If you had a color palette to paint with, what colors would you use? And what would you paint with it?

You create with the colors you are working with. All creation depends on the colors that are being used for its creation. So, what colors are you using? Meaning, from what state of being are you creating?

Creativity is a state of allowance. It is the allowance for things to happen from within your being. The more you allow, the more you flow that creative force through you. That state is felt within the body.

Creativity is a path of discovery, of endless play and possibility, of exploring and discovering all that is within your nature and from your nature to express it outwardly so that it becomes a reality. That is your reality to be experienced and to be shared.

Thus, the creative being is one who has constant curiosity and is in an open state of allowance to discover all that is possible from the potential that resides within.

The creative being is one who does not need to force its will onto its own creation, whether it be a product, a work of art, getting a job done, or a relationship with another person.

The creative being does not need the power of someone or something else or impose its own power on the other.

From that power within then, the creative being is just the means—it chooses to become that means—the instrument of divine will, if you will, of being and creating in synchronicity with the universe so as not to disconnect from the chain of creation.

The creative being does not break the connection to creation but consciously keeps it intact without gaps, unbroken with its own passion, will, love, and burning desire for more of it, always more of it.

That is when you step out of “Samsara’s wheel of illusion,” as the Mayas called it, into the wheel of synchronicity, the wheel of creation, which is one of connection, love, and oneness.

The wheel of creation is unbroken. It is eternal and infinite. It is there for you to play in it, to revel in it, to surprise yourself with all of that you are capable of doing with that creative force within, with that alignment to creation, to synchronicity, which is pure allowance. It is limitless. It is abundance itself.

Abundance is not neat. It is not ordered. Rather, it follows the rules of the universe in which its potential from a desire within unleashes its power in erratic movements that form patterns that regularize themselves into new expressions of creation and new forms of abundance.

In every creation, the abundance of creation—that creative force—is present. It is never, ever lost. Never. Because that is what each being, each thing in the universe, is: an expression of abundance.

The only thing that differs between them is the degree of abundance and from what state of being it creates. A being is always abundant in something. It may be abundant in lack—that is, if it chooses to create from a state of limitation, which then leads to creating more separation.

If it moves from a state of connection, that abundant state of being is “like the colors of the rainbow expressed in the sky that are also on the faces of people going by, saying: How do you do? They really are saying: I love you, too.”

Every time you smile into the world, there will always be someone smiling back at you. That is a certainty we know to be true. And we know it to be as good. That abundant state of being radiates and expands beyond you for others to be drawn by it.

That’s why, for this essay, I chose the song “What a Wonderful World,” a rendition full of surprise and joy by Jon Batiste, showing how it can be and should be, treasuring that connection to all creation has to offer and celebrating it.

Celebrating beauty. Celebrating wonder. Celebrating surprise. Celebrating the enjoyment of sharing that feeling of abundance with each other. It is the recognition of that feeling within that is activated through the enjoyment of a shared activity. A feeling to remember, treasure, and create with as one of the colors on your color palette of abundance.

We are going to start this series of essays by creating a color palette with those feelings of abundance to become aware of what was remembered, what is and feels natural and what we love and treasure.

We all treasure what is dear to us. That which we love gives us feelings of expansion and feelings of warmth and connection with our inner being that, in turn, wishes to connect more deeply with us.

That part of us that was never found in scientific research. That part of us, “the soul, that science laughs at and theology is ashamed of,” both still describing the human body and soul as a dualistic human concept, as I’ve read a while ago in the Dutch newspaper magazine Trouw, the fifth-most widely sold daily in The Netherlands that still conforms to its religious identity.

The soul to which most people assign the qualities of hope, pain, loss, and longing for love. These qualities are feelings that are remembered. Everything that is remembered is recorded in action.

We all know how these feelings feel. They are felt within the body. And since these feelings of hope, pain, loss, and longing for love are strong feelings, they create a current to move thoughts, ideas, and our imagination—all that which we intend to express—into being.

This is what creates new meaning from which originates from the word ‘meninge,’ which means ‘that which is intended to be expressed’ and ‘the act of remembering.’ A meaning that is highly personal from what has lived through you, through your being.

Every creation is an expression of what has lived through you. It might be conscious. It might be unconscious. The process of arriving at a point of a finished creation is a process of surprise. And it should be a surprise, for your endpoint is the starting point to move in the direction of a new creation.

The experience is what provides the meaning, not the end result. The experience is what has been lived through. The experience is what makes you who you are, not the outcome or the end result. The experience is all we are. The experience is to be treasured.

All the questions that arose, all the challenges that were felt and overcome from that point of initiation to starting to move in a direction of a new experience to learn and grow from, all the solutions that were found. All the different perspectives that were considered and integrated as part of the experience to arrive at a place that has taken you beyond the frame of perception you started with.

A place you arrive where you can experience more of yourself—that more of you that wishes to connect with you, showing you the way to that connection and inviting you to have more experiences like that. Finding your way back is always finding the way back to that connection within, nothing else. There is nothing outside of you other than that connection, that union within.

