Until now, we have seen reason mostly presented as the reward on an altar, to be worshipped by a society that prides itself on the merits of it, with its qualities. Those who have to work hard to obtain it.

Years and years and years of hard work, becoming experts in the compartmentalization of the objects of the world, building from the objects, from the content and building it into a context of the world. That is how we seek to make sense of the world.

Why am I so cynical? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? We are, per definition, one of the foundational builders of the civilized world, I hear you say. And I wish to correct it into one of the foundational builders of society. That’s a difference.

It is the belief that you can build context from the content of the world. You can’t. You will just create more content as a result, and more reduction.

The content, or the objects of the world, arise from the context. They emerge from it as a consequence of that potentiality within. You see, it’s the other way around.

So meaning is to be found exactly there, in the context, knowing that whatever arises from it can never be disconnected from its source.

Here, the principle of correspondence applies.

The principle of correspondence applies to the context and content in the sense that it is an inside-outside or internal-external dynamic of the axis of manifestation we discussed in the previous essay.

This axis of manifestation, or polarity, emerged as a consequence of the law of correspondence which states that ‘the inside or the internal is always in correspondence with the outside or the external.’

From the inside or internal arises the outside or external. They are projections or also called distortions from that source and in correspondence with it.

Projections arise as an expression from what lives inside a being and they arise from the intention and the will to live that idea, thought, or imagination.

That axis of manifestation is an inside-outside dynamic or an internal-external dynamic which travels on itself and is always expanding, generating more of itself and creation.

It does that by following what it knows to be true and good for creation, ideally. That is how it is meant to be. But that is not how people understand it to be.

Every person is an axis of manifestation, a polarity, a balance between extremes within that gets in contact with other beings that are their own axis of manifestation.

An axis of manifestation, each with its own perception, patterns of reason, consciousness, will, emotion, passion, and love for its own being and always seeking more of its own being.

So every person is a being of balance and in moving forward it regulates that balance while recognizing that without any conflicting margin of difference or erratic movements there will be no growth and no evolution.

All inside-outside dynamics or internal-external dynamics that are their own axis of manifestation are also part of each other. Everything is part of a whole and connected to it. Nothing is excluded.

Each creation, no matter what, from the first known thing which is called infinity, or God, or the One, or Allah, to all that exists which is called All That Is, or Creation which literally is everything that exists in the cosmos, each creation is a projection that arises from a source, projected from the void into the full always as an inside-outside or internal-external dynamic.

So infinity, or God, or the One, or Allah is Creation is All That Is, all that exists. For he is one. And all is one too in an unbroken connection.

Something external or outside is always projected from something internal or inside from that what lies within a being. It emerges from it as the potential that has been actualized when conditions are favorable.

The external or what we refer to as outside of us is what we consider the objects of the world, the content of the world. And the internal-inside is what we consider as the context out of which everything arises.

It cannot arise from somewhere else but from the context, which is the context that is within all beings as well. Context is not to be found in the appearance of things and objects, but to be found in the essence which is connected to consciousness.

So if science speaks of a mind and matter problem, argue for the distinction of both as being of two substances, two distinct principles, and reason that these two things cannot be the same for they are not identical, they do not simultaneously share exactly the same qualities as Leibniz’s law of identity states, they simply overlook the law of correspondence.

The argument focuses on ‘sameness,’ as to define what is and what is not the same. It doesn’t recognize that two things are connected to each other, but they are not identical, that they correspond and are always connected to its source and as part of a whole.

For a mind and matter dynamic and a body and soul dynamic is an axis of manifestation with an inside-outside dynamic where the outside or external is in correspondence with the inside or internal. They match in correspondence, are connected, but are not the same.

The inside-outside dynamic that the law of correspondence represents, that law lies within all creation as an invisible dynamic but is always connected.

Becoming aware of the principle of correspondence that is within each being and literally each creation, gives you new options to work with and from in a new direction.

The analogy of the fractal might also be useful. The fractal has the quality of similarity which is not sameness. It is similar in its source of being, in that the external corresponds to the internal.

That inside-outside or internal-external dynamic is held together by polarity and a positive and negative force or charge containing within it.

Like the atom contains a nucleus with neutrons and protons. The nucleus is positively charged and surrounded by electrons that are negatively charged orbiting the nucleus and balancing the overall electrical charge.

Cells also carry positive and negative charges relying heavily on those charges. Charges that can be influenced by its surroundings in this inside-outside dynamic.

Surroundings, more precisely defined as conditions that can increase the probabilities of potentials within. Potential energies to be released as kinetic energies when conditions are favorable for it to do so.

Conditions may be a variety of things. Information is a condition. Information has a high potential to change conditions to move in a direction charged by the energy of that information.

Information can come in a variety of ways. In language for example, words that come with information are vibrations that can trigger feelings and impulses unknowingly that influence conditions.

All that is within you needs a catalyst to express from ‘ex’ which means ‘exit, out’ and ‘premere’ which means ‘to press,’ to press all that was accumulated within your being, all the energies, all the potentials that are lying within you to press that tension out of the body.

The body as well as the mind need to find an outlet for those tensions. Creativity is such an outlet.

In the following two examples, I show you two music clips of the song “Creep”: the original by Radiohead and one rendition by Prince.

All that is within your being can be expressed in a variety of ways. The point from where to start can point in that same direction of outcome, the direction that the energy was charged.

Or a starting point can point and turn in a new direction, integrating what has been, integrating it as the experience that was lived through so to transcend what you knew that it was to a new point of what you now know it to be and wish to be.

That is what Prince did when he changed the lyrics and changed the sound of the song, the frequency of the vibration that is, alchemizing the vibration into a new state of being.

Also notice the effect of the scream in both songs. Prince uses the scream as an effect that creates a threshold to victory.

Same song. But both feel different. Because they are different.

Being that different is what should be treasured, is what Prince seems to convey in his version.

Being that difference, to treasure it within your being, not as a part you wish to disconnect from but to recognize it as a strength, a source that wants to take you places far beyond your previous experience, beyond a conventional frame of perception, not to be scared of.

Every expression has the power of influencing states of being when shared through our feeling capacity that absorbs a particular vibration or pattern of frequency as an ‘e-motion,’ ‘energy in motion’: the current that moves expressions into being.

Listen to the song and feel what it does to you.

Now, listen to Prince’s version and feel what it does to you and notice what changes within you.


1 I – I AM Conversations.