This is a space to create, make, experience, build and share where trial and error come together in a fun and inspiring way. More than 500 m2 of activities for makers, curious and ingenious, nerds and geeks, cheeky little ones and older nutty ones.

The Tinkering area contains open activities that make us think with our hands, letting us overcome obstacles and go beyond ourselves. There are many challenges: explore electrical circuits, build paper aeroplanes and test their aerodynamics, create pathways for a marble to travel between two points the fastest or slowest way possible, or any other challenge proposed by the visitor. This is a place of innovation and creativity for schools and families.

The Maker area is a production space where visitors can develop their own projects. From the creation of clothes and jewellery with electronic components, to printing objects with 3D printers, as well as manufacturing small gadgets, this is a space where ideas take shape.