In the end, what you find is ...

It was difficult to get to the rings. There were the great Ones of our Olympus having their drinks; they arrived slowly as they are retrograde, each taking their drink. Saturn the host - everything is transiting Capricorn! - sober in a bowler hat, he chose a mineral, still water. Jupiter, was sipping a premium Gin 47 Monkey, robust and spicy. Even if constrained by being in the house of brother Cronos, well connected to the universalist Neptune, he was still pretty swollen. Pluto was tasting an absinthe with 90% clear alcohol, the black Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe. Uranus was blueish (slightly unhealthy) enjoying James Bond’s Vesper Martini with gin and vodka - too traditional?? Well, he is in Taurus. Only, “stirred, not shaken”. Neptune was misty, quintessential, diffuse ... behind the rose-pink smoke of a psychedelic cocktail highly fashionable in the Caribe in the 80’s; half absent, half mirage. Mars was so fiery that he asked for something refreshing and unexpected for such a martial and masculine God: orange juice with no ice; we were at minus 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Hellas. Venus was in Cancer, busy with home and family and couldn't join us, but she “offered” Puccini's song Nessun Dorma in 8D (listen with headphones only). To give us the vibe…

The Moon in Libra was also too unrest with calls, emails and meetings; couldn't come, but sent success to my interview. So sweet. Finally, the lunar nodes couldn’t make it neither, due to the great confusion installed: the south one in Sagittarius could not cope with the tumble in the old beliefs - what was traditional political right and left wing, was no longer; the liberals were taking measures typical from the conservatives and vice versa. Religions drowned in scandals, lack of the “numinous” in rituals; scientists divided in all quarters - from climate change to the pandemic. The north node in Gemini with its antennae upside down: from fake news, to censorship in social media, to injections of manipulative fear in main stream media ... a pandemonium. Dividing to rule is an old tactic, and the more people separate themselves into “for and against” something or everything, they keep losing precious energy…

Mercury in Virgo combust with the Sun was so scorched that he decided to take urgent care of his new health plan. The beautiful and curvy Earth was so busy recycling the energies in dissonance that no one misunderstood her absence. Although I was far from home, I felt welcomed and even happy for the great honour; it was cold and the rings were rotating at breakneck speeds producing hissing whirlwinds, but I was forewarned and dressed a warm coat. I thanked the Gods for the nameless privilege of interviewing them.

"Ah our humans, in such distress," said Saturn. "Brave are the souls that chose to live in this transition".
“Oh Jupiter, only you could make from a small virus, such a giant turmoil! “Voiced Pluto; “And with your help, I made it deep, too,” replied Zeus.

I, bashfully, gave my opinion: "In a near future, humans will wonder how the collective illusion that paralyzed the world was possible; how was it possible to stop everything because of a pathology that is comparatively so diminutively lethal. How was it possible to throw so many millions into unemployment, hunger, despair, depression, suicide and much more, because of such small numbers…? What blindness was that? "Everything serves the purpose," said Saturn. "Jupiter expanded: “Pluto brought up the hidden garbage from all quarters into the light of Father Sun, and I joined with the necessary control for the alchemy of change."

"Yes, I understand," I whispered. "Otherwise, how to change? We would continue to scroll down on Facebook and Instagram feeds, where everything and more is intermingled. Aid requests for the biggest humanitarian crises, photos of children dying, which we slide with our finger so that in the next microsecond we’re already laughing with some joke. I also feel that the dark vertigo of power, such a human temptation, has taken root in the leaderships of nations. When it becomes so easy to control people by fear – like stealing a children’s ice-cream – to compel the masses to wear masks, to fear each other, to divide, the thirst for that power over the other can be triggered, camouflaged of the best intentions…”.

Saturn spoke: “Know the Law and be free. Truth shall set you free. Everything works for the greater good of those who are awake”.

I thought that was an encrypted confirmation. That whatever the dark powers of a dying patriarchy tried to do to maintain control, nothing was greater than the immense Mystery, and that this Universe would use everything to continue with its evolutionary Agenda.

