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Joined Meer in February 2019
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Cinzia Di Loreto

My name is Cinzia Di Loreto, I was born in Rieti. There I attended the schools of all types and levels, afterwards I joined the Foreign and Modern Languages and Literature School at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. At the same time, I applied to the British Institute in Rome, where I got a Certificate in English. Since I was a child, languages have been my passion. But not only languages, because I soon showed natural strong skills in drawing, painting, design and writing. Anyway, after getting the degree in Languages, I moved to Milan, either for work or for love. Here I started to put into practice my linguistic skills, working for important international banks, companies and legal offices as interpreter, translator and touristic guide. My passion for my work soon prompted me to start my own business and it is so that I started to teach English, French and Italian for Foreigners and to collaborate with some well-known tours operators for the organization of study-tours too. At the same time, I started to write articles on behalf of university students, to which I lent consultancy for the drafting of paper for the degree. Soon I realized that writing was becoming, for me, more than a job, it was a real passion. And, thanks to my several interests and, most of all, to my personal experience, which helped me a lot in my personal growth process, I became immediately aware of the fact that I could have helped a lot of readers with my articles. And this is why I joined the Wall Street International Magazine team.

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