The year 2022 reinforces and expands the trends verified in 2021.


The year starts with Venus retrograde together with Pluto in your career area, and the Sun and Mars joining them there in January too! A strategic and reforming approach is needed in this sector of life, with an emphasis on those born between 15 and 18 April, as they are still under a very transformative influence this year. The focus of this reform concerns how well you are financially monetizing your talents, and how fulfilled you are with your work/profession. Definitely consider changing if you're not feeling fulfilled and if you're falling short of your potential. In this case, let go of the past, and make a plan for the transition, being favorable to wait for your birthday to proceed with the necessary actions. The area of your personal and spiritual development is greatly enhanced; April is great for a reset, a retreat, a new meditative practice, starting a therapeutic process, having more time for yourself and promoting your peace of mind. It will be a fruitful year in terms of insights, revelations and inner healing if you open your heart and listen to your soul.

May starts a new 2-year cycle in your financial area, so it is positive to invest in you, in your resources and ideas. This year can give you the opportunity to lead your life to new horizons, as you love! To do so, you will have to pay the price: leaving something that has no longer value/relevance behind. Renewal of social life and potential to meet people or strengthen connections with those who share deep values. Reassess what's really important to you, which can mean that certain friendships, groups, partnerships, end, and you'll invest more in what you really like and resonate with. November and December are positive for reviewing plans related mainly to courses, training, travel and moving. Between March and October, Jupiter, the great benefactor enters your sign! It happens once every 13 years, so 2022 is the year to take risks, to stand out, move forward and fulfill your mission as a born leader, starting with your own Life!

New horizons, perspectives and visions, precious to stimulate your unique contribution to the world.


One of the signs that will astrologically live even more intensely by 2022. The natives of this sign have been particularly activated by processes of profound change, translated into the need to update their identity, to take their present needs seriously, and to fulfil their new inner needs. Being a fixed Earth sign, you don't easily adhere to changes, but life is in constant flux and for greater fulfillment, you need to open up more, starting with your own heart, and learn to surf with life! And especially for the natives of the 2nd decan (born between 1-10 May) the need to continue to release more restrained aspects of their nature, whether emotions, certain psychological characteristics, anxieties, sensibilities and desires, is very strong. You may feel less patience, a greater need to be yourself, to show up in a more creative and unique way. Take good care of your body, change your appearance, make your looks reflect your internal values: free yourself and dare, for a happier relationship with yourself.

Reassess the importance of money and love in your life: how do you live them? How do you share and express them? How do your personal changes impact your relationships? What would you like to study, deepen? From February onwards, it is a good time to plan further studies and travelling.

Saturn is all year round asking for reorganization and/or reinforcement of your professional structure. It is necessary to channel inspiration, innovation and expansion in a disciplined and consistent way at work. If you do not identify with what you do, it's a good year to change, especially from May to August. Between July and August, Mars offers extra energy favoring vitality, initiative, taking risks, even if calculated. With Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and creativity in your sign in June, your charisma, magnetism and sensuality will be particularly activated. New doors will open for you and relationships will be fostered in general.

Affective stability is very important to you and this year, open yourself to the process of love, knowing that the more you love yourself, the richer any relationship will be, as you will have greater abundance to share. Between May and October, Jupiter, the great benefic, will favor your spirituality, the healing of psychic and emotional issues, releasing of negative patterns, and internal revelations. Excellent for starting/strengthening a practice that enhances your inner peace. Between October and December, Mars retrograde in your financial area, asks you to reconsider how you are using your talents; what brings value to your life? it's like the summary of the year (or of these 2 years): don't necessarily act now - re-evaluate, meditate and be grateful.

Above all, be authentic! At the end of the year, you will feel synchronicities, pieces of the puzzle of life, fitting together in a wonderful way.


Year where the transformation of your relationship with the people closest to you in particular, and the themes of work, finance, career and aspirations for the future are highlighted. If you accept to reinvent yourself, with flexibility and authenticity, it will be much easier to improve the areas mentioned above.

January is a good month to review your aspirations, beliefs, values and desires for expansion. Rewrite your life story, re-create your destiny! Positive for travel plans and training, but avoid if you can make important decisions before February 6th. Important opportunities in the professional area, especially between April/May and November/December. If you want a change in your love life, embrace it, invest in the intimacy and feelings and use January for an in-depth review of this area.

