Where would you go if you wanted to meet an Angel? In a sacred place? In a wonderful natural environment? In the infinite space? Yes, all these places are perfect, and they allow you to meet the angelic energies, but there is one even better: your inner life, the place of absolute peace that exists inside you.

Although the tradition introduces us the Angels as tall, blonds, with plumbed wings and the “nightdress”, actually they don’t have an outward appearance, they are pure energy, but we can also visualize them in human appearance, or animals, if this helps our mind to contact them better.

The cosmic energy is divided into a lot of branches, each of which presides to brain functions, character traits, emotions… It is like a huge database that contains the qualities, human and not, existing in the Universe. We have access to these flies, but sometimes we don’t succeed in doing it with confidence, and therefore some facilitators come to our aid, allowing us to take advantage of the information contained in the cosmic conscience.

This conscience, commonly called Akasha, contains as a circle what has been and what will be, in an immense quantum continuum. The “Angels” (from the Greek Angelos, Messenger), are our connection with the forces of the energy of light.

Actually, they are not entity detached from us, they are part of us, as every existing particle in the universe but our mind, being dualistic, doesn’t succeed in really conceiving the unity, therefore the vision of separate entities from us facilitates our understanding. For this reason, it is helpful to consider the angels as beings that come in our help, rather than as part of our own light, that intervenes to carry out a situation.

Every time that we elaborate a thought, of any kind, we give birth to a "thoughtform" that is an entity, which may have more or less force, according to our involvement; the thoughtform might have a high vibration, when it comes with elevated thoughts, of serenity, unconditional love, tolerance, etc., or low and heavy vibration, when it comes with fear, anger, frustration, etc.

Entities have origin from the thoughtform, which the human beings need in order to dispatch their potentiality. So, we distinguish between two different types of entities: those more elevated, the angels, and those of low vibration, called demons.

According to our prevailing states of mind, we attract positive or negative forces, which will activate our bright sides or not. To attract the Angels, we need therefore to have bright thoughts, tolerant, serene.

We can not always be in a good mood, it is quite normal, but we are surely able to hock us not to be attached to the sufferings of the ego, to the dark thoughts, to the anger, to the frustration or to the fear, to try as much as possible to live with trust and serenity. This will attract a lot of angels in our life, and they will subsequently make grow in us the cheerful and bright side of our being.

The Angels are considered as “messengers”, that bring the knowledges and the intuitions from the Superior Spiritual Plan to our awareness. For this reason, they are identified mainly as “invisible assistants”, that assist during the need, but only if they are called (the free will is always respected).

According to my experience, it is not essential “to believe” in the Angels to be able to have a contact with them. In fact, everyone has his own perception, which is correct, and if a person feels uncomfortable or has a reject for the figures of Angels, it is useless to force him to accept the idea. We can use the angels as a “support energy”, from which draw with gratitude at the time of need, the important thing is that everything takes place in respect of the Balance of the Universe, and not based on mere personal profit. The universe is not offended if we have our personal point of view, but the balance breaks if we use the energy for non ethical purposes, or arrogance, assuming that everything is due to us.

The most balanced thing, in any case, is “experimenting", as we don’t need to believe in something that we have experienced personally, we live it and that is enough. Those who live in-person experience, goes out of the necessity to believe previously in something about the world, and this experience becomes deeper and total.

The force that activates the angelic energies is the unconditional love, that has got nothing to do with the molasses of the sentimental films! It is the strength of the accept, of reception and tolerance, completely deprived of judgment. Whenever we observe a situation without comparing us with it (or without considering it correct or wrong), we activate the unconditional love.

The absence of judgment must not be confused with the indifference or with the so-called one “uncaring attitude”, indeed it is an empathic participation, bright, energetically open, but without any type of “label”.

On the contrary, demons are easily called back by the presence of fear (and from its consequences: anger, resentment, refusal, judgment, envy, closing, etc.).

The best way to receive the angelic energy is “let it go” or free out self from the emotion of the moment. The not-attachment leaves the green light for the entrance of the “assistant”, while the permanence in the emotion, especially if negative, closes the doors and it hampers the roads.

It might be not easy to detach from feelings, but when we do so, we really experiment a situation that someone defines “as if things begin to go alone right”. However, we don’t have to forget that the “right direction” is not always what we desire, sometimes the best possible solutions, for us or for the person that we help, it is not exactly what we wanted to happen. It needs therefore to be available to accept that, first of all, everything develops “for the maximum good”.

Angelic energies answer quickly to every call, coming to bring, first, serenity and tranquility. Then, they are precious collaborators for all those situations where we need some help or support.
And remember that… the good humour attracts the angelic energies!