We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.

(C. G. Jung)

We are in the midst of a new Era - I call it an Eradigm, a cluster of new paradigms - transitioning from old systems into more creative, solidary and conscious global structures. We astrologers were expecting a major event in January of 2020 (not knowing in what form, of course) that would signalise this global transformative process. Being in a second major wave of the challenge, we can, with the help of this millenary spiritual and esoteric art and science, Astrology, learn how to surf with these important times of opportunity and change.

Since antiquity, Astrology is the science of the immanent, occult, symbolic meaning of the cosmos. Aligned with an old axiom: “As above, so below”, reveals us the interconnectedness of everything and the patterns that shape our individual purpose and collective.

The rarest triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the beginning of 2020, activated what this Lord of the underworld, Pluto, started from 2008 on, in the global economies and finance. Digging deep into what needs to die, recycle and rebirth, these “agents of change” demand our letting go of old and obsolete beliefs, structures and models – both individually and collectively. We need the courage to start anew in our evolving life circumstances and dare to dream a more wholesome, conscious and creative version of ourselves. The triple conjunction shows clearly what has decayed, which beliefs and modus operandi has no more power to inspire our collective destinies, and urge us to mine in our inner Selves, the gold of untapped resources, the freshness of new solutions and the light of our most loving and wise Self.

Are you ready to surf? To sail? Change is coming by waves in 2020. The first big one, in January, the second in September/October. Now is time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and goals as the transpersonal and social planets, from Jupiter to Pluto, will start gradually to turn “direct”. Consider change: perhaps a new way of doing things, or even a totally different course of action. Being the change, you want to see in the world, you contribute with your part to the global rebirth. This second semester of 2020, the second wave, will be “hot” in terms of a global rebellious mood: it's up to you, to use the fire of your energy with courage and compassion, as Neptune in Pisces and Mars in fiery Aries require a wiser alchemy. Knowing and feeling that we are all agents of this new world, together, we can develop respect and appreciation for our differences, sharing our creativity and insights, for the good of all.

Times demand the expression of your best version: don’t hold back your thoughts, your talents, your solutions, your gifts. Becoming more of the person you were born to be, authentic and conscious, is your personal revolution now.

From January, February of 2021, with Jupiter and Saturn already in airy Aquarius squaring its ruler, Uranus in Taurus, many changes planned in 2020 will start to be implemented. It is necessary that you flow with this immense first Aquarian tide, as it is preparing the ground for even deeper global transformation from 2024 on, when Pluto arrives into Aquarius. Changes in currencies, global trading, consequences of radiation, global digital (and others) people controlling systems and so much more will show that reality is more surprising than fiction.

Even though we may feel that making planes now is hard, accept the compromise of love with yourself, to update your potential, to grow in acceptance of what is while you work on your inner harmony, health and emotional balance. Neptune in Pisces demands an evolution on our religious, spiritual beliefs: claim the riches of your inner world, learn to connect and nurture your soul daily. The rewards will be astonishing.

Inspirations for each sign


Restlessness in the 2nd semester of 2020: meditate, workout, avoiding reckless behaviour. Important times for changing professional structures and claiming a more truthful and healthier way of relating in family and loving relationships. The axis of work and family is particularly activated so seize the moment and proceed with the necessary changes in these sectors. Develop your spiritual life, as many insights, intuitions and signals - even in dreams - will offer you clues to open your path, even in more exciting ways. You will have resolution, bravery and vision.


Expect the unexpected, as what you were waiting, “brewing” for years, is now getting ready for completion and manifestation. You might feel an unusual restlessness – take it as an awakening sign – as things will become clearer than ever to you, and you can benefit from an expanded spiritual intelligence, and a deeper and reassuring alignment between your actions and your beliefs. Improve your physical and mental health during this 2nd semester of 2020, and by all means, meditate. Don’t share too much of your plans, as when you are gestating change, you need the focus of silence, energy and love. Have faith in yourself and in Life.


New insights regarding your professional calling, and your social contribution will likely to unfold during this time. Take them seriously as they are pointing to new solutions and courses of action that will bring you more rewarding experiences and expand your self-realization. Transformation is the key word for you now: ask for professional help if necessary - it is a must and a blessing to have a support system to help us evolve and thrive. Some of the most activated areas are your intimate relationships, and joint finances. Structural changes in these sectors of your life invite you to let go of old ways, damaging connections or even addictions, clearing the way for a fresh new start.


