Some interactive modules of the Pavilion of knowledge escaped and are scattered throughout the building. Come and visit them before they run away.

As soon as you arrive at the ticket office, you can pull a chair and rest for a while. Do you feel that the world is growing around you? Huh? No, in reality, it is our giant furniture that makes you feel like a 3 year old. Isn't it good to see things from a different perspective once in a while? Then discover the oblique anamorphosis in the long dark corridor. Here you see a cube, and there you don't.

Are you still feeling slightly dizzy? Strong enough not to risk a dizzying bike ride on a wire six metres above ground? Trust in the laws of physics. Here, you couldn't fall even if you wanted to.

If you haven't fallen off your bike, look around you on the balcony. How about it? Can you solve some of these challenges? That's right... we are constantly faced with new challenges. These impulses can be problems that cause frustration and annoyance, or, on the other hand, they may be an opportunity to do something new, different and innovative. Who doesn't like a good challenge?

After you visit the Pavilion, the world will continue to be the same, but you will see it from a different perspective.