In April/May, take advantage of rare conjunction in your twelfth house, and make a profound review of your spiritual life. Deepen the connection to your soul, honor your ancestors - whose dreams and talents live in your DNA - and exercise forgiveness and compassion in a liberating and pacified process.

It is a particularly fruitful year to start/continue any type of therapy, the journey of self-knowledge: your unconscious will be more permeable and your soul more receptive to sharing the contents/memories/emotions that need more healing, light, liberation. A stimulating awakening of your intuition, sensitivity and desire to deepen in metaphysical, mystical, or psychological areas.

From May to October, your connection to groups, whether of new friends, causes, common values, stands out, where you can increase your sense of belonging and the fulfillment of being able to contribute more, linked to your enlarged tribe, for a better world.

In November/December the vital energy tends to strengthen, although it should be used for your personal improvement, to improve health with concrete actions and new habits, and to reinforce your self-confidence. For major decisions, launches and taking of new positions, it is advisable to wait until January 15, 2023. Contemplation, reviewing how you used your energy this year and planning for a new galvanization of your desire and focus is paramount in these last months of 2022. Year in which your confidence in yourself and life can significantly expand; collaborate with life in the required skin change, donate more of yourself to the world, and new paths and possibilities will open up.


This intense year emphasizes relationship’s themes, as also beliefs, principles and values. Pluto is ending its profoundly transformative passage, especially for natives born between 11-21 July. The sentimental life stands out either for the strengthening of the relationships that went through the sieve of difficulties and became stronger, or for the need to definitively break with the past, and embrace a new beginning. Take advantage of January to review your loyalties and commitments: where do you need to consolidate more? What have you learned from recent difficulties? What don't you want to repeat? How do you love it? How do you let yourself be loved? Can you open your heart more?

Topics related to common finance, loans, business, inheritance, may be highlighted. Be responsible, judicious and lucid in these matters. Let go of what needs to be regenerated in your life, and make room for something wonderful to be born, with profound healing and renewal.

Jupiter in your house of values, can bring a breath of fresh air in recent limitations and bless your life with new benefactors/masters, who will inspire you and point out new paths. New studies, new ideological, academic, spiritual, or philosophical interests will fill your life with renewed meaning, faith and existential joy. Your activism can spark with whatever causes you to choose. April favors new developments in the aforementioned themes and also in the area of travel: wanting and believing is power!

May is a potent month to let go of friendships and circles that no longer make sense to you and to embrace new goals for the future, meet new groups and communities that will bless and change your life. Dare to dream: what do you want for yourself and your community? Occasional partnerships, whether professional or social, tend to have to go through Saturn's sieve: what has the quality to accompany you, will remain. From chaos, a new order is always born: renewing structures here will bring greater authenticity!

Between May and October, focus on your professional life: opportunities may arise that require some kind of personal sacrifice: it is up to you to assess the relevance of these new developments and consciously embrace new risks. Create a new direction here, apply your talents and leadership with renewed enthusiasm in this area. Just avoid dispersing, being permissive, taking actions too quickly.

A year full of activity in key areas of your life; from creations (children, projects) to creativity, to spirituality. November and December are great for deepening metaphysical, spiritual, psychological areas: explore your inner world, do meditation, let your soul speak and intuition lead your life with wisdom and light!


An intense, transformative year, with repercussions on the main axes of your life: family, career, identity, values, relationships in general. Those born between August 1st-15th will be particularly under relational challenges that can become great opportunities if they don't give in to tension, rather, use it to mature and add quality and authenticity to their most important relationships. You may feel less motivated, passionate: don't be too hasty: think clearly about what is going on in your relationships, try to relax daily, and give yourself space to get to the root of issues before making any decisions. The strength of your partnerships - whether in love or career - will be tested so that there is freshness, greater freedom of expression that will renew and bless them.

January starts with Mars in your area of romance, leadership, creativity: be real, be yourself, free from any feelings of “suffocation” and take advantage of this impulse to promote greater achievement in these areas!

