Your rise in consciousness is never unaided

(Dr David R. Hawkins)

All that arises within us needs to come from somewhere. It comes from deep within. A seed that was planted long ago. Long before you incarnated into the physical vehicle you know as your human body.

A seed that, from your birth, nourishes everything that you are and everything you express from within your being. A seed that wishes to succeed in all its endeavors and all it wishes to experience in life, which is always that more of self.

That more of self that experiences that more of life. That more of life that people are so afraid of, as discussed in the previous essay, not knowing that success upon creation is already laid out for everyone, for them to start having experiences with.

All is already laid out. For many have already walked that path of creation. That path that creates according to the following four fundamentals: expression, experimentation, integration, and transcendence.

This path is to be followed when working from the principles of “Logic & Love”, as the creative principle that creates in accordance with laws present in the universe—that universe that unites all multiverses that have walked this path before.

So, knowing that all we are experiencing has been lived before, lived through before, from within beings that came before us to lay down these paths, and who achieved and mastered, in that sense, all that we are going through now.

All these aspects within our being that need to be dealt with to find solutions for. Solutions that within them are the key to connection to which the question is always magnetized toward.

And as we have seen from that axis of manifestation that we are, that polarity, the inside-outside or internal-external of a question and answer always correlate. They correspond, depending on from where you start, as that portion of consciousness that is magnetized toward a rate of vibration, or frequency, expressed as the answer.

Consciousness evolves through finding answers. When the consciousness has found answers in a way that has expanded its previous state of consciousness, that expression is what leads to a so-called “graduation”. In the Bible, this is referred to as “The Harvest”, as one of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The knowledge, the definition of “The Harvest”, in this respect, in this context, has become unaware in the minds of the people. Fortunately, there is still some literature available that explains these concepts from a higher perspective, a higher evolved consciousness that has moved through these cycles itself, so the people going through it now, as humanity does, can learn from it.

“The Harvest” in the Bible is not meant as the harvesting of the land, or of what has been sown to nurture people from.

“The Harvest” is a harvesting of all spiritual progress up to that point in time where the consciousness is asked to evolve. That spiritual progress is all the spiritual knowledge it has gained, all that it has learned in that cycle of experience to be had.

An evolution of consciousness that is measured as the “compactness” of the consciousness a being has achieved in a particular density level of consciousness that it has chosen to partake in and to have experiences in.

Experiences that have grown within your being and become a memory. Experiences that have made you the person you are. That person who you are now and continue to be from a different perspective.

For the consciousness moves through all different perspectives of creation, and in creation and as creation. These perspectives are also called “dimensions” and “densities” that offer the opportunity to experience the whole creation within your being.

Dimension being the measure of a size or magnitude in a particular direction, in science described as the three dimensions of length, width, and height. Whereas density is a measure of consciousness per unit volume of an entity, measured as the compactness of that consciousness.

Each being goes through cycles of evolution. That is the evolution of consciousness to evolve its being toward more understanding of itself and creation.

All beings move through this path—this divine path, in a sense—that was walked before and laid out for you to experience it all yourself, knowing that creation never ends, that the experience to be had is infinite.

In that sense, everything always exists, as you, too, will always exist. Everyone else will always exist but will always be having new experiences and new perspectives and understandings from these perspectives to be gained.

The “unknown” in this equation is just that “space of expansion within your consciousness that needs to happen in order to evolve, to find solutions and answers that create new realities into being”.

Realities that started a long, long time ago, many billions of years ago, and of which you were part in order for you to be here, where you are right now.

The consciousness evolves through density levels of consciousness, all in tiny steps to be mastered. The number of densities is fixed at seventh density consciousness, whereas the number of dimensions is infinite.

Humanity, at this point in time, is of the third density consciousness that is evolving into the fourth density consciousness, and it moves in a space we know as the third dimension, which is also evolving and heading toward the fifth dimension. Both density and dimension are changing. They are gearing up, in that sense.

Now, let’s have a look at how that is so and how that came to pass, of where we are now and where we are going.

The consciousness starts in the first density level of consciousness. The whole cycle of the first density level takes about two billion years, as was described as well in the “The Law of One” in “The Ra Material”, written by scientist and researcher Don Elkins, his research assistant and channeler Carla Rueckert and scribe James Allen McCarty.

“The Law of One” was a scientific research project that lasted about twenty years, from the 1980s onward. “The Law of One” is not a religion, nor does it describe one. It describes the process and the principles of creation from concepts and definitions that are unbroken.

