Are you the CEO of your love relationship? Do you hide your emotions from your partner? And later explode in criticism, anger, and victimizing yourself? Are you the one who always gives, nurtures and sustains your relationship? Don't you know how to maintain a vibrant and harmonious love relationship? Are you tired of holding everything together alone? Do you have a relationship of "mother and son" or one of "roommates"? Which of you is the conscious guardian of the predominant female and male energies? We are “in charge” of male predominant energies when we give too much, nourish the other more than are nourished by, when we are always trying to find solutions without asking for help? If you answered "yes", it's time - urgently - to change! and if it is the case, using the language of the CHAKRAS (hope you are familiar with it) - your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras can be quite unbalanced.

The first or Root chakra reflects also our survival mode, our (bad) relationship with matter, money, our mother, and life. If women become yang (too “masculine”) in this 1st chakra, they will "subvert" the energetic polarities and pay a more or less high price for this imbalance. For example: men are naturally yang in this chakra, which also represents the ability to act immediately in imminent danger; it is also connected with focus, speed of reaction, resilience needed to protect life. If a woman "abuses" of these characteristics, develops excessive yang energy in this area... she may "grow testicles"... the uterine fibroids. She becomes the CEO of the house and pays a high price for the burdens she takes – inclusively she might be the one who is paying the bills!! Women are naturally, from my point of view, shape shifters - magicians with talent to change states, to "embody" new archetypes flowing naturally from one way of being and doing, to another. They can, for instance, “shift shape” from business woman to mummy, from artist to lover, relatively easily. But when they are "soul-malnourished", disconnected from themselves, lost in the turmoil of doing, enduring, controlling and giving, they tend to lose this protective and magical talent. A woman can even be an executive, someone with power and great responsibility/autonomy at work, but in the love relationship, in affections, she needs to drop the need for power, control, to do everything for the other, to supply, to give obsessively. Otherwise she won`t take off her "uniform" when she gets home, and will tend to emasculate the man. Mother-son relationships don't work... they drain, disenchant, wither away. And those other relationships where the couple are "roommates" can also be quite lonely, polarized at work, or in the intellect, lacking romance, passion and vitality. When the third chakra is excessively stimulated, women become too competitive, too forceful, too much driven by objectives and less oriented to relationships, too focused on ego achievements, too inclined to assert herself more aggressive and too independent. As always, when there is an unbalance, nature tends to manifest its opposite so that an integration of polarities can take place, bringing a “wholeness” to the situation. These women tend to attract “weak” men, with more “yin” feminine energy, more passive, controllable and dependant. Control generates co-dependencies. They tend to maintain people around them insecure, below her “ranking”, tamed. The price? Burn out, exhaustion, disappointment, confusion, victimhood, loneliness, disease. I recommend therapy, meditation, dancing, breathing work, massages; more fun, more joy, more self-care.

When the second chakra is over stimulated, women tend to become emotionally more unstable, polarized – or in the repression for feelings, sexuality, needs, or in the excessive bitterness, anger, sadness or neediness. The healing of our emotions requires conscious, constant work, but it is a requirement for better and healthier loving relationships. I suggest: dancing, engaging with artistic projects, with nature, finding a healthy, pleasurable and safe way of expressing oneself, our emotions, our vulnerability, our needs, our feelings.

When the fifth and sixth chakras are unbalanced, women tend to distrust (or reject) their wise intuition over emphasizing rationality, analysis and thinking. They become competitive trough knowledge, mind, words. They tend to develop throat problems, migraines, and become “disconnected” from the neck down, of their body sensations, cries, fears, or ecstasies. They tend to attract “roommates” or intellectual partners, as said above, in relationships where desire, spontaneity and soul are in deficit or almost absent. I lovingly suggest engaging on a serious extreme self-care journey, for life! More daily silence, healing of childhood wounding, more learning on the nature of love, that mystery, starting with oneself.

I am very passionate about these topics, I love to empower people, to help women discover and honour the nature of feminine essence and to experience the love, passion and existential joy that I believe is our birth right! We will continue to share this knowledge and work.

A hug from the heart, Happy Love`s month!