Pluto is in transit in your 6th house – what needs to be left, regenerated and updated in your career and work methodologies? What has been “wrong” in this area? What fears, illusory expectations or sabotage need to “die” to reborn inspiration, daring, and direction? For something even better to be born? February puts greater intensity on this theme: think before you react, and use this energy, not as a pressure cooker that explodes, but as a valve that has learned to open and release action in the right measure and time, to promote the right decisions. If you're not using your creative talents in a constructive and satisfying way yet, this is the year for change!

In April/May there is a solar eclipse that activates precisely your career area - life is asking for more exposure: be the star of your life, own your worth, invest energy, show yourself, dare! Falling short of your potential is not for you and being all you can be is the best way to serve the world.

A very important year to take care of your health, adopt conscious, positive habits, promote inner peace and emotional balance. April can be deeply financially inspired; just be very careful with excesses and unclear situations involving money. It's an excellent month to explore your spirituality, emotional healing and sensitivity to themes of human depth. Great for a “vision quest” – no need to go to the forest, it could be meditating, contemplating, writing in your journal, doing therapy, or an astrology appointment! It's a unique cycle that only happens this month, in your entire life!

Between June and October, the trips/journeys are favored, the contact with new groups, new teachings, the expansion of possibilities, beliefs and values. Very promising!

There is also an underlying theme to the year, which integrates your emotional security and family stability: strengthen your foundations, clarify relationships, and make the necessary changes, even if they include moving and changing home.

Between October and December avoid starting things, rather review plans; reflect the pertinence of belonging to the groups/community where you are inserted and flow with the circumstances, letting the plans of life also come to you and bless you!

This important year needs to be well navigated, with the right doses of adventure and patience, rigor and compassion, action and reflection, to make the best use of its powerful opportunities for your evolution!


This year offers opportunities to expand your contribution to the world, trust and apply your creativity, initiative and dedication. Probably the last few years have helped you to find your inner treasure, your philosopher's stone: getting closer to your essence. Now you have the strength and determination to show the world this truth. Whether by perfecting a talent, sharpening a technique, structuring your services in a more efficient way, get ready to make your genius reach the public in an even more useful, profitable and expanded way.

An important year for professional partnerships, resolutions/solutions for your business and career development; natives born between 1st-5th March need to be more careful in this area, scrutinizing financial proposals very carefully and avoiding excesses of idealization. On the positive side, your inspiration and vision will be greatly expanded: the head may be in heaven but the feet on the ground. An opportunity can arise either because of someone's investment in you, in your work, or through some financial gain.

Contacts with new people and/or a tendency to prioritize intimacy and feelings sharing in your life can bring about a change in status: evolution of relationships to the next stage, marriage, renewal of vows. Ask yourself: does my life have enough of this juicy, joyous state, of this passion and romance that are so needed? January is interesting for this reflection: from February onwards, you can take the necessary steps/actions to revive this energy of life!

In May, July and August there may be a novelty and new movements related to travel, spirituality, studies. Raise to the next level your wisdom, faith and the meaning of life. If you want to teach in any form – classes, books, podcasts – this is an excellent time to move forward.

Greater freedom requires greater responsibility; the important focus of responsibilities in the work area, inspiring expansion of freedom in the domain of ideas, beliefs, values, journeys of the body and spirit.

Health - a theme so archetypally yours - especially for those born between 10th-16th September, is highly favorable to reorganize routines, enhance good habits, take even better care of your body-soul. Between September and November, do a major review of the last 2 years; there are two important axes in this reflection: your integral well-being, more authenticity and capacity to assert itself with something new.

In December, slow down, contemplate and learn to receive better, develop your faith in life. Give yourself space and time to germinate a new cycle, from this transformative and fruitful year.


This is an intense year which in January, invites you to meditate on the value of your close relationships. How do you love it? How much have you invested in yourself? Who do you have to let go of, even lovingly? How solid are your inner security and emotional stability?

Natives born between 16th-20th October are under the most potent influence of transformation through the contrasts (and eventual tensions) of relationship (which can be of various types, but mostly sentimental/familial). Certain structures and dynamics in your life – those that are not sound, honest, authentic – shudder and eventually fall apart so that new ones can emerge, capable of nurturing your needs more fully and deeply. The opportunity may arise to move house or transform your house to accommodate your new needs.

