Let yourself be enchanted by the prime mover of Japanese Pop Surrealism. Tokyo based artist Yosuke Ueno, dreams up an extremely elaborated personal world which is representative of the ip-er-contemporary multicultural art scene he belongs to.

Ueno taps from underground culture, manga and graffiti art and as well from the pop imagery and iconography in order to spot on elements that are both Japanese, European, and American.In Ueno's brand new collection created for his solo show, the viewer will discover hundreds of hid-den symbols from different cultures, which have been melted together to fuse in rainbow land-scapes popping out apparently as memories from a fantastic dream world. Having a closer look we will discover that Ueno’s paintings depict a sort of Micro Cosmos born from the cultural mix up of a contemporary language and his historical background. In this kaleidoscopic paintings' series the Artist refersto the world of“ Yaoyorozu no Kami” , (eight million Gods) inviting us to experience and to dive deeply into the new philosophy created by the Contemporary culture.

The viewer is caught by this transcended scenario made up with magical characters and a general animated atmosphere. “ Positive Energy” gives a clear idea about this mov-ing quality, by showing a windy, immense space in which a bizarre parade leaded by a little boy iscrossing the scene.

The group involves fantastic animals, unidentifiable figures bizarrely clothed, carrying other unusual object Let yourself be enchanted by the prime mover of Japanese Pop Sur-realism. Tokyo based artist Yosuke Ueno, dreams, all driven by an explosion of shapes and colors. The whole composition refers to Miyazaki’s breathtaking dimensions; specifically it may be a par-allel version of Howl’s weird castle, and its dreamy scenarios driving the viewer’s mind through a timeless journey toward the incredible.

A cultural Japanese background mixed with the incessant desire to look beyond reality, is what mainly connects the two artists, moving their creativeness toward the surreal. Going back to Yaoyorozu (eight million) asan example of a large number, is the idea behind the exhibition concept, the theme is The Cultural Mix Upas a multitude of Micro Cosmos coexisting inthe same Time and Space and Mind, constantly. The mélange between contemporary themes and ancient beliefs reflectsthe artist’s personal view of the word.

As a result, his depictions show completely inventive subjects, still they reveal some historic elements. In the painting “ Memento Mori” , the artist reproduces the popular, fairytale figure of Snowhite un-der a completely new, mystic light. The scene recalls the crucial moment of the story, when the pro-tagonist is about to eat the lethal apple. The consequence subsequent to her action is then pre an-nounced by the skull at the center of the scene. As happens in dramatic Baroque paintings, this symbolis a clear reference to the idea of death asan enduring presence.The combination ofele-ments makes the paining a“ Vanitas” creationmade of existing symbols and the artist’s authentic rendering of the themes of time and death.

Specific references to classical themes also emerge from “ A Swallow in the Sun” , where the float-ing figure recalls the Greek mythology of Icarus here reinterpreted through the artist’s surrealist eye. “ Mugen Sanui” takes its name from “ Sansuiga” , a Far Eastern classical paining of landscapes, aiming at the idealisation of the existing nature, which here shows the artist’s imaginary world through a magical personification of Nature. Another recurrent theme is that of the ancient “ Yin and Yang” , the Positive and Negative contradic-tory poles brought into life by the artistwho gives them ananthropomorphic shape, suggesting their significant energy.

Among the strong existing Forces there isefiL (Backward ofLife), which is the essence of life it-self. EfiLis the dominant “ strong force of the nature” , a huge tree carrying simultaneously the weight of time and the power of metaphysical wisdom. Each one of his artworksis accurately detailed by a refined painting technique mixed to spray cans interpositions.

Those paintings convey a message of positivity and cosmic vitalism each one with its own fantastic dreamscape and challenging characters born from Ueno's typical palette and contents. The catchy scenarios are populated by both fairytale and natural elementsall running in a psyche-delic carousel. Even the Disney tale's heritage has found a deepest meaning becoming Memento of Time and phi-losophy of gentleness. With fourteen brand new artworks, either meticulous compositions on large canvases and graceful portraits of youth, this show will leave the viewer aware and inspired by the Micro Cosmos that fills the surrounding world. This dynamic scenario leads up to a modern vision of intellectual freedom, which has tobe considered as a state of mind, which shows the artist’s process of making art by en-closing all the invisible energies into a canvas.