Your choice is the axis upon which creation turns.


All that is known in creation is remembered, because it was lived through—through a capacity called awareness that made it possible to make that option a reality. One option of many possibilities to be had and to be experienced, for all is possible.

All directions are possible to explore. It is an infinite exploration in manyness and eternal because the exploration never ends, for that is how creation is built. It is built through the awareness of its being, seeking always to expand itself and generate more of itself.

In that sense, every exploration deepens the understanding of its being and in relation to All That Is, which is the original meaning of the word ‘secular’: ‘of all things, all times, and all places.’

It’s a definition that shows the connection to creation because All That Is is ‘everything that exists and connected as a whole.’

Now, how are we using the word ‘secular,’ now that we have become more civilized as a collective? What have we agreed it to be true to make use of it? And in what direction?

Being aware of the choices, the changes, we made in the past based on our collective patterns of reasoning, those choices that pointed in a direction of growth, a particular growth we chose for ourselves and the collective. But was that growth beneficial to all? ‘All’ meaning, was it in harmony with creation? is what we should ask ourselves.

Understanding is given to all that exists in the form of meaning, of which the original definition of ‘meaning’ describes two directions: one going outward and one going back inward. Thus, closing the cycle of creation, keeping the connection intact, like in the original definitions of ‘destiny’ and ‘desire’ we discussed in the first essay.

In the definition of ‘meaning,’ both directions of 1) ‘that which is intended to be expressed’ which is the energy going outward and 2) ‘the act of remembering’ which is the energy going back inward, are in the same sense an inside-outside dynamic or internal-external dynamic with a polarity to follow in the right direction, as an opportunity to choose your preferred polarity.

The word ‘meaning’ originates from ‘meninge,’ which is ‘the process of intending an idea, thought, or imagination to be expressed, to have experiences with it, to live through it, to integrate these experiences into your being, to learn from it, learn what it does to you and creation, this whole process through the remembrance’ which is the second part of the definition of meaning—the act of remembering—that part of the definition that has now become obsolete.

So meaning can be given when a being has lived through the experiences of its intention to live what lies inside its being, expressed and remembered into its own being first and then expressed in the sharing with others. Thereby, creating that remembrance of meaning collectively.

It’s a definition that shows connection. And again, that connection has been broken. By choice that is. The noun ‘mean’ also means ‘the middle, center, intermediary’ from ‘meien’ and the verb ‘to mean’ means ‘to intend, to have in mind, to intend to express, to have intentions of a specific kind’ as in ‘to mean well.’

‘To mean well’ then means ‘to move from the center of your being, to move from the heart, to act in a manner that supports creation by being aware and conscious of your connection to creation and being a co-creator that creates in accordance with nature’s laws.’

That is how creation emerges into expressions: through the focusing of Infinity as the aware and conscious principle also known as Logos, or Love.

The opportunities for growth and wellbeing are endless. They are infinite in possibility because it is intelligent in nature. The Infinity is intelligent. It is the creative principle from which all things emerge. So all things that emerge from it are intelligent in nature too, since it is aware.

Emergence is expansion. It is abundance. It is the abundance from within expanding. It is the excess of what has been accumulated within and expands and transforms into the creation of something new, something it wasn’t before.

So the one thing that has accumulated another thing is a creation of a new thing, since both have changed into something it wasn’t before. And it can only do so through integration, the moment the energy is applied to expand in all directions possible.

Applying an enormous force from within is pure creativity. And pure creativity is random. It is never structured or organized. That creative force is random. It is wild.

Since it is pure energy which has a frequency, it attracts other energies of same frequency to form patterns that regularize themselves in their local fields of energy.

These regularized energy patterns is what we call dimensions and universes, infinite in nature. And they all emerge from the infinite energy of the intelligent Infinity. And its infinite energy is what is called the Logos, or Love1.

The Logos is its expression, the expression of sound, the expression of the word as the principle of love and growth. It’s why we say: “And first there was the word.” It was the first expression of the intelligent Infinity seeking to expand itself in order to explore itself in manyness of which the possibilities are infinite in nature.