Renewal in the sphere of intimacy: with Uranus, everything is possible: new relationships, unexpected breaks - but in your favor - relationship patterns changing. Deepening some aspects of your shadow: knowing yourself better is empowering yourself and loving yourself even more.

From May to October, stimulating activation in the area of partnerships, relationships with the public and/or a clientele: meeting interesting people, new learning and opportunities. Greater clarity to also make necessary corrections in these areas and move forward.

This year you can decide to start capitalizing on your talents in a new way and earn money and achievement from there, or through a new career opportunity.

October is a particularly favorable month for your love life, initiating a new annual cycle of self-worth: charming daughter/son of Aphrodite, remember the Goddess commandment: “all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals”. Positive month to make commitments, not only romantic such as marriage (or renewal of vows) but also with training/learning groups, either as a trainer or as a participant.

Between October and November, try to reflect and act on the following themes: the balance between the need to feel free and the need to have structures that provide security; how you use your time, where you limit yourself, where you have to rise and show up more; how to share, invest and save money. Replace everything that needs renovation: surprise yourself!

This is also an important year to expand information about health and to implement the best habits in everyday life.

Between October and December activate your ying, receptive, contemplative and receptive energy. Meditate on the vision that inspires your life, the deep meaning of your existence, and allow yourself to be led by your intuition and your soul's wisdom!


Year of changes, rebirthing, intense feelings, new contacts and communications. The sentimental life is activated and romanticism, sensitivity and empathy are particularly enhanced between February and May. It is definitely a year to deeply rekindle relationships: those that cannot be updated, reinvented, matured, may undergo necessary ruptures, for the greater good of all. Natives born between 2nd-16the November will particularly feel this tension, such as restlessness, complaints, suffocation, which need to be attended to in their partnerships in general and in particular in family relationships. Family dynamics may require more energy and attention on your part; It's a good year to take root, consolidate important bonds, buy a house, take on responsibilities with children.

It is a good year to express your gratitude and homage to your ancestors, whose dreams, fears, strengths and love live in your DNA, and to do a special ritual/meditation in their honor. With strong roots, our wings fly farther.

Your heart knows what it wants, and this year, be very faithful to that truth that is your essence (faithful to the truth that sets you free, not to an eventual obsession that imprisons). Your important relationships will grow with you! Opportunities will arise to show your unique value and contribution, but you have to take risks, expose yourself, catch the wave without fear of making a mistake. To live is to risk dying. To love is to run the risk that one day it will end. But this doesn’t prevent us from living or loving!

Year to consolidate and improve technologies and work methodologies, in order to serve the world even better. You already know your dream well, now you have to give it solid structure so that its effective manifestation also serves and blesses others. No dream is born just for us!

The months of July to October are particularly stimulating to take even better care of yourself healthfully, following positive routines that will help you regenerate, rejuvenate. Everyday life may require discipline and flexibility, and your ability to focus and manage several situations simultaneously is more activated and will help. New interest in the field of studies may arise; you will be able to deepen into training and if you teach, you will be particularly assertive and intuitive. Screen your environment – from your home to everyday relationships – recycle sources of stress, negativity, disharmony, surround yourself with inspiring objects, create blessed routines.

Between September and November, give yourself another opportunity to reflect on how authentic you are in your relationships; what can you take on and what should you release?

In November and December, gather and save your energy, accumulate that inner power so that in mid-January, 2023, with your co-ruler Mars in “direct motion”, you can resume a better-targeted action. Take a break to meditate on the year, to let go of what you no longer need, and be receptive to the wise inner guidance that is sure to emerge, to clarify and inspire the next cycle!


A Year of Major Adjustments and New Beginnings. Take a deep look at your foundations: emotional, family, spiritual. The year 2022 reinforces and leverages the changes that took place in the last 2 years in your life. You are from the sign of wisdom, vision, inspiration and truth: living up to this high quality requires more than ever, acceptance of your destiny/purpose, knowing how to let go of what no longer works for you, moving towards a new experience of yourself.

April/May and October/November enhance two important themes: taking on new routines, habits and initiatives that aim to fully improve your well-being. Included in this improvement of well-being, the possible need to change work, professional environments, and/or methodologies and practices. Your health depends above all on you, your knowledge, conscience and commitment.

