Consciousness is infinite and eternal.
Experience is finite and transient.

The evolution that is required is on the soul level. The soul is that portion of consciousness that knows all. It knows all the abundance within its being and the connection and oneness with all of creation, but it doesn’t have the experience. And without the experience, it cannot grow. It just is.

Consciousness is infinite and eternal. In order to have experiences that are finite, consciousness needs to impose limitations upon its awareness. Experiences that can either be positive or negative are created from limitations.

Again, positive and negative are not value judgments as discussed in an earlier essay about polarity and duality. They simply are mechanical descriptions of states of being coming from the currents of your emotional state.

Positive refers to energy frequencies that generate experiences of connection, integration, freedom, and expansion. Negative refers to frequencies of energy that generate experiences of disconnection, separation, limitation, and reduction.

The principle that applies to the smallest particle applies to human growth as well.

The atom with its positively charged nucleus of neutrons and protons and surrounded by electrons that are negatively charged, holds its position and shape by the restrictions and limitations of the electrons it has imposed on itself. So it has imposed a limitation on itself but still has the ability and capacity to expand from its being.

It's the principle that particles, just like humans, can be of two states: aware and unaware. The particle that rests is unaware. It is not passive. It is just unaware, pulsating with potential energy. And when it is aware, it seeks to expand, it seeks to grow.

And so is the experience on Earth a finite experience. And although the experience is real, physical reality itself is nothing more than a temporary projection onto your personal screen of self, where you are experiencing life through your own spectacles of self-imposed limitations which color and shade life the way you manifest for yourself to happen, all according to the laws of nature and physics.

Since we are all part of nature, the laws that govern nature and all life does apply to humans as well, as life and its growth and development emerge from the conditions it has accumulated, the conditions within as without in your sphere of self that overlap other spheres of selves that move within that range of frequency.

Mechanical positive states are thus states we know to be as expansive, open, exciting and mechanical negative states we experience as feeling contraction and resistance in the body which is an unnatural state, unfortunately normalized in our society in our daily lives to work with and from.

For separation is an unnatural state of being for the human body and mind when it is disconnected from the soul. The soul has never left. You are just not aware of its presence within your being as being your greater being.

It is a materiality within your being that pulses within you each time you feel its connection within. The body experiences this sensation as pleasant and it pulses from the center of the heart towards your arms and legs to give you shivers that can be seen as goosebumps on your arms and legs. That bodily response is something that can be measured.

The soul responds to your state of being. It knows what state you’re in and it sends you signals always in the direction of connection via your intuition. And it responds to you when in contemplation, to your thoughts and feelings when contemplating on a certain topic.

Feeling a pulse from within is a statement that validates you’re on the right path of connection. It confirms your connection in thought, feeling, and action towards your greater being with a pulse.

It pulses you in a certain direction as to define the right way for you to grow and have experiences that match your purpose and are in connection All That Is. That is what it does. It defines for you the experiences without words but with pulses and intuition.

About a year ago, I started to become aware of something pulsing within my being in response to my thoughts and feelings when contemplating.

Always when I was having beautiful thoughts about my deep desire and wish for understanding of societal issues we are facing, discovering and formulating questions within my being, and finding tiny little steps of more clarity, more definition and more understanding in the process, something within me responded with an expansive sensation of a pulse that radiated from my heart towards my arms and legs giving me goosebumps, and always again in the same way.

Until then, I had never heard of this phenomenon or read about it. The sensation of that pulse stayed with me since then. It feels strong and it feels good. I know it to be a fact. I know it to be good. And I know it to be true. Since then I call it: ‘the soul pulsing within me.’

Several months later, I saw a video of a young woman, an enlightened being who is revolutionizing the spiritual world, a very brave young woman called Maharishikaa talking about ‘the soul impulsing truth’ and pulsing within each being.

She is quite controversial in the sense that she points out to people in an honest but kind and understanding way that spirituality and its practices are not there to have cosmic experiences to escape reality and its challenges but that we are here, present in this body and moment in time, to make use of it to our best of ability.

A very refreshing perspective and I completely agree with her when she says:

There cannot be a dichotomy between the experience of the divine and the experience of the material world. It is one thing.


If you are in this world and meditating the half of the day and miserable the other half then I think we have a problem of the highest form of duality that exists.

I had never heard of this woman before, but I immediately knew what she meant when she talked about the soul impulsing truth within your being and how it feels because it is my experience too exactly the way she describes it.

She developed a practice in where she teaches people how to tap into that source, that greater being within, to start connecting more deeply with that inner source of strength, feeling their souls in a material sense that is.

