”. It is necessary to take some risks (Aries) and expand our mindset to accommodate new ways of doing things. This combination encourages the motivation, the enthusiasm to move towards our faith, vision, and inspiration. It provides the impetus to move forward, break down obstacles, build self-confidence, and start something new.

Favored are entrepreneurship, activated mental creativity, renewal of the belief systems, leaving only to flourish, the values that restore health, evolution, well-being. We can expect changes in education, judicial, international law, and banking systems.

Saturn will square Uranus for the last time in these last 2 years (2021-22) in October 2022 (a particularly tense month, where important conclusions can be expected from the global process experienced during the pandemic). It will be a year marked by strong desires for liberation; by the confrontation between the past and the future; the restoration of a new order, financially and in our values in general. Tensions tend to remain within the states, the extremes of different positions, revolts, and protests.

It is essential to update our personal sense of worth and our cherished values in life. The great awakening continues!

Renewal of the ways to earn money, personally and globally; a new attitude towards resources in general. Excellent opportunities to consolidate the reinvention cycle that 2020 inaugurated. But we really have to open up to new possibilities, solutions, and innovations in our lives. We have to learn more and act without postponing.

Empower yourself, do your inner work so that the great success of peace of mind is yours and embody the supreme daring of being more and more self-loving!

What an intense and important year! I wish you the greatest blessings now and always.


I suggest you read both your Solar sign and your Ascendant one, in case you know it. While the individual birth chart study provides an in-depth analysis, this forecast offers a general approach based on the 12 Solar Signs and the reading of your Ascendant Sign will add interesting information to your overall reflection. Prepare your 2022 wisely and lovingly, expand and illuminate to feel the Magic of Life!