Let’s imagine a wild space of experience.

Hold your thumb and index finger pointed together and connected. This point is the space of Now. It is the space where all times and all places exist.

It is the experience of all possible realities, of all that is possible, but from a higher perspective. A point of all possibilities, a wild space of expression, a space of pure potential wanting to be expressed and experienced that bursts forth new expressions of realities, creating new axes of manifestations.

That all that is, all times and all places, has to come from somewhere. It comes from a space that connects all potential and all actual. It is what holds it together.

Open your thumb and index finger to create a minuscule gap between them, like you are creating a tiny space of expression, an axis of manifestation unfolding from that Now. That expression is called physical reality, a spacetime-governed reality.

Now imagine you are thrown from that higher dimension into that physical reality to have a new experience. Into a world, a space of experience, that is slower and has a much denser energy, where the closing of the manifestation cycle has to be done by action rather than merely using the focusing of the mind.

Thrown into that world, and the first thing you do is cry your heart out as you never have before. This is your first experience on Earth. And we comfort the newborn because we know that all is well and we want to give it our warmth, love, nurturing, and security. The newborn feels it, knows it, and calms down.

From that space of safety, a wondrous journey starts with continuous inside-outside dynamics that are fed by its surroundings and navigated via its soul. Fed with meanings. Fed with definitions, feelings and thoughts that are connected to them, and belief in them from which our behavior and reflective experiences follow. In some cultures, things have one meaning, and in other cultures, they may mean something else. At one point in time, something may mean one thing, and at some other point in time, it may mean something else. “From where do these definitions arise?” you may ask. They have to arise from somewhere. Throughout many, many centuries, there have been concepts that were of a highly advanced level, expressed in a different way than we are used to now. This is evident, for example, in our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture.

Concepts of the principles of nature were all present at this point in history, but not all were to be included and to enjoy in the fruits of its continuous abundance, for that is what creation is: continuous abundance. It comes from ab which means outside, beyond the limit, and unda which means wave.

Abundance means the quality of a being to pass the limits of the waves, as Matias De Stefano explains so beautifully in his journal of I – I AM Conversations. 1

It is the wave that reaches the shore of the land, crosses limits, overlapping it with its abundance, generating more of itself, of creation.

The abundance in nature is within all of its expressions. That is what everything is made from: an expression of abundance.

And so, man is thrown into existence to make use of its abundance from its own being, to create with it, and where each being is on its own axis of manifestation.

Now, imagine yourself as being that axis, an axis with two extremes: one positive side and one negative side. The positive and negative aren’t opposites. Rather, they represent varying degrees.

Degrees of what? Degrees of the presence or absence of love—also called degrees of the presence of God as love, as Dr David R. Hawkins, psychiatrist and researcher, called it. He was one of the few scientists who attained enlightenment and researched the field of consciousness thereafter.

That axis of manifestation is as connected to its source, where it came from, from God, as it is connected to the physical body. They correspond in both directions. Both axes of manifestations are in correspondence and in continuous connection with each other via the soul.

The soul that navigates you, teaching you how to ride waves and how to find them. Learning to feel when a wave starts to rise so you can jump on it. Learning how to create a wave of excitement on your own, to create currents that move thoughts, ideas, and visions into being.

That source within you is wild. It always wants more of you, to give you more of you, sending you on a path of discovery, teaching you how to take responsibility, which is your ability to respond to situations that needs your willingness to take action on that ability.

But you are not taking it so well with that little power source within. “No”, you say. “I am comfortable where I am. No new things for me. No conflict for me.”

But the soul does what it does. It always steers you there to look at the things you prefer to look away from. It wants you to look at the things you are avoiding because that is what is standing in the soul’s way. It’s a blockage that needs to be removed. The soul wants you to look at it, but you turn away from it to your physical mind in order to find there a distraction to replace that point of attraction.

Then, when you focus upon that distraction to be experienced, you enjoy so much that experience of letting go of all the limitations within you, just for a moment, feeling so completely connected to being who you are that you wish it would last forever.

And the soul is nodding its head and saying: “Can’t you see? Can’t you feel that that is my wish, too? That I am always trying to lead you there where the fun and excitement is, where there is always more of that beef you are looking for. It just does not come without challenge, because, for me, I know that there aren’t that many challenges at all. They are all just energies to solve within.

They have to be felt first, to become aware of and reflected upon, the existing patterns of reason to be transcended so understanding can take place on a deeper level and the energies to be transformed into positive ones while using the current of the previous one.

It’s nothing more than that. It’s just an exercise to be practiced and to get used to. Because I am wild at heart, as you know”, the soul says and continues:

“I want things for you that you cannot even dream of yet, and if you could, you would pee your pants for what is to come. So, we take little steps, one step after another. But remember, I am wild. Atomic wild! You just can’t see it, but you can feel me pulsing within.

Every time you feel positive and expansive feelings and think positive and expansive thoughts, I am pulsating from the core of your being to send you shivers of sensations that give you goosebumps on your arms and legs.

