Life is here to take care of me, and I am safe.

(Louise Hay)

I am firmly convinced of the fact that the thoughts we make, the words we say and the convictions we have are very powerful. They make our experiences and our life. It is just like if, when we think and speak, the universe is there to hear and answer us. We have the power of our thoughts and our words. If we change thoughts and words, also the experiences we live will change.

No matter our origin, no matter how difficult our childhood was. What matters is that we can realize positive changes. It is a very powerful concept and, at the same time, liberatory. What is fantastic is that, if we convince that it is like this, it will become true. This seems to me the right way to face problems, making changes in our mind first. Then life will answer us as a consequence.

We live according to our childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Our actual reality is the result of our thoughts, our beliefs and our limiting convictions that we have inherited by our family, our teachers, our friends and we have made them our own along the way. We live according to these “principles” which are not our own. It is obvious that, if there is something wrong in our life, we have the possibility and the power to change it.

When we start changing our thinking way, maybe the results are not immediate, but insisting in the practice with pure new schemes, we will realize that our future will be completely different. The thoughts of the present create the experiences of the future.

It seems to me to hear a lot of objections about this. Maybe you are wondering: “Up to you, how can I be positive if I am surrounded by negative people?” Well, in this case you can repeat or say even loudly to that person: “Well, this might be true for you, but for me it is not absolutely true”. In this way, you will give the others the chance of being negative, because you can not interfere with the free will. At the same time, you keep on being loyal to your positive thought.

Honestly, I do my best to avoid those few negative people who, during my lessons and courses, may appear. And, sincerely, I guarantee to you that, when you are “cleaned” inside, the negative people stay far from you! Rather, wonder how come you are surrounded by negative people. Indeed, inside you there is something to be changed’ and, if you change, automatically also the others change, because the people outside will react to this transformation. So, the most important thing is to change your mind schemes.

During my studies about the subject, I learned a wonderful word which everybody should introduce in its vocabulary. It is the word “neuropeptides”, that is those chemical messengers travelling around our body when we think or speak. Therefore, when we get angry, criticize or judge people, our negative thoughts will have a destructive effect on our immunitary system. On the contrary, when we are happy and serene, lovely, our positive thoughts will have a potential and strengthening effect on our immunitary system.

Finally we have got to the conclusion that mind and body are related. Mind continuously transfer thought to all the cells of our body. So, be careful to the thoughts you choose, especially considering that we make more than 60.000 thought a day! Remember that only one thought does not cause any reaction, but the problem is that they end up accumulating and doing so step by step they make our body sick, getting to even serious illnesses.

This is valid for all of us, apart from the race, nationality, country or city where we live. The negative emotions such as hate, anger, rage, revenge, envy, shame, guilt and other negative ones are toxic for everyone, even for children.

The solution for all of us is forgiveness and love, which have the power of healing apart from where we live, how old we are, what language we speak, what job we do and what our family situation is. Before aiming at a perfect physical health, we must treat and heal our spirit. Not by chance, we are given to birth to learn how to forgive and how to love ourselves and all of us are destined to learn the same lessons, in different ways. Love is the recovery!

Just stop for a while and meditate upon this: What am I thinking about now? Am I making potential or depotential thoughts? What benefit they will bring to my spirit and body?” If you realize that you are only dealing with negative thoughts, then it is necessary to change your mind scheme immediately. I know it is a difficult decision to take, therefore it is for your well-being.

Certainly, in this, you are not helped by ego. On the contrary, he is always ready to reassure you that everything is fine, that you are safe, that you live wonderfully well and that it is not necessary to change. For sure he will make you convinced of the fact that they are all baloneys, all charlatans that huge you to change to get money from you, who are so happy and that, after all, it has been a long time now since you started living like this and you are used to it. And then he will tell you that you are old and that the change is not for you.

In order to support you in this, I suggest you a method to put ego with his back to the wall. Write down on a sheet of paper these statements and repeat them loudly 3 or 4 times in front of the mirror: “I love you and I am starting to make positive changes in my life. The quality of life will improve daily. It is sure for me to be happy and satisfied”. While pronouncing them, what thoughts rise up? Do not worry about it, it is ego that reminds you of the old scheme, therefore thank him kindly and tell him he can relax because you are safe now.

If from now on, every time you are in front of any mirror you will say: “I love you” simply looking at your eyes, you will create the reality you wish.

Try to believe it!