The other dimension, karmic - if you like, of the law of cause and effect - will free you from work situations, professional ties and/or circumstances in this area that have been too restrictive, oppressive and/or that no longer resonate with you (this effect is particularly strong for those born between December 2nd-9th). It is essential to find a balance and a compromise between your need to structure your daily life, your ideas and your finances, with the need for freedom, either intellectual, of expression, beliefs and values. Seek to integrate the need for stimulus and diversity, in the way you monetize your talents and promote financial stability. Mainly between July and September, opportunities may arise in this area, including self-employment, expansion on business, personal branding and initiatives. In this financial area, use January to reflect, re-plan and re-evaluate how you manage your money and strategies that support your profitability and abundance; then act from February on.

For romance, the months of July to October are particularly favored: set the intention to enjoy more, build your happiness with renewed confidence, joy and creativity.

Between January and May, you tend to gain greater clarity about matters to be resolved in the family/intimate area, so it is favorable to invest in improving these relationships. Those born between December 2nd-6th, in particular, benefit from a more flexible and compassionate approach to the dynamics in this area of their life. I suggest going through a “vision quest” process, be it a silence, meditative, shamanic retreat; a therapy, an adventure in nature, a space-time just for you and your soul’s needs. Trusting your intuition, surrendering to the wisdom of life and listening to your heart will be fundamental in this evolutionary process.

This year can offer you many fabulous insights into your identity and life purpose and also important opportunities to heal old issues.

The themes of spontaneity, freedom, versus responsibility, are strong this year: transform your environments, relationships and experiences: choose more inspiring people and partnerships that elevate and expand you.

The year ends activated by new contacts, and eventual plans to move or travel. Count, thank and share your blessings and get ready to aim the arrow again!


Intense year, especially in areas related to your resources, the monetization of your talents and the need for renewal and greater freedom in the expression of your identity. After the great demands of recent years, try to nourish yourself with new ideas, more inspiring routines, new and more pleasurable activities. Embark on a discovery of your heart, or your inner child, reclaiming more vibrant affectivity, authenticity and curiosity that will rejuvenate your life. Committing to your greatest blessing, to the joy of being and experiencing yourself in new situations, will be an important process to live this year.

Between January and May, training, communications, travelling and in general the expansion of intellectual horizons your contacts/connections are very favored.

In January, it is favorable to deeply review your financial area, and start implementing initiatives in February. Particularly for those born between the 1st and the 5th of January, there is a very intense process of regeneration going on that continues to ask you to be faithful to your truth and to collaborate with the necessary transformations. Do not resist, flow with this renewal that will change your life wonderfully. You can find your own voice, strengthen your personal affirmation, change your professional calling, all engendered from an evolving and deepening identity. This impressive year potentiates deep healing and empowering: like the power of the phoenix that was reborn from the crisis, loving itself more than ever!

Because this regeneration is so profound, it can have inspiring and positive ramifications in every area of your life.

April encourages your area of creativity, children, romance, pleasure, personal leadership: don't be afraid to take a necessary risk, show yourself more, innovate with your brand and difference and share yourself more with your community.

Between July and October, positive changes can occur in your family area: strengthen your foundations, create fuller and happier roots.

Between September and November reinforce your evaluation on how you manage your money. What fears do you need to release to move forward? How can you free yourself from limiting circumstances that keep you below your potential?

Develop and share your creativity, leadership and values and in December, focus even more on improving your energy, flexibility and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Happy rebirth!


Year that continues the transformative and powerful path from previous years: live this year with strong intention and purpose.

The natives of the second decan -born from January 31st to February 9th - are particularly linked to Saturn, which asks for the concentration of your vital energy, focus and clarity in the initiatives you embrace, selectivity in projects and disciplined materialization of objectives. Rigor and consistent work will pay off! In March and April your energy, entrepreneurship and motivation will be stimulated, so it is a good period to quicken productivity and move forward with projects. In those months, Venus reinforces your charisma, so you will impress others even more. The physical/romantic attractions are also highlighted… May you enjoy it wisely! Financially, a new, more inspired way to monetize your talents may emerge. Just remember not to take your feet off the ground: innovate with sound structure, responsibility, and patience. It will pay off immensely.