You may wish to deny it and choose separation instead, but you are always connected and part of a whole, for you to become aware of and make use of it to your advantage.

Every new creation or endeavour starts with a desire for growth and wellbeing in all areas of your personal life and that of the collective. And every new situation that arises in thought, feeling, or action is an opportunity to choose to create based on connection or separation.

Definitions and our belief in them play an important role in life, in that they form the basis of our personality structure and thus are the fundamental components of how we create our reality, reinforced by feelings and the consequent thought patterns that the feeling induces in the brain.

Definitions create specific frequencies or vibrations within our being that we call a feeling or an ‘emotion,’ from ‘ex’ which means ‘out’ and ‘movere’ which means ‘to move,’ meaning, ‘that which arises from a response that mobilizes us’ or also called an ‘e-motion’ which means ‘energy in motion.’

Feelings rewire the neurological pathways so that a person’s thought patterns conform to their emotional resonance and thus to the specific belief or definition that generated the feeling.

When a person not only believes a particular definition to be true but also strongly feels it to be true, it makes the reality of that belief more factual, more solid and less susceptible to change.

When definitions, our belief in them, and our feelings and thought patterns are aligned, we start to act from those beliefs and have reflective experiences that create what we believe or prompt what we expect to happen into being.

Definitions regularly change in times when a course of growth and development in society is being redefined, just as we are experiencing now.

Are the definitions we are using in society based on connection to or separation from creation? Do our definitions benefit us and creation as a whole?

Do they allow and empower us to become that version of ourselves who we really are? That authentic, real version of ourselves that naturally blooms and shines? And do the definitions we use allow all other beings to naturally bloom and shine as well?

It is realizing and understanding that everything in creation that blooms—the trees of green, the red roses, too—including you, not only blooms for you but for all of creation because we are creation and connected. Through empowerment, we learn to find that strength of connection to creation within our being. That strength we need to overcome any challenge that arises on our path of discovering and exploring life and the empowerment to always reach more of that strength within.

That strength that is divested of all the limitations that do not serve. You can only do that after you have become aware of those limitations, what they are and how to replace them with beliefs that support growth for all creation.

Empowerment means that you can translate your wishes, needs, desires and energies in a way that is good for you and your environment. A strength that transcends your normal limiting way of thinking and transcends the boundaries of behavioral patterns to a new way of feeling, thinking and acting.

It is learning how to better use the most important tools we possess—our mind to think and imagine and our heart to love—to connect with that love and to bring our visions into being from that current of love.

Learning how to tap into that creative power that is within all of us, learning how to create in accordance with nature’s laws from these two powerful tools and to have new experiences with it to learn and grow from.

Growth starts with experience. It is experience. A new, unknown, or unexpected experience does not mean a negative experience. Nothing has a built-in meaning. We humans give meaning to everything, whether positive or negative. We do this both unconsciously and consciously.

Positive simply means that which is integrative, connecting, and expansive. And negative means that which is mechanically separating, disconnecting, and contracting in nature.

Both positive and negative meanings can be felt in the body. Just notice how the body reacts to certain definitions and where it might contract. Even when you think of a person, you can feel it in your body.

Authenticity is your authentic self, and the word comes from ‘autos,’ which means ‘self,’ and ‘hentes,’ which means ‘doer, being’ and ‘-ity,’ which means ‘quality, condition, ability.’

Authenticity means ‘being true to yourself, being in line with yourself,’ but it also means ‘the quality of bringing that self forward, acting from your passion.’

It’s about letting go of the things that are not you and incorporating the things that are you in the most creative and expressive way possible. It’s about not holding back, not hesitating to be yourself—your true, authentic self.

It is about learning to dare to be adventurous and to be courageous, self-assured, curious, imaginative, inspired, interactive and expressive, but also to share all your talents, gifts, knowledge, wisdom, and love.

These are the qualities to embrace, stimulate and empower as we find ourselves in a time where new thinking and approaches are required in many areas to give people and society as much natural resilience as needed to change and to the unknown of what is ahead of us. And we feel that much is ahead of us.

Stimulating empowerment and authenticity through awareness of who we are and our creative power is how we can steer our perception of change in a direction where it supports and gives us resilience instead of constantly activating that fear of the unknown that creates more separation.

So, instead of waiting in fear of what is going to unfold for us in the future, waiting for artists and scientists to imagine a future that all others have to follow and to create that vision into being, we need to start working with the tools that each being has, that each being is, to actively take part in that process of imagining the future and bringing that vision to reality.

Because everyone is creative. Everyone is also a creation. And everyone has their own unique and creative talent for their own specific development in life. Everyone has this creative energy within them, whether you are an accountant, artist, cook, tailor, manager, or a scientist.

Whatever you choose to do in life, you are that creative being with ‘the ability to respond to any given situation that needs your willingness to act upon that ability,’ which is the meaning of responsibility. You know that you can because you are moving from the strength of your being, your true and authentic self, from that open state of allowance, that is true creativity.

You cannot imagine what you do not contain.