Two paths. One choice.

Two paths that lead to more of life. That more of life that you are afraid of. And that more of you—you will need it to handle more of life.

That more of life is asking you to move along with it, to grow with it, to expand with it. It is asking for your attention to grow. It is your choice in which direction you wish to grow. You’ll find out the how along the way by just doing. The how is taking one step after another, revealing itself from within you.

“Where does that more of life will lead us?” is what people are asking themselves.

Let’s have a look at some headlines and phrases from trending articles and books, all from reasonable people who are showing us the way by sharing their perspectives.

And we agree because we celebrate these articles. We buy these books, fueling the economy with our resources. The economy that wants more of us instead us wanting more of ourselves.

These are the seeds that we are growing, collectively, within and from our being outward, creating those seeds into reality:

Man is bad, nature is good / Nature does not need man / Man is indifferent to nature / Man is a destructive force / Humanism is the source of all evil / Man is inevitably a being of brokenness / Man purifies through suffering / Toxic Positivity / We’ve gone too far thinking that happiness can be made / I am feeling depressed and I’m totally okay with it / The art of being unhappy / Being shy is okay, even birds are shy / The highly coveted skills of introverts. Their brains work differently! / Theologists urge to keep the idea of the soul alive for it is hope that resides in the soul! / There’s an alternative for pessimism or optimism: hope!


Humans are useless / Humans are hackable animals / There is no free will, there is no soul, those days are over! / There exists no “self” / Will robots replace humans? / A.I. shows signs of human reasoning / A.I.’s existential threat to humanity! / Will A.I. turn against us? / Is religion helping or hurting us? / The brain creates religion / Has science made religion useless? / Will aliens look like us? / Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens because they could be dangerous! / The universe is mental! / The tipping point in climate change / Code red for the planet! / Climate delayers / Climate retarders / We live in an unprecedented attention crisis / We are in an existential crisis / A spiritual crisis / A climate crisis / A water crisis / A meaning crisis / A polycrisis / A war.

And indeed,

There’s a war going on.
The battlefield is in the mind.
And the prize is the soul.


The soul is the prize, and it’s the price we pay for our finite earthly pleasures, including our sufferings if we keep separating ourselves from that connection to creation within.

Continuing these feelings of separation, not knowing where they are coming from. And from there, following a path of dimming the light within. Dimming the desires within because they have turned out not to be beneficial to those of us having these gap experiences and feeling miserable because of them.

No, people will increasingly feel more burdened, choosing that it is better to shut off that feeling mechanism altogether, to get rid of it.

Two-thirds of young people are suffering from climate anxiety, fearing environmental doom. And 1.2 million Dutch people are taking antidepressants, in a country with a population of just 18 million people. The numbers are significant.

The physical mind is not made for prediction. It has some minor predictive qualities but for those who wish to see the bigger picture, they can reason their way through it from where they have been moving for a long time, seeing the patterns within that, and seeing where that reasoning is heading. For all reason underlies decision making, choices that were thought to bring us growth, prosperity, and wellbeing.

So, when we continue that reasoning, we can ask: “How will we do that? How will we get rid of feeling, and why?”

Easy. Through beliefs and thereby increasing that pressure of suppression even more.

Taking this further, we can ask again: “How then will a civilization excel in becoming highly advanced without the capacity for feeling?” For that is what we are working toward.

The ability to feel is there. That ability is still within us. But after a while, it goes unacknowledged, not recognized any more, believing that feelings or emotions do not serve a purpose because we cannot handle them. And we, therefore, place more value on the mind. Since it is believed then that consciousness underlies all actions, and that is what we should focus on. That is what they will say.

“The Universe is mental!” is what you hear. And for a large part, that is true. However, it’s not the whole truth in the sense that the perspective is limited. And again, from a limited perspective, a limited perception, you get broken definitions. Definitions that point and function toward separation.

It is not man that is broken. Our definitions are broken from the connection to creation. Because we work and create with it, and because we give meaning to all that we experience with it.

Here’s another one: “The self is nothing more than what you make of it.” And: “The self is all that has accumulated its conditions, its conditioning.” Science often seems to flip the narrative according to its needs and results.

That is one way to look at it. A way of looking at things from various perspectives. Even when they contradict each other, you can learn and grow from them. For both ways of seeing contain a portion of truth. That portion is its interpretation of the truth at that given point in time.

Perspectives with each a portion of truth, lying next to each other, overlaying each other, overlapping each other. And the dominant one stays on top, with the others out of sight, is what happens after a while. For in science, one has to be right and one wrong.

