Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present the summer group exhibition House of the Rising Light, featuring 42 artists from the Asian continent. The show will open on 30 July 2020 at DCG Rome and London and will be on view until 18 September 2020.

Part of the gallery’s 2020 exhibition program titled Mirrored Souls: The Year of Love and dedicated to the theme of universal Love, the exhibition House of the Rising Light seeks to further deepen the gallery’s curatorial research on this theme with a renewed attention to the most promising, thought-provoking and avantgarde talents of the region. Through an attentive and extensive selection, the show brings on stage a visual language that is deeply connected to - and inspired by - the historical and the heterogeneous cultural roots of the Asian continent, while at the same time contaminated by key Western art influences including but not limited to the Italian Renaissance, German Expressionism, French Surrealism, Post-War and American Realism.

This multitude of historical and cultural influences has played an important role in each of the artists’ personal and artistic research. They are shaping a new subversive perception of the contemporary and paving the way for new trends that reflects hunger amongst the young generation – for change and eagerness of finding a new rising light on the horizon and the beginning of a more sustainable future.

Following the steps of their predecessors and world-renowned 20th century and contemporary Japanese icons such as Yoshimoto Nara, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama and Tetsuya Ishida, but also of international pioneers such as Mark Ryden, OSGEMEOS, Barry McGee and Gilbert & George, the artists from House of The Rising Light have developed themes founded in a restless, revolutionary and innovative search of a Pop, Surrealist and Dreamlike imaginary that provides comfort to the adversities of the contemporary society and the uncertainty of the future. A strong attention is also paid to the realms of dreams and adolescence, themes strongly rooted - especially in regard to the visual language - in the Manga and Anime culture, and always conveyed by the curatorship of the gallery.

The works presented stem from a variety of genres, from Pop Surrealism and Street Art to the New Figurative and New Contemporary, and encompass the vastness of the Asian continent, starting from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Korea and going south-east to Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and arriving all the way to Iran.

Finally, the list of participating artists includes both long established talents as well as new emerging artists, namely: Afarin Sajedi (Iran), Ai Haibara (Japan), Andrew Hem (Cambodia/USA), Ahoy (Hong Kong/Australia), Atsuko Goto (Japan), Aya Kakeda (Japan), BLIC (Philippines), Cheng Cheng Yi (China), Chishi Morimura (Japan), Emi Katsuta (Japan), Fuco Ueda (Japan), Jang Koal (South Korea), Jeffrey Chong Wang (China/Canada), Junko Mizuno (Japan), Karin Iwabuchi (Japan), Kazuhiro Hori (Japan), Kazuki Takamatsu (Japan), Koh Kisung (South Korea), Louise Kwon (South Korea), Leegan Koo (South Korea/USA), Maki Hino (Japan), Maruyama Junna (Japan), Masakatsu Sashie (Japan), Mayuka Yamamoto (Japan), Messy Desk (China), Miho Hirano (Japan), Mitsuko Kuroki (Japan), Moe Nakamura (Japan), Naoaki Funayama (Japan), Naoto Hattori (Japan), Quimmyshimmy (Singapore), So Youn Lee (South Korea), Sun Pei-Mao (Taiwan), Tada Koiichiro (Japan), Tokuhiro Kawai (Japan), Tomomi Yoshizawa (Japan), Tomoko Hokyo (Japan), Tran Nguyen (Vietnam), Yoko D’Holbachie (Japan), Yosuke Ueno (Japan), Yu Kawashima (Japan), Ziqian Qian (China).

House of The Rising Light wishes explore the big shift in contemporary art that is being led by the new generation and to invite the visitors to look to the future and join the artists in an unrestrained and restless search for a new light in a common universal experience.