From that point, when you are more evolved in awareness, you can make it possible to communicate more directly to your inner greater being via ‘telempathy’ as more and more people start to experience now as for example Matias De Stefano shares in his I – I Am conversations.

Telempathy is the capacity of a being to use its innate skills of telepathy and empathy that are natural skills within each being but have become lost in that sense to humanity. Lost from the awareness that it is within every one of us. And always has been.

Humans translate those definitions of the soul according to their own experience and perception of life. The more you are separated from your connection to creation the more narrow definitions become. Not seeing and feeling the connection leads to broken definitions. Definitions that have a broken connection within them, that are disconnected from their source that is.

Unfortunately, many definitions have become broken in our history, broken from that principle that everything that exists is connected. It cannot be disconnected.

Definitions are useful to create experiences with. They are the fundamental components as I’ve described earlier that create all experiences of physical reality for they are what make up the physical persona.

That physical persona that sets the boundary of what an expression exactly means, ‘describing the distinctive nature of a thing or event’. For that is what a ‘definition’ means, from ‘definitio’ and ‘definire’: the setting of boundaries, of limits, determining and stating the limits of what an expression means as to how far it reaches.

Think about the definitions we use today in our daily lives in our society. Do they connect or do they disconnect from creation?

Definitions that connect to creation, to the source of creation, have always been present, as we can see just by looking at root definitions. Many of these essential definitions have been transformed many times over and over again and separated from what was once connected.

That is why people find it so hard to relate to something that is so connected to the core of their being, something that is so in line with who they are.

We have seen how reason, how patterns of reason, can change in a direction that is not of benefit. These are collective agreements, choices that were made and agreed upon. Choices that pointed and turned into a direction that was not beneficial at all.

Seeing that line of thought, that line of reasoning and that there needs to be a new line of reasoning in a new direction that is of benefit to all of creation, that is in service of all of creation.

The point from where you start, even in reason, is of importance. It determines the outcome.

That point from where you start is where you will find the answer that corresponds: the answer that is in correspondence with your starting point.

The way you choose creation is always in correspondence to what lies within that arises without in your external, in the solutions you find.

The solutions you find from a state of separation, from that illusion, are always less than the solutions you’ll find from a state of connection.

But we have made it a sport, you might say, to create as much as possible from that state of separation and created a culture with it—a culture of separation.

Feeling that connection to creation within is something you can learn and practice to become more skilled at. It is already within you. You just are not aware of it. You have just not defined it as such.

You are mostly looking in other directions. Perhaps you are looking in the direction of another definition of what it means to be human: ‘as a useless being’ and ‘a hackable animal’ is what we read and hear these days. What does it do to you reading or hearing that?

It might be your point of attention to stay with not to look in another direction. It freezes you, literally, contracting the body, making you feel powerless to move your will in a direction. Not knowing in what direction to turn to for there seems to be no other options. No other options, positive ones, are arising from this scenario and state of being.

That is one way how definitions can be used to create a negative experience within people.

Building context from content is another definition and belief in them we discussed in an earlier essay.

Creating separation from that belief that the majority of people agree to choose and adhere to is of vital importance to become aware of.

It describes where the separation starts in the first place. It starts in the belief that you are separate from a source without meaning and connection projected into a world that sees its inhabitants without meaning and useless.

Agreeing this to be true, makes you susceptible to losing the awareness of your greater being. It makes you susceptible to giving away your power. The power that is within each being to create with it better conditions for all.

Giving away that power by giving away the responsibility to stand in your strength and truth of your being and act from it will diminish humanity’s options for growth and wellbeing. That is something we can count on to happen as a logical consequence of our own choices and actions.

Even inaction is an action. It is simply a choice in a different direction. If positive change needs to be made, action is necessary.

This belief is the primary source that people feel lost in the forest of the content of the world for which they offer lifetime after lifetime to search for its connection, to search for the context of life, the meaning of it, never to be found but always the promise that science one day will.

While in fact, it has always been in each being, that connection, that context out of which all springs from blooms within you as well.

The action that is needed is feeling the connection, within your own being that is, trying to understand what you feel, the process of getting there, what it takes you to get there.

The moment you feel that connection, feeling it blooming within you into Infinity, for example when in sweet devotion of prayer, you need to hold on to it. You need to reach for it, grab it, and hold it and start moving from that energy that you are feeling within your being, that feeling of abundance within.

And from there it is that you start moving with courage and integrity like the Prophet Muhammad did. He knew exactly how to create that feeling connection, that feeling of burning desire within his being combining it with his strong determination to create with and from that connection because he understood that we are connected to all that exists and taught that it is our responsibility to be and act in service of all that exists.

Moving with courage then is ‘moving from the strength of your heart’, from ‘corage’ which means ‘heart’.