These last years may have been tough, bringing you power struggles, strong opposition, challenges that if well dealt with, have made you stronger, more successful, wiser. Maybe an all-new era has already begun in your life: this 2nd semester, bring it into a completion. You can have new spiritual inspirations and deepen your studies and international liaisons. Invest energy in the improvement of your career, professional area. New friends, expanded social intervention or connections and new visions for your future will feed the next years with purpose and rewarding possibilities.


Don’t let recent disappointments misalign you with your deep purpose and heart. You are a brave soul: know that what happened has trimmed and simultaneously softened you, so you get better prepared to advance with your life. Trust your deepest truth. The 2nd semester might bring you stimulating new international connections, opportunities, and will support your faith and most dear beliefs. It is important to take the best care of your overall health and also go on improving your professional skills. You are birthing new ways of doing things, that will expand your efforts and bloom rewardingly in a very near future.


“The truth shall set you free”. More than ever, you need to be the “captain of your ship”. Life expects you to take the steering wheel into your talented hands, and lead the change. You have to reinvent yourself; the time has come and you will have creativity and innovation. You have found your Grail, your authenticity in what makes your heart sing: go on rebuilding the structures you need -professional financial, logistically, to bring your empowered Self and your gifts to the world, in an efficient and balanced way. Intimate relationships are being transformed: just allow the old to go gracefully as you are growing in “Love wisdom”, gestating promising new ways of loving-being loved, by yourself and others.


Your foundations have been shattered and rebuilt. Give this metamorphosis your best, seizing the opportunity to heal your past, your emotional wounding and rebirth more mature, self-confidant and conscious. Use the 2nd semester of 2020 to close unfinished subjects related to family, property, cohabitation and emotional stability. Release yourself from old burdens, whether financial or relational and this is an excellent time to take better care of your health and change old habits. The area of social meetings, partnerships, clientele, public relations, will be particularly activated until the end of 2020.


One of the areas that has the potential to bring you new exciting possibilities, is related to information, teaching, learning, writing, speaking – all ways of communicating. You can also invest in your marketing, branding, public speaking, publishing. Important to keep an open mind, as the best choice might be the boldest one. Clear eventual constraints related to your home environment, neighbourhood, and add discipline and focus to your schedule and projects. In 2021 you will be called to greater responsibilities and will have the opportunity to explore your creativity and deepen your self-knowledge as never before.


Hang on tight, claim your epic resilience, embody your inner Wise woman/man; the dawning of a new cycle is about to bring you a stronger certainty of your enormous value and worth. Invest in yourself – your resources, your time, energy, know-how, methodically and with focus. You will find new ways of monetizing your talents and of presenting your products/art/work to the world. Engage in a health /wellness program, including movement. Meditate on your approach to life and death; you might need to support a loved one becoming more vulnerable. Yours is the sign of wisdom, truth and faith: share these precious gifts with the world.


These last years and 2020, have been very intense and demanding. Especially if you resisted the new cycles. But if you accept to flow with the change you can’t control and take responsibility for rebuilding, leading your part of the endeavour, you will lay the foundation for an epic future. Be willing to let go of the need to have “warranty certificates” - unexpected changes will be the motto for many years now. Learn something new that activates your right brain hemisphere, the nonverbal, emotional holistic one. It can be poetry, music, spirituality, arts. Embrace your shadow, to achieve the blessings of your totality. Be aware of some inner tension until the end of 2020 and flow with an urge to be more expressive, bold and surprising in love matters.


The most needed crossing of a desert is reaching its peak. You have a meeting with destiny now. Times demand your total commitment with your life purpose and service. Old unconscious complexes and patterns have been recycling - even through difficult situations - so that you can liberate yourself. Free from obsolete self-definitions, equivocate perceptions of your true potential and negative past conditioning, you can answer the calling for new responsibilities and expansions that will unfold from 2021 on. Allow yourself to mourn the past, reinforce your soul connection, be open to unexpected opportunities. You will be very active in the 2nd semester of 2020, finishing and polishing your new projects.


Spirituality, mysticism, the arts, music, are areas that might have recently engaged your attention in new ways. Like an inner baptism, your self-expression is becoming more creative and inspired, and this might open innovative ways of delivering your expanded resources. Learning new technologies and ways of communicating with the world is helpful and will enhance opportunities on networking and joining exciting communities. Allow your future plans to change, and explore the blessings that larger groups of like-minded people can bring to your life. Take special care with your finances and take seriously new insights on how to monetize your talents.