And Love is the current of that intention, that expression, that idea, thought, or imagination. It is the abundant state of being which expresses itself through sound, through words.

It explores from where it is moving without the need to know where it is heading towards since it is exploring and discovering all that is possible and what it is capable of. For that it doesn’t need to know the outcome, for knowing the outcome would restrict its possibilities.

Seeking to explore then from a vibration that is abundant and Love is the sheer joy of the journey.

The journey is what it is all about, not the destination. The journey is the evolution, the evolution from where you evolve to where you evolve. And to where you evolve depends on from where you evolve. They are inseparable.

Evolution can only happen from awareness. And when it moves in a direction, it means a direction is chosen. One option of all possibilities of possible directions is chosen upon.

Awareness then makes for the need for choice. It makes options available so it needs to evaluate these options so it can make a choice.

And the discernment of what is preferred is the focus; the choice which seems most beneficial for the growth of its being.

The Logos-Love principle is a paradox of polarities that needs to be synthesized. Meaning, both need to be combined in order to move in the direction of a positive polarity to find that middle, mean, or center between extremes to be able to transcend the ‘knowledge about something’ expressed in the ‘word’ from ‘logos’ or ‘logic.’

The Logos, or knowledge, can only be transcended through Love, by walking the path of Love, that path of connection to creation that leads to wisdom which then integrates into your being to share it with others who are also walking that path of Love, that path of connection to creation.

And together comparing these insights from experiences that have lived through each being, comparing lines of reasoning, learning from each other, and finding new ways on how to stay on that path of connection, that path of focus, in all your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

And everything that emerges from you as that connected being sharing with others is a projection of what lies inside you to experience that desired wish as a vision to be expressed, to be created into reality.

A reality to be shared with others who are on that same path of Love, transcending the Logic, the knowledge, the patterns of reason into wisdom which is called ‘philosophy’ from ‘philo’ which means ‘loving’ and ‘sophia’ which means ‘knowledge, wisdom.’

Love is called a path of Love for it is a current. A current that moves an expression into being from connection to creation and always towards more connection to creation.

So if we say philosophy, it is not meant as the love for knowledge or wisdom. It is meant as ‘the path of Love that leads to wisdom through the loving capacity within.’

Walking a path of Love always leads to wisdom. A path of the mind only leads to more knowledge. The mind is just a tool to use it on your path of Love.

The heart needs to be involved to start feeling the connection to creation, from there on having new experiences with it and from it for you to be able to transcend the patterns of reason, each person in its own way in its own process of growth and continuously choosing it in every action, thought, and feeling that arises.

Logos and Love, or Logic and Love, is a concept of connection, in the same way the principles of polarity, correspondence, and emergence and many definitions are all concepts of an unbroken connection, for everything in the universe is part of a whole and everything is connected.

The connection may not be visible to the eyes just as the inside-outside dynamic or internal-external dynamic is an invisible dynamic, but that connection can be found and felt within each being in the context out of which everything springs and blooms and derives meaning from.

Like a flower that blooms. The blooming emerges from its core, from the center of its being. There is no cause and no effect taking place here.

In the same way, the caterpillar does not cause the butterfly. The butterfly emerges from it. It is becoming its own potential. It shows a stage in evolution.

What is emergent? The consciousness of life is emergent desiring always growth.

Experience emerges from the desire to experience. It is a consequence of that state of being, of your desire within. What emerges as a new experience from you is already contained within you.

That what lies inside a being as its potential to actualize needs to find expression. Continuous expression is needed for growth and learning.

The only question is what expression you choose: an expression of abundance and connection or an expression of separation and disconnection. That is a choice, a conscious choice for which awareness is needed.

Whatever you choose whether it be an expression of connection or an expression of separation, every expression is an inside-outside dynamic or internal-external dynamic which is in correspondence with its source and is connected to it. It can’t be other than being connected.

