Resistance of energy creates heat.
Without resistance the energy moves unobstructed into form.
Heat is a byproduct of resistance.

Definitions and belief in them form the basis of the physical persona and are the fundamental components that generate every experience of physical reality.

In order for beliefs to be able to perpetuate themselves, to reinforce the reality the belief is selling, it needs the proper tools to do so. It may utilize a variety of tools and methods and they are all related to perspectives.

A belief is what makes a perspective seem fixed, factual, and feeling solid in a sense for it makes it less susceptible to change. Especially, once they are aligned and the personality prism is structured.

Beliefs are like the engine of the mind. They have such power. Because they are power sources made up from definitions and belief in them, emotions, and additional thought patterns.

This triad structure, in the physical mind that is, is what forms the personality, the physical persona, and functions like a prism that breaks down the truth, the homogeneous white light of the higher mind, into the multifrequency spectrum of behaviors and reflective experiences.

In every situation beliefs play a fundamental role that gives direction to where to move and how to move in a sense. Beliefs are like an agent catching up of information, processing it and pointing in the direction of where the belief is energized towards.

Beliefs are the action potential that draws attention to the belief. So the belief not only points in the direction it is energized toward but also attracts that same vibration of energy in return.

Like everything in the universe attracts based on its vibration. It is all attraction of what lies inside a being that chooses, consciously or unconsciously, to point that desire with a current outward to be reflected again in your sphere of self and to have experiences with and from.

All is energy, all is frequency, all is vibration as Tesla said. And he was right. He already then knew all that was needed for humanity to thrive in accordance with nature’s laws. He knew but his ideas weren’t chosen for the benefit did not lead to material wealth for the investor J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan chose to work with another model and principle instead that could be applied to devices to be made available for the public in exchange for money and in a way to make it adaptable for products with a limited life cycle as to ensure people would always be in need of it and to ensure they would always need more of it.

An infinite abundance simply fit in a tiny holder and device to assure an infinite need and supply of that need. A golden business to shake hands for those involved. But not for Tesla. Too bad.

His business model didn’t make it on the market. It was simply not profitable. It did not offer the same kind of benefit as the model of Edison did.

Business models are always based on need and supply, aren’t they? To provide as much as possible the need of as much as possible people. Those are considered sensible business models is what we learn and agree to. A business model with preferably always a high profit in the transaction of the exchange.

The exchange is always an exchange of energy, no matter what. On many levels that is. And it always comes down and back to the energy: the energy put out is the energy received.

So no matter what is on offer, it is always an exchange of energy. It might be anything. The energy might be packaged in a box, a device, in tools and goods, in organic life, it might be expressed in words. It is all energy.

Looking at creation in this way makes it easier, more clear, and more logical to find respective answers to questions and challenges.

It is a responsibility of humanity to make ourselves more aware of how we choose to create with all that creation has to offer. It will become essential to reach this awareness to start working with it and from it. And it determines the outcome of our species in that sense.

The evolution of humanity is at stake here and not the planet itself. At some point, when humanity does not learn how to create in accordance with it and keeps moving in the direction of separation to creation, Gaia will simply recalibrate itself which may cause the extinction of the human species.

Earth itself will just start a new cycle in existence. The extinction of species is a known fact. It is also a known fact that the Earth has survived these events for it is the mother of all its beings.

The mother is the nurturer of all that exists on its being by nurturing its own being. If it becomes a necessity for Gaia to recalibrate itself completely then it has no other option than to do so. It is not something Gaia can turn on or off.

There are natural periodical cycles of evolution it goes through just as all beings go through their evolutionary cycles, individually, collectively, as well as on a species level.

Gaia provides for all, for all its beings. All intelligent life is designed that it uses only what it needs.

The civilized man has grown so much in mind that it has become the master of limitation, creating as much as it can because it can, but it doesn’t need it really.

The civilized man does not see, it does not recognize for it does not realize that there are no limits to growth.

Creating with resistance is a way of saying to the universe, to creation: “Hey, I don’t need your abundance. I can create my own.” And so it does.

And so at some point, it will have to face the limits of the growth, that path of growth and abundance it set out for itself.

At some point, it will have to face the consequences of that behavior, that choice it made a long time ago from that belief that it could do all by itself for its own gain at the expense of creation itself.

A negative choice it was indeed. A choice to become aware of in the depth of that understanding. Choices that were made generations ago have become normalized in a collective, ingrained in the brain as a pattern but lost the awareness of.

So how to regain the awareness of choices made in the past that turned out not to be beneficial for humanity? And how to turn in the right direction? For Gaia is waiting for us people to change our beliefs and behaviors towards its being.

Events and experiences that have passed are an opportunity for us to learn from and to change towards better and more beneficial outcomes for all, for creation and all its beings. That is what is to focus on for humanity.

It needs to direct its attention towards benefit for all, for the inclusion of all. That is when you choose to polarize towards the positive choice.

All directions start with a belief to point and turn in a specific direction. That is the mechanics of the mind that works like a device, a filter system if you like and given lots of freedom to create with it.

So each being is in that sense a man machine that Julien Offray de La Mettrie wrote about in 1747 in his scandalous book called “l’Homme Machine” and he had to flee because of it comparing the human mind and body to a machine that operates according to mechanistic laws and principles.

