Opening at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome is a fascinating convergence of surrealism in a double solo exhibition by Peca and Jesús Aguado.

The visionary Argentinian artist Peca and the enigmatic Spanish surrealist Jesús Aguado present their respective new collections titled Astral Flow and Cosmogony and Pets. These two exceptional painters are characterized by their fantastic iconography rooted in the Latin essence of Pop Surrealism that has contaminated its language from its origins and permeates the scenarios with references to the bizarre and the mystical. In a charming fusion of cultural richness and compositional innovation, in the dense and defined vocabulary of these two artists, dreamlike compositions are revealed.

Peca's "Astral Flow" series blends into the alchemy of the surreal the bright and celestial visions typical of this recognizable and consistent artist, whose inspiration oscillates between earthly pleasures and the whimsy of the planets. The protagonists are migratory birds, a metaphor for our passage on earth, captured in tender, affectionate poses and made soft by Peca's subtle brushstrokes that through her fluid narrative gift us with ethereal landscapes dotted with cosmic symbolism that allude to the delicate intersection between day and night, and between consciousness and dream.

"Cosmogony and Pets" by Jesús Aguado opens the door onto a dark universe, where the mythical and the everyday merge. Works like "Oracle" show us how this artist is capable of conveying a deep narrative rich with references to a mystery where the mystical is domesticated and the familiar is mythologized.

His use of traditional symbolism, along with the exploration of natural elements in a contemporary mythological context, challenges viewers to decipher the enigmatic narratives hidden within his cultured and layered painting. Aguado's art mesmerizes us, capturing our gaze in magical details that echo the grandeur of the masters of art history.

The new works of both artists invite us to question the boundaries of perception, evoking a sense of wonder that persists long after the gaze is averted. With a gigantic canvas as the central work of the exhibition, Peca's painting becomes a stage for a spectacle of color, where her characteristic birds perform in an acrobatic dance, in direct dialogue with Aguado's characters, indefinable creatures, infantilized animals and monstrous children between legend and folklore, gentle chimeras that embody at the same time the physical forces of the earth and our subconscious.

Exploring the invisible threads that connect kindred spirits and suggesting a profound unity in the universe, these two bodies of work accompany the viewer in search of free fantasy, in an almost primitive fairy tale with visionary attributes that resonates with the genius of the surrealist artistic mind.

For lovers of New Surrealism who love to venture, "Cosmogony and Pets" and "Astral Flow" by Peca represent two Must-See exhibitions, an immersive exhibition journey that marks another important milestone for contemporary figurative art and its representation on the European scene.