In April/May 2022, you may have to deal again with an issue that arose between July and September 2021, in your familiar, emotional areas; as they say, let go and let God. Moving home and/or making changes in your house may occur. Uranus, your ruler, will continue to offer you it`s power, so often surprising, to break with patterns, circumstances and ties that no longer bring you anything positive. May is particularly powerful when it comes to necessary endings/breaks. Accept these changes as healthy and desired challenges that will bring about a wonderful renewal in your life.

Between May and October, the daily pace tends to accelerate, whether due to travel, new daily habits, new trainings and/or contracts that require more investment and new opportunities in these areas. You love this movement: make the most of this spark in your ideas and activities, and also remember that you need to save vital energy. July and August reinforce the need to balance work, family, your responsibility for your own well-being and the one you have for your dear ones. These structural axes of life ask for your attention and perhaps some action related to a family/sentimental issue. The truth shall set you free, and it's like the sun: no matter how hard one tries to hide it, sooner or later it will shine. Have faith, as your esoteric ruler, Jupiter, teaches you: it is not enough to know: you have to believe.

October/November brings in the culmination of projects and/or renovations started at the beginning of 2020, and with it, a relief, a lightness, clarity and inner appeasement. You just need to know where you need more structure/definition (your identity, purpose, self-expression) and where you need more freedom (your emotional, inner world). This year can present you with a sense of belonging – whether to a group, a clan – like you may never have felt before!

We are beginning, as humanity, the Age of Aquarius (an astrological age lasts about 2,000 years) where the values of equality, freedom and fraternity are gradually being materialized. A powerfully transformative year, where you must expand your consciousness more than ever, take on your creative power, build concrete inspiring outlets for your intelligence and prophetic vision. Share even more of yourself and your gifts, and expand that precious difference you make in the world. It is the best path to fulfill your mission that fundamentally, is to serve the group/family humanity.


Intense, important year of personal opportunities to expand your brand, presence, voice, identity. If you have a product/service to launch, a new initiative to come up with, take action especially between February and May. Then, between November and December, you will have the opportunity to review some pending situations or those that will require any adjustments.

In terms of communication, marketing, training, information, travel in your daily life, the pace of events can either accelerate or change, and the scope of experiences can change, due to innovation and/or the need for evolution. You can start studying a topic completely new, which will open up your horizons and expand your possibilities. Keep your mind, your communication authentic and the inspiration high.

May is a particularly favorable month to leverage the aforementioned changes: just know how to manage excesses of impulsiveness. It may be, for example, that you want to move to another place, but for now it is more beneficial to change only the decoration and not the residence!

Very interesting year to publish, learn, teach, renew networks, travel, meet new people; for financial opportunities – you just have to pay attention to the speed at which the money can also come out.

The area of your spirituality, peace of mind, the inner life is greatly enhanced, it is important to develop/strengthen this connection to your soul. This cycle, especially for those born between 1st-14th March, emphasizes the need for psychological deepening, for strengthening reflective/meditative capacities, for expanding spiritual wisdom. The result of this commitment can be greater confidence in life, a greater ability to accept the inevitable with grace and consciousness, and a renewed inner balance. This process is even more relevant for those born between 1st-5th March, who are under conjunction that “dissolve” aspects of the personality that need to be renewed, deepened, alchemized. This process of deepening one`s inner essence, so to speak, can manifest itself in various ways – from greater artistic, mystical inspiration, to an eventual relational disillusionment, or even a new professional opportunity. Whatever the form, the purpose of this learning experience is to make you more aware of yourself, to expand your compassion – for yourself and others – to reveal your many talents and ways of being that you have not yet been able to express. It will be a great achievement for you to be able to leave the “comfort zone” and contribute even better to the good of the whole.

Don't limit yourself: this year you may feel that “you are your worst enemy”; guess what, you are your best friend too! Opportunities for renewal in the areas of friendships, belonging to new groups which will be felt as your tribe, the family of the heart. November-December asks for deceleration of movements and taking stock of the year, especially, at the level of your family and emotional life. Try not to decide anything important in these last months of 2022: receive feedback, share thoughts and accumulate energy to launch in the next lap of the wheel!