They live in our homes and streets, in our imagination and even in the music we listen to. And have been with us for thousands of years. But what do we actually know about them? How did they become so different from wild animals? How do they see, listen and feel the world?

The new temporary exhibition of Pavilion of Knowledge invites children and grown-ups to explore the world of their favorite pets. The exhibition is composed by three thematic areas: (“In their skin”; “In their head”; “In our societies”) adding a total of 47 interactive exhibits.

Produced by Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie - from Paris - will be open to the public until September 8 2019. On the first Sunday of every month, the public is welcome to visit our science centre with a dog and also to participate in our workshop programme Canine Passport. But we're not stopping there: Feline Instinct workshop happens every second sunday of the month and is dedicate to cats.

Are you ready to enter the amazing world of your favorite pets?