“Christ was also born to inaugurate the age of Pisces,” said I, an apprentice of astrology and journalism, looking at Neptune as an accomplice (he remained "high" that is, meditative). “And it was your conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn, that announced His coming. Jesus certainly was a Pisces, must have been born at 00:00 am from February 24th to 25th, according to my investigations. Now with you together in Capricorn, at 22, 23, 24 degrees, announcing the Age of Aquarius, at the end of which, in 2,000 years or so, the Age of Capricorn will dawn - the Master's second return - what can help us?" (then I had to catch my breath, summarizing 6,000 years in two sentences).

"Receive the revelation that you are your own master" murmured Neptune. “Do not be afraid of dissolve-dying to what was; you will always find Love on the other side.” I remembered the anguish of so many millions, unleashed by Covid like a razor that releases a purulent wound hiding the green, viscous fear of… dying ... and of living. “We will always find Love on the other side, you say” … Is it an absolute certainty? I asked. The gods all burst out laughing and sipped some more of their drinks. “Master Uranus”, I asked, “starting in January 2021 and for 2 years, you will stir your way in Taurus squaring Master Saturn in Aquarius. There are banks that are cancelling the access to physical money; masses digital transitions are easily controllable (there are people saving money at home, “just in case”). There are people returning to the Taurus land, growing their own food. It re-awakens the possibility of more direct exchanges, in an unprecedented revolution regarding the value of money, labour, goods and services. What to do?”.

“R-Evolve, Re-Turn to you again”, answered Uranus, a little more electric.
I pretended that I didn't quite understand and continued: “I know that humanity’s first money was the land, the golden earthly grains. Their solar yellow “transformed” into coins, and then presented itself in the gold credit cards. Finally, it became the "light" of the digital impulses on the servers that control the billions of world financial transactions. And now?"…
"Now it is the value of the Earth, of Life, of the Human Community that is increasingly conscious, solidary, creative, sharing resources, views, solutions". Uranus added.
"Yes, perhaps the most relevant contrast now is between sentient beings and those who have not yet awakened," I said and continued. “There is a very famous human who wants to vaccinate the whole world and place microscopic chips on them as international health passports. The same human in 2004 already had the technology to inoculate people with the “virus of God” - an injection that inhibits the part of the brain responsible for beliefs, for faith”. "Thus, the problem of fanatical extremists was solved," he said ... because, a humanity vaccinated against its ability to believe, becomes soulless. Robots are very controllable. Now this is looking like a cosmic gathering of conspiracy theorists,” I said, respectfully.
Mars replied: "If you think this is a conspiracy, you should know what we know"! And they all laughed a lot again. I couldn't help but drawing a yellowish half smile, as the atmosphere of the rings distorts the colours. But even Saturn showed his teeth - dark, I have to say - he doesn't go to the dental practitioner and besides, he's old, very old.
“The Theory of Singularity and Artificial Intelligence state that by 2050, human-robots will already be operating on a larger scale. And “machine-humans” will carry chips and other high-tech devices. Is this the shadow side of Aquarius?” I asked. Jupiter answered with this question: "Does the Moon have a dark side? ... What do you want to create?" And he added: “Keep your focus, boost your vibration, expand your inspiration.”

It was then that a light came, so, so powerfully warm, yellow and loving that I almost liquefied. It was the Sun, the Heart of the Great Spirit in our System. I felt like a child again, and I could have sworn that my wings had grown, such was the crystalline lightness that I became. And the last thing I remember was the laughter of the Gods on the terrace of the Rings of Saturn ...

I woke up ... after all, was it just a dream? I had drunk too much the night before - I love Cipriani Bellini's peach mousse and the sunset at Comporta beach, to the sound of Por Ti Volare by Bocelli, had been the pièce de resistance. When I notice my mobile, I had an unexpected message from a dear friend. She invited me to go to the “Alqueva’s Astronomical Observatory” to see the swarms of stars, nebulae and galaxies ... to know the legends of the gods of the sky! Synchronicity? Parallel/multi-universes? Lucid dream? Telepathy? … I felt the Portuguese “saudade”, nostalgia in my heart, missing the Lords of our Cosmos, and smiled at their laughter, remembering of what had remained as a synthesis of this “dream interview”:

... in the end, what you find is LOVE!