Amma Amada
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Amma Amada

Author Amma Amada is an essayist, artist, researcher, personal coach, and motivational speaker. That is what she chose to do from who she is, from who she has become on her journey in life.

“When you search for God, you can’t find Him anywhere,” she says. “Wherever you search in the world, you can’t seem to find Him. But once you start searching for yourself, searching for answers about creation and the universe, you find God within your being and within everything. And that is what I did. That journey of discovery and wonder is what I am sharing through my writing and through creating. That love and beauty for all creation.”

Recently, she wrote a series of constructive social criticism essays called “Logic & Love,” philosophical spiritual contemplations on creation and creativity in the spirit of reality that she is currently sharing here on MEER Magazine.

As a creative being, she is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to realize their own full creative potential, whether they are a lawyer, a manager, an entrepreneur, a scientist, or an artist themselves. Empowering them, so that they can see what is possible from within their being, from the strength and love of their being, to make them aware of that power that rests within them.

She shapes visions from the heart for others to mold them into tools and spaces—spaces to connect, spaces of growth and discovery—showing people the way to their own heart for them to grab and hold that flame of passion, start working with it, and create new conditions and possibilities with it. All for their own and others’ wellbeing.

She teaches people the “feeling focus”—a power focus from the heart that is engaged, warm and open, with the mind’s eye energized—both connected and locked in, which activates the higher mind. That is a higher perspective focus from the intention and vision carried in the heart and mind not to let go of, not to be distracted by what is, what is not, what could be, or should be, perhaps would be.

To just be and do from that being state. To be there and stay there. Stay in the certainty of that feeling focus. To keep it strong and steady from within one’s being. To keep moving forward from where you are to where you want to be and what you wish to share and experience with others on that path of more growth and wellbeing for all, establishing a whole new collective from strong, authentic individual beings that operate on higher frequencies of awareness.

Amma has an educational background in graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and gained extensive work experience in business development and research in the financial and legal industry when she was living and working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In 2021, she returned to her home country, The Netherlands, where she founded Studio Amma. With Studio Amma, she creates and publishes creative content in a holistic context. She restores definitions that are broken from their connection to creation—that connection, which is the context of everything and connects everything. For definitions and our belief in them are the treasures of culture that we work with and create new realities into being with it.

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