Explore is a "real forest of natural phenomena". That's how the physicist Frank Oppenheimer described this exhibit, originally designed for the San Francisco Exploratorium, and which has become a classic of science centres around the world. Each module is an authentic work of art where Man contributes with machines, and nature with the amazing beauty of its phenomena.

Explore approximately 40 interactive modules independently or with our help, ask yourself questions, ask us questions, discover, experience and enjoy.

Combine lights of various colours, observe the effects of lenses and prisms, discover the rainbow in bubbles and make many other experiments which will shed light on various phenomena.

How does our eye work? Why we see the world the way we do? Do we experience the world as it really is?

We don't only see with our eyes. The brain plays a key role on our perception of the world. Here you will find optical illusions and challenges that will put your head spinning.

Can we see sound, stop a wave, observe harmonics on a guitar string?

Go with the flow, vibrate with us.

Don't be alarmed by the complexity of the phenomena. Enjoy the sand dunes scenery slowly shaped by the wind, feel the breeze of a tornado, dissolve it with your hand and see it regain its previous shape.