The more anger towards the past you keep inside your heart, the less capable you will be to love the present.

It often occurs to all of us to observe people discussing or arguing very animatedly and casually even in public places, to hear them shouting and reproaching their children in a very aggressive and violent way, even to see them treating animals badly, tugging them on the leash or addressing to them with the same aggressive tone which they would use addressing themselves to a human being. Even on social media you can read post aimed at provoking controversies, insulting someone, issuing a judgment or a sentence, discussing animatedly with the others, driving a wedge within a group, an association, an office, etc.

My role, in such situations and circumstances, is always that of neutral observer of the facts, who notices the others behavior and draws a teaching from it, a lesson without judgments. Yes, just like this, in fact, any external situation presents us one of our sides which we do not accept because we do not like it, because we do not recognize it, because we are totally unaware of it and, reflecting it outside, the universe makes us learn the lesson which our soul needs to make progress.

On the contrary, most people, in these situations, stand as a judge and criticize facts and people without knowing their background. And, so, the negative situations grow, they become framed of useless chatter and serious critics at the expense of the reputation of the people involved, who, most of time, may be seriously damaged in their self-esteem.

You must understand that, unfortunately, rage, so as hate, resentment, grudge and the other negative emotions, is very harmful for human beings, since it only brings to the piling up of negativity inside our body, which, step by step, gets sick. So much that disease arises as the last warning from the body, as a wake-up-call which warns us that we are not able to forgive or that we are blocking the flow of life, opposing some resistance.

So, you will wonder what the solution not to pile up anger could be. Well, I have mentioned it to you above! Let us go back to the sentence “we are unable to forgive”, which does not mean that we have to forgive an event or fact or any wrong or injustice that has been done to us, but to shake off that huge emotional burden resulted from that situation, that huge burden that many of us drag on from childhood or adolescence, most of the time. Doing so, we will feel free and we will set free the person or the people involved who, believe me, will not even be aware of this weight you only carry with you, opening our path to love, since it is only forgiveness which can lead us to the love for ourselves and, as a result, for the others. Once our heart is healed of the scars of his many emotional faults, then we will have to learn how to keep this state of bliss, in a certain sense, trying not to get angry about the circumstances, but, rather, learning to substitute rage with comprehension and compassion, becoming more empath, abstaining from criticism and judgments, respecting the others, getting far away from the negative people or, whereas not possible because they are family or relatives, reducing the meetings or postponing them, keeping a positive mind, always looking for the positive side to the person or situation.

I already feel that some of you might object: “But how can I do if there is always something happening to me?” or “It is impossible not to get mad at my son or at my husband” or “I cannot forgive him for what he has done to me” or also “Are you joking?” and a lot of other objections. I answer to all these questions by asking you: “Have you ever thought that the external reality is the result of the internal one? Have you ever thought that what appears outside is the projection of our inner self? Just like that, the reality outside is our mirror, that reflects our dark sides, if we have any. Speaking of anger, I would say so, since it is manifested in the husband or in the son with which we end up discussing, in the person who, not by chance, enters our life to give us a lesson, in the negative situations that are repeated in bursts, like an interminable vortex and so on. Therefore, we start wondering the reason why those people behave like this with us and why those situations keep on repeating endlessly, almost as if we were “losers”, making an examination of conscience, addressing to an expert and professional person who could help us to understand our past, most of all our origins. Yes, because everything starts from there, from the environment where we were born and grown up, which, sometimes, might create not indifferent injuries, which, once we are adults, might have an impact on our “modus vivendi et operandi”.

In particular, these professionals (such as a psychologist, a psychiatric, a counselor, a coach, a mentor and so on) will be able to deep the subject of the childhood and adolescence emotional injuries, developing some details and leading you towards the best path for your well-being.

Nowadays, there are a lot of techniques to release anger, so as all the other negative emotions. In the past, they used hypnosis and regression, now you can get a good result with theta-healing, life-coaching, counseling, EMDR, all techniques aimed at substituting memories, negative and depotential beliefs and convictions with as many positive and potential beliefs and convictions. The results are really excellent. The advice I can give you, in case you want to undertake one of the aforementioned paths, is to start them with a positive mentality, with a well clear goal, with confidence in the professional and in the technique, with the certainty of the result and with constancy. Yes, the last one is fundamental in this type of path. Therefore, be sure to have enough time available for your personal growth, dedicate yourselves to it with the mind emptied of family commitments, of shopping, office, homework and gym. Remember that a “healthy” mind allows the body to work miracles, to reach and to get any goal without the slightest effort, because it will be the universe to show our dreams and desires, without having to struggle to achieve them.

The secret is not to be angry about the circumstances!