In the summer of 1996, an extraordinary woman arrived in Lisbon for her final concert in Portugal as part of her Farewell Tour. It was a scorching August, and I was heavily pregnant with my daughter Maria. It was not advisable, being "so" pregnant, to be among thousands of people in a torrent of incredible emotions. Regrettably, I had to forgo seeing Mrs. Tina, but love brought me to Madrid in 2022, where I experienced a magnificent three-hour musical about the life of this unique star. What a life, what talent, what an inspiration! Her birth chart mirrors and reveals all the shades of a great soul.

She carried memories from ancient lives, including wars—possibly "holy" wars where fighting and killing were deemed legitimate in the name of some god. And if you don't believe in reincarnation, don't worry, as we tend to manifest patterns we are accustomed to in the early stages of our present lives. She also brought with her ancient wisdom, perhaps imposed in other times through the strength of blind faith. The ruler of her Dragon's Tail in the 9th house in Aries was in Pisces, forming a square aspect with the moon, the sun, and Mercury. Yes, she had a lot of faith, but in the first phase of her life, she was still anchored and conditioned by the void, the emptiness of the soul. The ruler of the 9th house squared the moon, with the moon ruling the 12th house and opposing its ruler. This faith had to arise from the recognition of the soul. Tina had to allow herself to feel and connect with her vulnerability in order to learn to receive. This was the key to unlocking the trapped fire or faith of her Sagittarius nature, her love-wisdom gift to the world, extending beyond her music.

A great deal of internal and emotional tension existed, evident in an expression and identity tainted, during the initial phase of her life, by equivocal values. This led her to be unbelievably permissive towards the violence and various abuses she suffered. The rulers of the sun and mercury in Pisces in the 8th house squared Venus and opposed Neptune. What a bouquet of paradoxes! On one hand, she possessed extraordinary resilience and inner strength, which at times turned into her greatest weakness as she endured "too long and too much" without wise surrender to the unsustainable. On the other hand, she carried naivety and an equally fanciful idealism, persistently viewing reality through rose-colored glasses and paying a high price for such illusions.

She was a priestess, perhaps having been a spiritual master in past lifetimes, with the master Saturn conjunct Vesta and the Dragon's Tail in the 9th house, forming a trine to the beautiful goddess Venus! However, the Saturn square Pluto in the 12th house posed a challenge—wisdom without love is in vain and the belief that one must exercise power over others in the name of no faith, asserting "my God is better than yours." Additionally, Jupiter's faith in her 8th house in Pisces was deluded by the belief that she could find heaven in an intimate relationship. She might have found it briefly, but hell for a longer duration. Venus squared the ruler in the house of sexuality, and this aspect opposed the deceptive Neptune. The same deception extended to her relationship with money, as she knew how to earn it but struggled to keep it legitimately and justly for herself.

I believe her music saved her. Despite having a "difficult" birth chart that exposed her to extremes and temptations, which could have been fatal prematurely, she had a "protective star" on the other side of the veil. This mediumistic and highly sensitive woman, who could have become a missionary, teacher, or holistic therapist, found her calling through the thunderous voice that proclaimed the truth of the Spirit in the form of solfeggio and melody. Mercury in Sagittarius, trine Pluto, and conjunct her Sun exemplified this.

Her purpose was to find peace, symbolized by the Dragon's Head in Libra, through her creative expression Venus in the 5th house—and to teach the world inner harmony through her talent and personal example in the 3rd house. The higher octave, or quintessence, of her destiny was revealed when the moon and the sun integrated, representing the profane and the divine reconciled. However, her soul carried a "wounding with God" (Chiron in the 12th house)—a rigid, severe, patriarchal divinity that failed to provide nourishing answers for her soul in this lifetime. Consequently, she embarked on a different path, that of Buddhism. Initially, she deeply moved us all as a priestess of music, serving as a channel through which the divine voice reached us with immense power. Later, she conveyed the practice of correct human relations through Buddhist mantras and spiritual activism. It is delightful that, despite her romantic and idealistic nature, she was able to experience a long and joyful love.

She possessed a blend of social insecurity and assertiveness, influenced by her unconventional Uranus in the 10th house, which allowed her to find her emotional security on stage. Her birth chart was brimming with fire, embodied in her legs and voice, resembling the torch of Sagittarius—an unmistakable element in her astrological theme. This fire, in the initial phase of her life, remained submerged beneath the waters (fire houses are influenced by water signs), entangled within dense and painful emotions. Her identity was reactive and unconscious (Sun in the 4th house), often entangled in emotional dramas that needed healing and transcendence. However, she embodied her ascendant in another fire sign—creative and charismatic Leo—born to offer the world the gifts of her warm and loving heart.

As Tina departs from this earth, significant transits illuminate her journey:

  • Saturn, the Lord of Karma, enters the 8th house, the realm of death and rebirth.
  • Neptune, the dissolver of forms, along with Jupiter, the harbinger of truth, reside in the 8th house of dissolution.
  • Jupiter, the Guru, unites with the master Saturn in the 9th house, signaling a profoundly liberating journey.
  • Natal Pluto in the 6th house (associated with health) opposes transiting Pluto, culminating in a transformation of human form.
  • Furthermore, transiting Uranus aligns precisely with her natal Uranus, representing great deliverance and rebirth.

These configurations manifest remarkable beauty, profound teachings, and synchronicity, demonstrating the presence of a great soul.

Thank you, Tina! Simply the best!