That is then called “clarity”. Clarity of choice from which we are supposed to base our actions. So that people know which actions to take, which course to follow, following what is chosen for them that steers them in the direction of more growth, prosperity, and stability.

“Wellbeing, too?” you might ask.

For wellbeing, you need to make choices based on your own condition, your state of being, knowing if the choices you make can take you there.

And you see, here it’s already getting you into trouble. In not knowing that you are the person who is responsible for your own wellbeing and by listening to others for their solutions, you will not find that state of wellbeing.

Wellbeing comes from being well to yourself, and with yourself, and from yourself. And that is quite a lot. A lot of wellbeing you are surrounded with, not needing to look any further.

Experiencing connection is not something conceptual because there is no thought involved. Knowing the thought is a way to start finding the experience within you.

The connection is a feeling. A feeling you need to be able to allow yourself to feel in the depths of your being. Feeling that wellbeing in the very depths of your being.

And if you are feeling resistance to these words, these ideas that I am writing about, then ask yourself: “Why are you allowing yourself to feel suffering in the depths of your being?”

And you will probably answer: “Well, there is a reason for it, a reason to feel suffering. The mind that takes you there. But what in the mind?” you might ask yourself again.

Then you’ll probably answer: “Memories have created a nest of sadness in my eyes,” as the Iranian singer-songwriter Kourosh Yaghmaei sang so beautifully in his song “Gole Yakh”, which means “ice flower”. “Ice flowers that sprout in your heart” wanting to shut off the pain, the suffering, the sadness.

There is a tale called the “Snow Queen” from Hans Christian Andersen, in which a little boy, Kay, was under the spell of the snow queen and it froze his heart. He was not able to feel. Not able to feel negative feelings and not able to feel positive feelings, alienating him from his best friend Gerda, not able to feel the connection with her or anyone or anything.

Where does motion come from then, if not from the heart? If not from the current of emotions, either positive or negative? For a current is needed to act in life, to create anything into being.

From where does the current arise in this new man machine without emotion, with a frozen heart? An interesting question!

And how can this man machine of the human species evolve itself to reach the peak mind without the energy of the heart?

These are possible scenarios that, on one hand, have already played out, and a scenario that might turn again in that direction.

For all times exist in the Now. The past, the present, and the future are all existing in the Now. They are all existing in parallel. The only difference is the vibration of experience and the perspectives that are gained from that vibration of experience.

That point of Now, which we discussed in the first essay, when holding the thumb and the index finger pointed together, and the expression of physical reality as that tiny space between the two fingers—that space of experience is getting narrower.

The density is getting higher and so the sense of spacetime is slowly becoming less and less. This is what we will experience in the coming years.

That means that the manifestation from your intention and the will, desire, and passion to live what lies inside your being to experience that desired wish is becoming more instant.

The action required now, in this vibration of experience we call physical reality, is to close the circuit of creation in this density of consciousness and to create timelines that open up new spaces of experiences in a higher density of consciousness that requires less of the action that is so custom in third density physical reality.

The current of the heart is needed in order to learn to feel the connection to creation. You cannot reach that connection through thought alone. You need to feel it first. Then you need to evaluate, think about what you have felt, understand it, learn what it means, what it means to you and to creation, for that will become known to you by doing so.

These are ancient techniques and practices that have been refined from culture to culture. Those cultures that, within their being, always chose creation, connected to creation and celebrated creation because they know they are creation. Cultures, typically labeled as “less civilized.”

But the civilized man knows it better. The civilized man knows when something works and how to make more of it. When something works, he jumps up, excited to build a business around it, to make a profit on that idea, seeing the value of it to benefit humanity.

Let’s take the example of water filters. We know they are needed. We need filtration systems that can turn seawater or wastewater into clean drinking water.

Reverse osmosis is a rockstar among filter technologies: it has dominated how the world desalinates seawater for about a quarter of a century. Yet nobody really knew how it worked.

(Wired Magazine, May 8, 2023)

A solution is found that works. Science does not know how it works, but it works. The results have shown that it works. And when the results have shown that it works, it is a given fact.

Work on the cost-friendly part of the business to be able to implement it, then scale it up, and you’ve got an excellent business model that works. And if it works, it works. And if it is chosen, other options are not chosen.

A scientist colleague that utters a different perspective and solution will find it hard, extremely hard, to find a platform for growing new ideas, as it has become a business now. When science has become business, many stakes are at play, all pointing in a fixed direction: that of profit.

When science becomes business. What does that mean?

