Who says crisis says world
Says famine says third world
Who says tired says wake up
Still deaf from the day before
So we go out to forget all our problems
So we dance!


All principles come with paradoxes within them for it creates a lot of options. That makes paradoxes very useful for creation.

Paradoxes need to be synthesized in order to make the most use of them, combining them in a way to find that middle point of balance for contradictory elements to create new meaning.

Paradox comes from the words ‘para’ which means ‘contrary to’ and ‘doxa’ which means ‘opinion’ and ‘dokein’ which means ‘to appear, to seem, to think.’

So contrary to what seems to be or how something appears to be, or what you think it means, paradoxes open up opportunities for growth, inherent in all that exists.

One paradox is the perception that makes you see things in a particular way. Perception makes you see a reality you have agreed to from all that has been before, all that has lived through you, all that was ingrained in your mind.

When we seem to make sense of the world, we have learned to differentiate and distinguish things or objects from each other.

Things or objects or people appear different but all things, objects and people correspond to each other for they all have within them something that connects and unites them and that is spirit and consciousness that is related to it.

When consciousness is limited to brain perception only, a human being will not reach its potential of the so-called ‘peak mind’ what the enlightenment philosophers were searching for as that space, a light, where consciousness dwells in.

Scientists then referred to it as “a sort of light in which every mind must perceive, not belonging to any person, but to be partaken of.” They likened it to “intelligence considered as having universal validity.” (Century Dictionary)

Brain perception is a function of the physical mind. The peak mind refers to the higher mind, which is the soul consciousness, that is only activated when the heart is activated.

That is a paradox and an irony as well. That the peak mind is not to be found in the physical mind. You tap into it automatically via the connection of the heart’s energy and the mind’s eye energy. They need to be connected and locked in.

That connection is focus, a much wider focus, a laser focus, an open space, an open state of allowance and awareness. That focusing of infinity within is also called the creative principle.

There are two ways of focusing: one way is through the heart-higher mind and the other way is through the physical mind. The difference between both is significantly felt and experienced.

The focusing through the heart-higher mind is the focusing on the infinity within that leads to the expansion of awareness, known as a higher frequency of awareness.

The focusing through the physical mind leads to a state where the focus is pointed on the objects of things, also known as the objects of experience.

Learning how to establish and hold that connection, that laser focus, will strengthen more and more that connection within as without.

When holding that connection continuously for a while in all your endeavors, in everything you do, in every moment, no matter the circumstance, you will reach that ‘permanent state of light within,’ that higher perspective of the peak mind, from the soul consciousness that is, which is called ‘enlightenment’ in spirituality.

That new state of being emerges as a consequence of your desire, will, and determination within to reach that state. That desire to move your will in that direction you wish to experience and to hold that state with determination. That intention and current, when they are one without any gaps, is when conditions have reached their highest probability to actualize that potential.

At the moment, there is a wave of young people in their twenties and thirties reaching that permanent state of higher awareness one after the other. You really could call it a phenomenon. You might not have been aware. You might not have been looking in that direction.

Instead of meditating on mountain tops and in caves, these young people are living in cities and following the path of contemplation, which focuses on enhancing and understanding that connection within with All That Is and using it in a practical sense in their daily life. You can find these young people on YouTube often under the keyword ‘nondualism.’

They are sharing their experiences and insights from that attained nondualism perspective and state of being, teaching about the principles and laws of the universe through tapping into universal knowledge via the portal of their higher mind as I do too.

That path of contemplation is the path that I am walking as well and sharing with you combining it with my insights from my creative practice. That path of contemplation is a path of mastering thoughts and feelings, managing energies within, surrendering all resistance within your being, and sharing all the gifts that come from that state of focus, that state of love.

A creative flow is an open state of allowance that establishes this connection as well, albeit temporarily. Albert Einstein knew very well how to establish a creative flow wherein he could tap into that part of him, that soul consciousness within him that has universal knowledge that he could use for his work. Maybe that is why he said: “Ideas come from God” although he was a pantheist, seeing God as nature or creation.

That connection to creation can also be used to turn one unpreferred inside-outside dynamic into an inside-outside dynamic that is pointed towards a positive experience by choosing your polarity in each situation, choosing the polarity that connects to creation.

Feeling it first within your being, activating the heart energy, choosing it consciously what you prefer to experience and putting it into action.

From the moment you choose and feel it, you have already opened up a whole new catalogue of options within your mind. Options, thoughts, ideas, insights you hadn’t had before to make use of. And from there on you can start walking that path putting into action what you wish to experience, creating better conditions for yourself, others, and your community.

That is when you start moving and operating from higher frequencies of awareness, literally a higher vibration energy which is felt in the body. That connection or focus is a very powerful feeling, something you cannot miss, a higher light and perspective from which to see things clearly.

It is not secret knowledge either. It is free, it is within all and for all available.

That is the game of life, finding your way back to your source, your connection to creation. And it is all free. You don’t need to look outside of you to go into stores in the market to buy spiritual goodies for it is all within.

You don’t need to qualify for secret society networks or power group networks to get access to universal knowledge to learn to apply it for the benefit of only a select group of people.

And you don’t need to accept when a scientific development and technology reaches its potential to benefit humanity and creation for the good and seeing it disappear in the scientific field to develop it further behind closed doors as a suppressed technology to compartmentalize a technology and develop it into functional and profitable elements for the public.

Finding your way back is a choice. The choice you make to polarize consciously toward the positive polarity to support creation and all its beings.

To end the essay, I chose a clip called “Alors on Dance - The Making of a Masterpiece” from Stromae, the Belgian singer-songwriter Paul van Haver and French Moroccan actor and stand-up comedian Jamel Debbouze. Stromae is known for his social criticism in his songs. The clip illustrates their creative process of synthesizing paradoxes, combining the elements as a whole.

“We need some depressing lyrics!”
Jamel says to Paul after having found the right tunes for the song.
“And a refrain that jumps at you!
A verse that makes you want to die!
And a refrain that makes you want to go wild! You know?
A type of verse that makes you want to behead yourself!
And a refrain, you know what I am saying? That makes you want to have a picnic!
You see it, right? Something contradictory and at the same time homogeneous!”


1 Two enlightened young souls teaching about nonduality: Matt Garret, Maryam Magdaleina.