And moving with integrity is needed to unite the aspects within that you feel disconnected, for integrity comes from ‘integer’ which means ‘complete’ or ‘whole’, ‘a state of being complete or whole of an undivided and unbroken connection’ that is.

Integrity is ‘the action of joining these parts together to a tangible reality which is felt within’, from ‘in’ which means ‘within’ and ‘tangere’ which means ‘to touch’.

It also is related to ‘tegere’ which means ‘weaving’ which speaks of ‘connecting things that are separate, uniting them by weaving them to form a new structure’.

Once having felt that connection, that feeling-focus, a one-pointed feeling-focus that is, having experienced it, you will desire more of it, creating that path of burning desire.

The more you train that feeling of connection, the stronger the pattern becomes in the brain and in your whole being, the more permanent the connection becomes. All in many steps of awareness and acting upon that awareness pointing in the direction of that positive choice.

Let’s discuss how we make choices. What is the motivational mechanism of choice?

Again, the intrinsic function of the physical mind is neutral. It only agrees to what it believes benefits it more than the alternative. You’ll always choose one out of a few, several, or many options that will benefit you more than its alternative.

That may seem obvious and general but knowing that is very profound. It shows you for one hand that you are the master of your choices and not someone else. Because that choice arises from within you and is made definitive. It may be conscious. It may even be unconscious.

Every situation, every thought, every feeling is an option to choose a direction and act upon it. And you’ll always choose what you believe to be true.

Often choices are made unconsciously. That is when you follow the impulses of the unconscious mind, simply allowing it to let it guide your attention, your focus, your perception, and your will to decide and act upon it. For that is how strong the unconscious can be.

The conscious being then is the one who discerns the parts, to become aware of these parts within that want to be known for they are calling you. Because you can feel its presence through difference, conflict that limits you temporarily, that stops you in your tracks.

To become aware of these so-called forces, to understand them, to integrate it, to see if it matches your higher belief and wish to serve, to choose creation, to discern if it matches that higher truth and to choose what benefits this higher truth and gracefully let go of all the other energies, the mental pictures and the feelings that belong to them.

That is what ‘conscious’ means, from ‘conscientia’ which means ‘to have capacity of discernment’.

So ‘the conscious being’ then is ‘the one who discerns the parts and unites them as part of a whole but simply prefers to choose to create in accordance with nature’s laws’. That is how you polarize positively.

Then you will have transcended the conflict within, you have transcended your patterns of reason that creates this expansion of consciousness which will lead you again to more of your being, closer to your soul and closer to God.

This is why you see so many ‘positive people’ emerging out of nowhere in a time displaying one crisis after another. This seems like an unnatural response to the reality other people are experiencing. For these people sense a higher calling, a purpose to all this to be found within.

And so you see an upsurge of coaches arising in society offering their services to choose creation, to serve with all their experience, talents, gifts, and love for self, others, nature, creation and to guide people to follow a course in life that is more in harmony with their own needs and wishes, with nature and creation in general.

So many coaches out there who believe in the positive, in positive thinking. And so many other beings on their path applying that positivity in their life more and more. And by doing that more and more, you will experience that more and more. And what you experience, what you live through becomes your reality.

And then the reasonable one is surprised and shocked by the dichotomy of it all playing out in front of its eyes. It came. It saw. And it labeled. For that is what it does: it labels. ‘Toxic Positivity’ is one of its labels. You can find those and related books in the ‘wellbeing’ section in libraries and bookstores.

Out of fear something good might happen, it stamps its way out of creation, out of its connection to creation, out of the abundance to creation, for it knows only that: separation. That is its truth. That is what it knows to be: that there is no purpose to life other than what you make of it.

The thought wouldn’t be so appealing to anyone if it wouldn’t carry some truth in it. But it’s only a facet of truth which makes it untrue. For where you start determines where you end. In other words: what you make of it.

And you might be thinking: “What did I do wrong? All I have been doing is following the rules. Rules that I complied to. Rules that gave me security and comfort of living.”

But not of being. That’s not what society does. Society does not provide comfort of being.

It may happen that people feel comfortable in their situation but only because they comply to rules. And you can even get real comfortable when complying and knowing how to play within these rules.

There are two types of successful people: those who play the game and those who change the game. Both require choice.

As to quote James P. Carse from his book “Finite and infinite games”:

There are at least two kinds of games.
One could be called finite: the other infinite.
A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.

Game changers then, are the ones who successfully turn the finite game into an infinite game, knowing that success is what follows the abundance given to be received.

In that space of abundance, all people are abundant. All people are winners and have their needs met. All people are happy. No one is excluded. And so concluding my essay with the music hit “Every 1’s a winner” by Hot Chocolate.


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