For the sake of understanding awareness, of how it develops, intelligence and the idea of creating an artificial intelligence, it might be very useful to work with this concept of man being a machine, to overcome the resistance towards the idea.

Once released the belief that causes the resistance, one will notice how powerful that engine, that mind, is.

For all it has created, it has created with that power mind. Everything you have experienced in your life is created via the mind of your own and others as reflective experiences of your own beliefs and behaviors according to those beliefs.

For you will always act upon your beliefs, what you believe to be true. And this will create your experience in reality. All that you have lived through has become your reality.

In order to experience something else, you need to desire to experience what lives in potential within your being. The desire to move the will for you to have these new experiences, to create a new vision from within your being into reality, to accomplish it to fact, to a fait accompli.

Everything you have experienced so far is born from the belief that such an event or experience has the highest probability of occurring. When probabilities are at their highest, the conditions are set and favorable to have that experience, to experience such an event.

Believing something with a strong determination is starting from a fait accompli. So your beliefs are aligned to what you think might happen.

It might not be something you wish for to happen. But you’ll always experience what you believe is your truth. Meaning, your reality always resonates in harmony with what you believe to be true at any moment.

So changing course then in a new direction needs the awareness of ‘how’ you have gotten at this point so you may learn from it, know what not to do and know what is your preferred experience, to create that vision and intention into being, and finding out how to get there by sharing these new thoughts, insights, experiences together, finding solutions together and executing it.

And once on that path, individually and collectively, to learn how to stay on that path so that it becomes a new pattern in the brain.

The plasticity of the brain is built in. And as we’ve discussed earlier, the brain naturally seeks spaces of growth through spaces of differences to learn from.

For the physical brain as well as the physical mind are enablers, from ‘magh-ana-’ which is the root of the word ‘machine’ which means ‘that which enables’: a machine that enables experiences for growth, learning, and enjoyment. That is how it is meant to be.

Functions are neutral. And they function in the direction of growth it is programmed for. The physical mind is like a prism that is built from beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

Beliefs form patterns in the brain and are what inform and instruct a person’s behavior. Through many repetitions these beliefs form patterns and clusters of patterns within the brain that have become definitive and difficult to change.

Once trying to change a habit, the brain starts to fire its action potential at you that feel like tiny pain pulses, or tiny pulses of punishment as to redirect you to the old habit. For the brain is just doing what it is programmed for since you have programmed it in that direction of growth.

Repetition of pattern is a form of growth and strength in its pattern, in the formation of that pattern. And once it has grown in strength, it will not be so easy to release those patterns and to create a new pattern in its place.

It is a matter of overcoming the resistance, dissolving the resistance it now poses within your being to let go of that pattern, to let go of that belief that is the source of that pattern.

So the belief needs to be cleared first and foremost to make any transition to a new belief that is more beneficial for growth and wellbeing.

And all you learn from moving from that point of an undesired experience to a next point of a desired experience and everything you experience in between, understanding it, thereby transcending what you knew life to be to a new point of experience, having transcended your patterns of reason and expanded your consciousness as a result of changing your beliefs and acting upon them.

This is required of all of us to start changing our perspectives of what we know life and creation to be and act according to that higher awareness, to operate from it in all we do, give, and share from within our being.

Because everything happens from within us and not from without. The without is reflected from how we experience and believe life to be.

Seeing creation as an unbroken connection by using definitions in the way that it supports creation, individual and collective belief in them will pave the way for closing the gaps of disconnection one by one to start having those experiences we all so much longed for.

We know by now that definitions need to be repeated in order for them to perpetuate the reality that belief expresses into being. So they need continuous effort to reinforce themselves and strengthen a pattern as the conditions that influence potentialities into being.

The pattern that arises from it influences, changes, or strengthens a certain condition in a particular direction. For a pattern is to make use of. It is a form to be created into being. That’s why we say: “thought creates form” and “e-motion vibrates it into being.”

Every action, which is energy in motion, comes with a current to move in a particular direction, to move an expression into being.

In physical reality action is required for action is the language of the experience we call reality, to have experiences of a certain kind that are charged in a certain direction.

‘The nature of that which enables’ which is the meaning of ‘mechanical’ makes it possible to have such experiences from what lies inside a being to be expressed at some point.

When it has absorbed all it needs to know, all it needs to be aware of, all that is sleeping within its being, that song that is sleeping within, until it starts to dream that song, to dream it from memory, all that was absorbed and at some point naturally wishes to find its expression, of its being that is, that more of its being expressed as that song.

“Das Lied schläft in der machine,” the song that sleeps in the machine, is what the German industrial avant garde act Einstürzende Neubauten sang about in their nineties’ song called “Nnnaaammm” as they were creating rhythms from sound patterns that motor engines enabled. A creative piece and choice that blends very well with this essay.

A rhythm in the mind is in the same way established through strengthening patterns, repeating them so that it becomes ingrained and made definitive to start dreaming with it, to start creating with it, creating music with it.

That is why Prince once said:

Music is success upon creation.


1 L’Homme Machine, Julien Offray de La Mettrie.
2 Music is success upon creation, Prince.