It describes creation and planetary cycles and how and why consciousness evolves through all densities and dimensions, from those who went before us—higher advanced civilizations of the sixth density consciousness, who chose the positive polarity as they went through their own evolutionary third density cycle and who are guiding and supporting humanity, all of us, in our evolutionary third density cycle now.

Let me share, in this part, the basics of how and why consciousness evolves through densities.

Densities—like the first, the second, the third and so forth, until the seventh—are stages through which each soul evolves by having experiences. The soul needs to go through all these stages, or densities, in order to grow and evolve and graduate into the next density or sub-density.

Each density is divided in seven sub-densities. And each sub-density is divided in seven sub-sub-densities. And each sub-sub-density is divided again into seven sub-sub-sub-densities, and so forth, infinitely.

The experience to be had is infinite. You’ll evolve through all densities, through many billions of years. You’ll always exist.

The first density level is the one in which the consciousness experiences the creation of elements, and how that consciousness is then able to hold separate forms in spacetime.

In the first density, the overall lesson to learn and to have all aspects of experience in is that of awareness to be gained, which then is the property of the second density.

In the first sub-density, also called the first octave, it learns the lessons of interacting as particles known as electrons and protons, learning how to interact on a small unit of light.

In the second octave, it then integrates with other electrons and protons, creating the atoms and molecules to form a collection of basic elements.

Then, in the third octave, it experiences the creation of similar elements that lead to the formation of wind without having any kind of self-awareness. It just moves and observes the world.

Thereafter, in the fourth octave, it evolves in the experience of fire, which is created due to interaction of atoms and molecules and wind from the previous experience. In this level, the consciousness needs to learn to interact with two elemental groups.

After having had this experience, the consciousness moves in the fifth octave, in the experience that creates the element known as water, which is created due to interaction and collision with other elemental groups. This allows the consciousness to collect more experience.

Then, in the sixth octave, it takes on the form of a stone, the first static physical vehicle for the consciousness to experience and master. Here, it has to learn the lessons of group formation and become capable of maintaining its shape due to more attraction of all its subparts.

And finally, it leads the consciousness in the seventh octave where it has the experience known as soil. Here, it learns the lessons required to graduate to the second density level of consciousness in the vibration of light.

The second density of consciousness is comprised then of the immobile and mobile physical vehicles known as plant life, animal life, and minerals.

The consciousness in second density moves from immobile physical vehicles to mobile physical vehicles.

In this second density, the overall lesson to be learned is that of self-awareness, which is the property of third density consciousness.

The consciousness in second density starts out having the experience of grass and small plants in the first octave, whereafter it evolves to plants in the second octave, and then trees in the third octave. The trees that nourish the soil and the human. When a tree receives love, light, and connection from a human being, it can thereafter reincarnate in the third density.

After the trees, the consciousness evolves through the experience of small fish and insects in the fourth octave. Thereafter, in the fifth octave, as small-sized animals and fish, wherein it learns lessons of interacting with other physical vehicles or mind-body-spirit complexes.

After having gained this experience, the consciousness moves in the sixth octave of experience that is represented by animals that start to develop a collective mentality, which then leads to the creation of hierarchy, like in foxes but also in flocks of chickens.

Then, finally, in the seventh and last octave, the consciousness evolves through the experience of the pets we know as cats and dogs, which are on the brink of entering into the third density level of consciousness, learning to interact with humans and learning from the human as that third density being—as a guide, in that sense. That is how it is meant.

All life evolves through guidance and teaching. Everything is a teacher from whom to learn, because everything is “siculae”, which is the root of the word “secular”, which means “All That Is: all things, all times, all places”. Essentially, all that exists is a teacher.

When consciousness has evolved to the third density in the vibration of light, it means it has achieved more compactness of the consciousness within its being, as compared to a second-density being or lower. In the same way, a third-density being has achieved less compactness of consciousness than a fourth-density being or higher.

The overall lesson to learn in the third density is the lesson of Self-awareness, of love and oneness, which is the property of the fourth density.

So, the consciousness moves in the first three densities to evolve and gain an understanding of itself as “awareness”, then as “self-awareness”, and consequently as “Self-awareness”, the recognition that it is one with all and acts from that recognition.

The first two densities of consciousness each took a few billion years. The third density lasted a total of 75,000 years, and the fourth density has a total cycle of 30 million years.