Without knowing these concepts, you will not be aware. You will not recognize it. And so you will not recognize the options that are available to turn to when you feel you need to turn away from the options that do not serve your higher truth, that do not serve creation, that do not serve wellbeing and growth for all.

For if that is what you desire to reach for you will need to choose it consciously in every thought, feeling, and action you are supporting within your being.

Supporting thoughts within your being and feelings and consequent actions that seek the connection in all that it does and wishes for, learning how to do that, individually and collectively will ensure that path is opened to have that experience of connection.

Because all that you are doing, trying, exploring, and discovering all these new aspects within your being that have always been with you and within you, all these new experiences is what you’ll live through and is what becomes your reality to be shared with others.

That is the direction to turn into for growth to happen, for freedom to happen, to experience connection within your being with yourself, others, and nature in a way you have never experienced before. That is your best choice to choose, for all.

There are only two main choices and within those two choices there are many varieties depending on the resonance of each being that is going to be crystallized from potential to actual, from the intention, the will, and the actions of the people of what they wish to live from inside their being.

From the polarity each being is experiencing, two main options are open to choose from: one negative and one positive.

The negative option leads to experiencing more disconnection, separation, limitation, and reduction. The positive option of polarity leads to experiencing more connection, integration, freedom, and expansion.

Now, no one wants to choose a negative experience for itself consciously. But unknowingly it may do so.

For example, each time you make a choice that is at the expense of another being’s wellbeing, you make a choice towards the negative polarity, from the negative charge of polarity within your being.

Choosing creation means to make choices that has the wellbeing of self, others, and creation in mind. That is when you polarize towards the positive polarity.

And any choice you make at the exclusion of others or at the expense of others will polarize you towards the negative polarity.

For that is what you are here for, to polarize as quickly as possible, to choose your polarity in this lifetime and act upon it. That is why we are experiencing the intense challenges of polarity globally.

Everyone is here to make that one choice: choosing ‘service to self’ or ‘service to others.’

Before you came here, you decided to choose to serve creation, to choose the positive polarity.

Choosing service to others is your purpose.

Your purpose is to make use of all your talents, gifts, knowledge, and wisdom to make the most out of them as you possibly can do, to share it with others for your own empowerment and their empowerment as well. Choosing others is always choosing more of yourself because you’ll have to move beyond your service to self.

Giving it first to yourself, understanding it, translating it, making the best out of it, sharing it with others, sharing that best version of yourself by being that best version first.

From this state of being, we can help each other and find strength in each other on how to walk that path of the positive polarity, step by step. For no one is alone on this journey. We are all on this journey together. And it is all new for us.

What was lived through is remembered, a remembrance of the soul connection. Something that is recognized is always a remembrance of the connection within.

A connection established from within with the heart. Having the heart to move in that direction to that space where consciousness dwells in to make use of it for your highest good and the benefit of all.

More and more people will start to recognize, become aware of that space within, to the remembrance of their greater being, awakening and activating that potential that is lying dormant within, always has been and never has left you.

More and more people will start to have experiences with it, tapping information from it, that universal knowledge within from your higher mind, that corresponds to the principles and laws of creation, suddenly knowing much more than those who do not choose this path of connection.

Two paths. One choice.

The path that leads to liberation is your best choice. Liberation from knowledge towards wisdom. That is the path of uniting Logos and Love, or Logic and Love.

Think twice, is the advice in the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley who also found his way to that path of liberation, that abundant space within, to be useful and successful.

Think twice. Now is the possibility to do so until the other option becomes unavailable to choose in your sphere of self, for making a choice is a narrowing of possibilities.

Tend to one choice.

And so ending my essay with a thought from the scientist, psychiatrist, and researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins about that choice who also walked that path of Love.2

When you choose goodwill towards everyone,
when you choose to support life in all its expressions,
when you choose to see the exquisite beauty and sacredness of all of life,
your life automatically changes.

(Dr. David R. Hawkins)


1 Book series “The Ra Material – The Law of One” by Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty, and Don Elkins.
2 Lecture series, Devotional Nonduality by Dr David R. Hawkins.