Glamor is a word with Scottish origin, for in medieval times few clerics knew how to read and write and had knowledge of grammar, and for all others grammar was associated with hidden and mysterious practices. Glamor originates from the word "Grammar", which in English in earlier times meant "enchantment" or "spell"; in Scottish the word was written with the letter L, instead of R, which ended up deriving in the present term "glamor". It means, therefore, an extraordinary quality in a person, making it appear very attractive and is currently a word used to characterize (especially) an elegant and charming woman. Elegance for me, is an attribute of Being, which is embodied in being and form, and unfortunately has been widely used only in the world of top-models, actresses, artists, royalty and high society. The power of its "enchantment," the transformative force of its magic has been forgotten or misrepresented, and in my work, I also help women rescue their “glamor”. Glamor is the enchantment of wisdom, of communicating with soul, of expressing authentic feelings. It is the magnetism of extreme self-care. My Vision of the Conscious and Sacred Feminine connects us with our feminine essence, pacifies us with its power, baptizes us with its magic and blesses us with its immense magic.

Every Woman is a Universe, a fairy tale always in the writing. The conscious feminine is the process of individuation of the woman, the archetypal Heroine Journey; is how Women learn to give birth to their Feminine Soul. The feminine is a receptivity that creates and nourishes the space where creativity generates the dynamics of Life. That is why it is the presence in the here and now, the yes to the life that happens to us in every moment.

Women needs to learn:

  • To accept the adventure of going deeper into the inner depths and shadows to discover the silver Light of her Soul through her own matter/body.
  • To recognize her value, to be strong enough in herself love, to be consciously vulnerable. To embody her own soul, so she can afford to live without fear of losing or of separation. To know that she is loved for who she is.
  • That, in order to become fully woman, she must trust in the dignity of her Soul and in the creativity of her imagination.
  • To stop living as an actress who acts to please others, and learn to live from her own needs and feelings, rooted in the truth of her muscles and bones, (otherwise she will be a victim of an alienated and addictive society). Living hidden behind masks kills the soul (and life).
  • To love herself, so that her love for others will no longer be a projection of her own need to be accepted. To know herself continuously, to be the best loving mother she can be to herself, and to be able to say: Here I am, I am this woman and I love it (whether you love it or not)!

Seeing ourselves is learning to be the good mother of us. Life is about relationships, and as we were seen/reflected in our mother's eyes, so we will see ourselves and feel the eyes of the others.

"I wish to be seen" .... evolves to: "I feel myself!" (when there is trust, healing).

To be seen and to see ... the witness of oneself: this process must be done safely, includes repairing childhood wounding, and from it, our true Self can emerge. Beyond the "false self" or "the socialized one" which obeys the castrating and isolating dictates of our civilization of the “selfies” pandemic, which represents the wounding and the failure of "having been seen" in childhood. This is particularly important in today's world where image has replaced content and substance, questioning genuine feelings and the experience of truly meaningful relationships that can bring us real happiness.

"I want to see me .... evolves to: I see myself!" (self-love).

To be a witness of our feelings and being, and that of others, is crucial to our development as human beings. "Being seen" with our paradoxes, in the totality of our experience allows us to see others, even those who "are not like us" in the world. Seeing is necessary to accept; accept the difference. One of the "side effects" of trauma is the need to do things alone, a natural reaction to the sense of danger or neglect that may have been inflicted in childhood. The rescue of this self-seeing and of seeing others, of being both an inner and outer witness, repairs the wounds of relationships allowing us to rebuild confidence in the responses of our body (strengthens presence) confidence in others and in relation to the cosmos, Life. Shakespeare said that "the eyes are windows to the soul". The practice of "being a witness" (of oneself and others) gives us roots, potentiates manifestation, invites us to see with the eyes of the heart, and with all of our senses. It is a practice that transforms the observer and the observed and helps to make the world a better place!

"I want to see the other" (compassion), evolves to "I see ourselves and both also as one" (unity).

The work of evolution of consciousness is sometimes painful, redundant, frustrating ... involves hiding, risking, showing, having premature revelations and paralysis, but it is also highly rewarding. And it leads us to those extraordinary moments in which, as it happens when a work of art "works," the perfect clarity and simplicity occurs, as dazzling gifts of completeness!