For that is how I communicate with you. I pulsate and impulse truths, just as Maharishikaa also so beautifully describes. More and more people are becoming aware as they move away from the impulses of the unconscious mind that constantly feeds it with perceptions that lock them in its grip.2

Moving from the impulses of the unconscious does not lead you anywhere. At least not in the long run. The physical mind is not designed for that. It just knows to handle the what and the now of things. It’s not designed to know the how of things. Only the higher mind, which is me, the soul, does.”

So, that is what the soul wants. It wants you to reach that highest point of mind, far beyond the limitations of the physical mind, and it leads you to that space of awareness from where it can release all the layers of limitations that no longer serve your growth and wellbeing.

By doing that, you are reaching that wild space more and more and more, with every step a little more, for you to understand these gaps in connection that were twisted in such a smart way that it keeps people there, longing and wanting and desiring to become a fatal fascination at some point in time.

Gaps in the connection to creation that are filled with desires, wantings, longings, and cravings, reinforcing the belief of separation and disconnection within people over and over and over again through feeling it. The belief society has is that it agrees and allows disconnection from the fullness of its being, the fullness of that feeling force. It knows nothing other than being disconnected from a source being thrown into existence without meaning because, at some point in time, someone came, someone reasonable, who told them that truth.

A belief we agreed to be true and acted upon creating it into being. And in doing so, we unknowingly turned in that direction of disconnection even more. This specific belief is so locked in emotionally and physically into its place that it has become an immovable structure like a stone.

And the more we feel disconnected—that feeling, that we are creating ourselves from within our being—from that stone within, the more pain we experience, which is the reason we want to disconnect even more. And this is what becomes fatal.

For where are we going to find solutions to these feelings of separation, if not within? For these feelings will become a burden at some point in time, is what we all will agree to be true.

There is an increasing focus on perception, on the objects of things, while not being aware, not knowing where the disconnection comes from, and it is from that space, that state of being, that humanity is looking for solutions to be implemented while keeping that stone intact at its place.

So, what is the right action? Rolling the stones.

Rolling the stones of beliefs that turned into concrete. That creates space to breathe and see. You cannot even see clearly through concrete.

The right action comes from the right state of being, from that fullness of being. A fullness of being that is divested of all layers of limitation to connection, which is your natural state of being.

For this first essay, I chose a song called Wild Places by Duncan Browne that describes this fatal fascination of desiring and longing that is looped and the loss of opportunity at some point in time.

Wild places can only be reached from a wild space of abundance and fullness. In that way, you live your life as foreplay and prayer, always asking for more of you and always receiving that more of you that is in correspondence to it, that arises from you asking for more and closing the circuit of creation in perfect harmony, balance, and synchronicity with nature’s laws.

Let’s have a look at some root definitions.

Notice how these concepts were originally more holistic and how they show a connection in both directions of going outward and back inward. We can see that the original definitions are not broken from the connection to creation.

  • Desire from desidere, which means to wish and to expect, meaning the wish fulfilled is the expecting of the wish that was sent out.
  • Destiny from de and stare, which means departing from where you are. It is projecting that state of being into the future to where you want to be.
  • Secular from siculae, which means all that is: all things, all places, all times. It literally means everything which exists.
  • Polarity from polus and -ity, which means the quality of being an axis that is related to two extremes that complement each other in such a way that they are never against or in conflict but always in balance, unity, and generation.3

Let’s wrap it up with the following statements:

  • If definitions are true, then why do they change?
  • If definitions are not true, what makes them not true? Who makes them untrue? Who strips them of their meaning? Who flips their meaning?

Let’s say, we’ve got one statement that is true and one that is not true. Who is defining that one is true or not true? These are collective agreements that were made or allowed.

Everything you believe in is your truth. That is how the mind has been set up to function. The function of the physical mind is neutral. Its function is to accept only that which it believes or accepts as truth. If you program it a certain way, it will grow to function in that direction for growth, even if it is not beneficial to you.

So, everything you know right now, all the knowledge you have, is based on a belief of something you have been taught to be true or not. In that case, you must know that all you experience to be true is something you have agreed to be true.

If you do not agree that something is true, you will not move in that direction. And if you do agree that something is true for you, you will choose that direction or that experience.

Now, people may think that these were all collective agreements and these were sensible decisions for our development into a more civilized and sophisticated world.

They may have thought so, but in all the definitions, the connection to that source in nature, to that abundance, the continuous flow is broken.

Who decides on that? These do not look like sensible decisions in the direction of growth and prosperity for all. Going from connection to separation is just a motion, a choice, away.

But that gap within the connection to creation needs to be filled, to be replaced with other experiences, preferably in a looping mode, so that the gap experience becomes the continuous experience for people. Now, once again, hold your thumb and index finger close to each other, just like we did before when visualizing that physical reality space of experience.

Imagine that space between your fingers as the gap that was created in the cycle of creation. Make that gap even smaller. Reduce it down to just a tiny space. That is the space still available for soul connection, and the experiences that return you to your natural self.

Now close the thumb and index finger. When they are closed, that can mean two things: either you have jumped to another reality or that option for experience became nihil. The only thing that stands in the way of that last step is your emotion.


1 Perception and Positionality, Dr David R. Hawkins.
2 The spiritual and the material, Maharishikaa.
3 I – I AM Conversations, Matias De Stefano.