Science has, within its core activities, the goals to aid and serve humanity in its quest for growth and wellbeing. To do so with the faith that it can and will achieve these goals. That the opportunity is there to learn how to do that in accordance with nature’s laws, knowing it will learn to find those solutions that benefit all creation, not only humanity—a servant science, in that sense.

A field that explores all that is possible from where it is moving, and discerning what is true and what is good for creation, to where it is moving toward. Defining along the process, always more. Learning along the process, always more. That is its business. Nothing more.

Business is an undertaking of activities—actions that point in the direction of growth. Choosing growth at the expense of creation is not a sensible business undertaking.

So, a servant science is pointed in that direction of serving all of creation in all its endeavors, in all its activities, in every moment, no matter what happens, and it always chooses that.

Then, it will earn its place to “graduate” toward a higher density level of consciousness of the positive polarity, along with all others who follow that path in their own way choosing service to others, to all creation, surrendering the service to self, choosing to create in accordance with nature’s laws in every moment, in every thought, feeling, and action.

Science may wish to continue on its path of “what works” and “this is what works”, shouting: “The universe is mental! There is no free will! There is no soul! There exists no self!”

And by doing that, it will choose its path to start a new cycle, experiencing all that it believes to be true, exactly that, in the negative current of polarity.

And oh, boy, are they running fast! Taking a lot of people with them into the abyss, which will end up in a cul-de-sac for that species.

So, from two paths, two new species will arise—of which, one will eventually reach the point of extinction. You can guess which one.

But creation wouldn’t be creation if it wouldn’t find a solution for that problem. That’s why we are here again now. Every person now inhabiting the planet is here to make that choice again, to choose differently this time.

Ask yourself honestly: “What would you choose? Would you choose service to self or service to others?” Look around you and think about how you expect others would respond.

We would not be here if our future selves had not made the wrong decision. There would be no need for us to be here.

We are here to provide the DNA for the continuation of that species, of course, before humanity started again with DNA enhancing programs. That window of opportunity is closed now.

So, the clean DNA was provided and now it is up to us again to walk this cycle of creation, to evolve this time in the density of the positive polarity instead of the negative polarity.

At this moment, around 85% of the global population is choosing the path of the negative polarity, unknowingly choosing to destroy creation and themselves, thinking they are doing the right thing by going in the wrong direction.

How do they get on the other path?

Think of the principle of yin and yang, which demonstrates that within itself is the other. The yin is representative of the negative and the yang of the positive.

The principle of yin and yang is a principle of sharing, a concept of a sharing and connected universe, that “uni-verse” that is within all of us, and through which we are connected to that one source that connects all beings within it, within all creation.

The principle of yin and yang says that within each part of it is a seed that has the power potential to germinate into another experience once it is chosen upon. And once chosen, that potential energy that resides within can turn into kinetic energy when acting upon that choice with will, passion, determination, and love.

It is choosing that path of creating in accordance with nature’s laws. Learning how to do that. It is not about putting us through a test. It is just a means of getting us to a place of mastering skills. Mastering aspects within our being that were lying dormant, waiting to be dealt with.

Because we can only reach that state of mastery after we have divested ourselves of all the limitations that do not serve us.

First, you will need to become aware of those limitations. What they are and how to replace them with beliefs and definitions that support growth for all.

Within all of us, our whole being wishes to experience the good and the abundance that life has to offer. That wish needs to flourish like a flower within our being, to nourish it with our love, our attention, and our will to focus it into being.

Knowing that this is what we wish to experience. Being clear about that, about what we prefer and do not prefer to experience.

And every time a situation arises that you do not prefer, to tell yourself: “I do not prefer this. I wish to turn and move in another direction, that direction of my choice.”

Consciously choose that and act upon it while standing in the truth of your being, knowing it is the right thing to do.

Be firm, saying: “This is my truth. This is what I need. I do not need something else. This is what I need. This is what is good for me, and I will see it. I believe it, and I will see it.”

Then, you will have resolved the tension within your being because you have expressed yourself. The word “express” comes from “ex”, which means “out, exit” and “premere”, which means “to press”. You have pressed out the tension from within your body.

Use the current, the current of the tension in that situation that arises from conflicting energies within your being, and flip it in the other direction.

Use the awareness to point it in another direction. And use the current to start moving in that other direction.

Become aware, discern what is true and what is good for creation, and choose.

Know what it is you want to experience and to achieve, set your intentions there and start moving in that direction with your will, passion, determination, and love.

(To read the English lyrics of the song “Gole Yakh”, turn on “subtitles” in the YouTube video.)


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