If you recognize even less than the half of these typical warning signals, get immediately away from your partner!

Who among us wouldn’t like thunderbolt, love at first sight, the partner or the companion of his dreams, the Prince Charming in a fairy tale, the idyllic love? Of course, it would be pretty awesome if everyone could try it! Therefore, with a heavy heart I have to admit that this kind of “perfect” love does not always turn out to be “healthy”, since, unfortunately, there are some narcissistic people who, being totally devoid of emotions, are mainly attracted by empathic people, which they approach with the adulation, the exaggerated courtship, the manners, the never-ending waterfall of compliments and gifts, beyond the perpetual availability and courtesy.

Apparently, these people are perfect, flawless, confident, by the winning and unwinnable personality, charming, gallant, caring, very affectionate, from the attractive look, excellent speakers and snake charmers. However, behind this mask as Superman, a very unsure of himself individual is hidden, with a very low self-esteem, with a complete lack of empathy, absolute unable to access any kind of real emotion, cold and distant, with serious relational issues and love shortcomings, deriving from his childish or teenage past.

This kind of person is constantly looking for a victim who could fill these gaps which he refuses to see, preferring, instead, to fill them by feeding himself with the positive energy which he constantly “sucks” to the empathic people, his favorite victims. This type of “nourishment” will allow him to survive at least until when he has sucked all the energy from his victim, who, then, being useless now, he will start to treat badly, always blaming anything to her, telling her never-ending lies, accusing her, denigrating her, underestimating her, projecting his lacks on her, raping her mentally and, in the most serious cases, physically too.

He puts all this in stage after studying carefully either the strengths or the weakest points of his partner, which now become the targets of his scope. Meanwhile, his partner gets crazy and exhausted looking for the reasons that crashed the situation and caused such a change in her companion. And the more she is depressed the more her body becomes ill and the more the perverse narcissistic or sociopathic draws “nutrition” for his own livelihood. He will be permanently safe and sound, immune of any responsibility, neat and devoid of any sin, defect, mistake. Everything will always roll off his back, being either incapable of getting into the others or trying any feeling or emotion.

The stage of “flattery” or “love-bombing” which he makes his victim live at the beginning is recycled from a screen script or a telenovela, rather than from some chapters of a romantic novel, which he studies in the most minute detail in order to succeed to play it out perfectly. And he always succeeds in it, because, beyond an above average intelligence, he is also well equipped with all the weapons required to bring about the play.

As you see, it is very easy to become prey of the narcissistic, falling in his own web, which he will have built up over the years thanks to your positive energies. There you will remain so entwined that you will end into a vicious circle, from which the more you will try to get out, the more you will develop depression and the more the narcissist will keep you in his possession. In fact, it is not simple to relate with a narcissistic person, mostly if you aim at establishing a genuine relationship with him. Narcissism is a feature of personality which leads people to be in love with themselves and to idealized their image so much to believe not to have any competition.

This is just the reason why I am going to provide you with the signs which will help you to understand if you are prey of an energy vampire, they will alert you and push you to make sure you really have a narcissistic partner standing beside you. If so, you have to cut and run and disappear from his range, either physically or virtually and by phone. The narcissistic will not have to have any link to you, he will not have to be informed about your whereabouts or your private affairs, your employment or whatever.

So, I go through the list of the 10 most obvious signals to recognize them at first sight.

1. He always wants to win at all costs

It is just natural that somebody might not like you in life, therefore the narcissistic individuals do not accept it. During an evening with friends, they will not do anything but talking about themselves, attracting as much as possible the attention of those present with their stories and their great and extraordinary capacities. If they are sidelined, they will suffer and be mopey, finding, later on, the way to be the center of attention again. They must feel constantly adulated!!!

2. He always speaks about himself and does not listen to others

It’s almost impossible to speak with a narcissistic, since he would only talk about himself and his amazing feats. If you seek a dialogue, he will pretend to be interested in it, but only for a short time and with a lot of fiction. He will soon interrupt you to say his opinion, to pretend to give you an advice or to tell you a similar experience (most of the time invented at the moment) he got out of very brilliantly of course. Every time you try to bring the speech about your conversation, he will always find the way to draw focus on himself and his amazing successes achieved.

3. He criticizes everything and everybody

The narcissistic always criticizes, even when it would not be necessary, and, most of the time, his critics are exaggerated and inappropriate. He regards himself as the best, the smartest and, of course, the cleverest in every situation. To his keen sense of superiority, one must add the total lack of empathy and the habit of always stepping on everybody, without any respect. The narcissistic crushes the people, especially who is around him. As a consequence, being very sure of himself, he will judge badly and criticize any person who behaves in a opposite or different way from his own, always exaggerating of course.

4. He always wants to be gratified

The narcissistic performs awesome actions in order to be admired and praised for his exceptional qualities and skills. Basically, he uses people just to be gratified. He always expects the others to be grateful to him and to treat him exclusively, he needs to be constantly revered, everyone must meet all his minimum requirements, of course without nothing in return. Assuming that he must always be at the heart of the world, you can understand the reason why the narcissistic uses people until when they provide the “nourishment “to him and he eliminates them in a puff of smoke once they become useless.

5. He is charming and charismatic till he has conquered you

The narcissistic are people with a really irresistible appeal and they always succeed in getting their prey. Therefore, as previously mentioned, the interest in people arises just from the need for his own personal gratification, it is not a real feeling. Indeed, it will vanish as soon as the attentions of the partner cease. In addition, it is worth noting that, once he is sure of having conquered his prey with adulation, he will get bored and he will start digging around for new preys in order to have further confirmation.

6. The narcissistic manipulates

As I said before, the narcissistic is so skilled in flattery that soon the prey will give in to his will. He, thanks to this attitude, succeeds in manipulating people in a magnificent way, so far as to make them do whatever he wants. At the same time, he knows very well how to give birth in others to negative emotions such as guilt or sadness, always to draw attention on himself. Even when he undergoes criticism, he still manages to exploit his own reactions, since he will make you feel guilty for having treated him badly or he will become aggressive or he will adopt the absolute silence treatment. And the silence of the narcissistic is always disruptive.

7. He regards himself as the only one on earth

His ego is so filled with himself that he feels the only one on earth, essential for everyone, a special being which is unparalleled anywhere in the world and nobody could live without his invaluable support and assistance. He will often say: ”If I was not here, you would not know what to do” or “You cannot do anything without me”, and similar.

8. He is very envious and he preens in raising envy

Since he is convinced that he is the best, it is natural that he aims at raising envy in others just for his delight. In his opinion, the others envy him because his life is absolutely perfect, he does not lack a thing. Of course, he will be envious of the targets of others and, when they talk about them to him, he will always find the way to humiliate them or to speak about some of his similar successes in order to turn out to be always rising above them.

9. He is a child that grew into a spoiled man

Behind his apparent perfection, the narcissistic hides a very weak and vulnerable personality. Emotionally, he is really childish, to the point that he would do anything to prove himself above everybody. And, staying above everybody, as a consequence he is perfect, and he never makes mistakes.

10. For him the partner is only an object to make victim and unsecure

The narcissistic is completely devoid of empathy, therefore he is very cold and distant in pair-bonds. For him, the partner is nothing, just like a commodity to be taken and then dispensed. He will always find the chance to attack her and to make her feel unsecure, so that she will be unable to do anything without his approval. Furthermore, he uses guilt very well; the partner will always be guilty, while, for sure, the merits will be only and exclusively his own merits.

Listen to me: if you have recognized some of these signals, run immediately away and do not come back anymore!!!!