As you can see, the third density, as compared to other densities, is incredibly short. That is because the third density is the density in which the planet and its people choose which polarity they will be magnetized toward: a negative or a positive polarity.

Therefore, the third density in the cycle of evolution is also referred to as “the cycle of choice”.

The planet and its people are magnetized toward the rate of vibration that increases from the photon. At each density level, the photon increases its vibration, which means more light is available, which means more information, which means more evolution.

And this pulling toward the light in that process of natural evolution is what allows a soul to be harvested. For some, this pulling towards more light may become unbearable, whereas others might flow and dance their way through what they perceive to be a wonderful life.

These cycles of intensified light from the Sun to be experienced, have a significant impact on consciousness of both people and the planet. The planet lives from the photon and so do the people. The people live from the land, the light, and the love of all creation.

This increasing lightness of being is what allows the consciousness to expand: it has learned, grown, and become wise if it “surrendered the resistance” to that evolution through mastering aspects within its being, the aspects of duality that perceives life as separate from all.

Mastering them means not denying aspects that are not preferred. It means accepting what has been, what has been experienced, and integrating it as part of all experiences, knowing that you prefer a different experience—that of love and oneness—in order to start having more experiences with it and from it.

Understanding love and oneness in all aspects of your being, interacting with all other beings and with creation, while standing in the truth of your being, knowing it is the right thing to do, will prepare you for the experience to be had and to be enjoyed. That path of a new vibration of experience to be rolled out soon in your reality.

Once a choice has become aware within your being, it has become present as an opportunity to choose as an option. An option that might lead to better conditions for yourself, others, your community, creation—or not.

An option that arises from somewhere. It has to come from somewhere. It has not been lingering in space, waiting for you to grab hold of it. It is an option that is present as light within your being that becomes known when the heart is activated.

That Logic & Love principle, as a universal principle, is what creates the light from the photon, creating the vibration in spacetime in order to form the photon.

The white light emanating from the Sun is made of frequencies ranging from the red to the violet, which contain all the experiences to be had in all seven densities of consciousness.

These seven densities, of which each density correlates to one color ray starting with the first density being the red ray and the seventh density being the violet ray, can be likened to seven areas of knowledge, in the sense of spiritual knowledge or spiritual mass that needs to be gained within and from these vibrations of light in the evolution of consciousness.

Radiating more light from within our being is what we all desire. It is what we know feels good. And we love what feels good. What feels good, feels natural, in that sense.

When you know you are in it, in the experience you choose for yourself, for the joy, the exploration, the learning and growing, it will feel good. You’ll know that when you choose this experience, you’ll always get more of that wish for yourself, for others, and for creation.

With that radiance, that strength, you become a conscious co-creator. You have moved then from being an unconscious creator to a more evolved conscious and responsible creator, which “marks the end” as Ra calls it, “the unselfconscious or innocent phase of unconscious awareness.”

Because knowing the choice, after having become aware of it, leads to the need to choose between two paths: that of service to self or service to others.

From wishing must come results. Results that are carried in your heart and mind, to hold them there and start walking with them. Walking with that vision and strength that matches your truth of what is good for creation.

What is good for creation is good for all its beings. Because creation is all its beings, in any way, shape, or form, through all densities and dimensions.

Utilizing a thought might lead to knowledge, but if it is not impressed with love, it does not lead to wisdom. Wisdom is your autonomy, your personal experience, your authentic being from having your experience.

A society that chooses to form its citizens based on knowledge that is distorted from truth, from connection to creation, can never lead to strong beings who stand in their own power, stand in their truth, working and creating from their truth, knowing they’re untouchable.

That is why I chose the song “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind & Fire for this essay, along with a clip from the French movie “Les Intouchables.”

That is a powerful state of being. A powerful state of being of radiance. A state of being that does not want to stand on the sidelines watching all the good pass by, but rather joins in the dance. A state of being, thát feeling, to be remembered as another color on your color palette of abundance. Being in that state in every moment, you are untouchable then. Do you realize that?

Each being has their own strength and ability to become that untouchable version. And you can imagine all these strong beings with their own strength getting together with each other in all their authenticity, while being different from each other, but united in that strength. Can you imagine how powerful that strength is? I can. And you can, too!

Once things make sense, they make sense. The sense that that is a good choice. That that is the right choice to go in that direction of that strength, individually and collectively, united as one. That that choice is your best choice, the best choice for all.

That choice is your free will, to use it—your free will of choice.


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