I relax and let life freely flow inside me.

(Louise Hay)

You will have understood that I firmly believe that the thoughts we make, the words we say and the convictions we have are very powerful. They forge our experiences and our life. It is just like if, every time we speak, the Universe was ready to hear what we say and ready to answer us. Therefore, if there is something we don’t like in our life, we have the power to change it. It’s we who have the power of our thoughts and of our words. If we change thoughts and words, also our experiences change.

It does not matter where we come from or what childhood we had, today we can make some positive changes. It is a very powerful and liberating concept and, if we convince ourselves of this, it will become true. In my opinion, this is the way to face any problem, changing the thoughts relating to it. Then it will be life to answer us consequently.

We live according to our past because what occurs to us now, it is the result of the thoughts and the convictions of the past. Therefore, if there is something wrong in our life, we have the power to recreate the experiences for the future. When we start changing our thoughts, maybe the results do not come immediately, but, with certain perseverance and constancy, we will find out that our future will be different. If we want our future to be positive, we must change our negative thoughts today. Today’s thoughts create our future.

At this point, it seems to me to hear a spontaneous question: “But how can I be positive if I am surrounded by negative people?” Personally, when I am with negative people, I repeat in my mind: “This might be so for you, but not for me”. I sometimes say it loudly. Doing so, the others may continue to be negative and I remain loyal to my positive beliefs and convictions. Lately, I am doing my best to keep a distance from these people. It is easy, you can make an excuse or diminishing the phone calls, the messages, the contacts.

Therefore, it is important to always remember that it is not the others who have to change but we have to change from the inside to make people react to this transformation from the outside. The most important thing we can do is to modify our thoughts, remembering that nobody can enter our mind.

Every time we think, we cause a reaction of chemical substances in our body. When our thoughts are negative, these substances weaken our immune system, while when they are positive and potentiating, these substances strengthen our immune system. In fact, there is a connection between mind and body, that has been finally recognized by science too. The mind transmits continuously the thoughts to the cells of our body.

Therefore, every time we choose potential or depotential thoughts for our body. We must say that only one thought has got no influence on it, but if we consider that we make more than 60.000 thoughts a day, they accumulate and, if negative, make us sick. Yes, because the negative emotions, like anger, resentment, hatred, guilt, revenge, envy have an influence on our body, giving birth to the so-called “illnesses”.

But what are the “illnesses”? They arise either when you are not able to forgive or when you oppose some resistance to the flowing of life. In order to make you understand better, forgiveness does not mean to condone the fact, but to discharge the negative emotions relating to that fact, situation or event, which free us and opens the way to forgiveness. And only forgiveness may lead us to love. Forgiveness and love have the power of healing us, no matter the country where we live. It is necessary to heal the spirit first and then the body.

In fact, for me illness (meaning by this word a small accident too) is a life teacher who leads me along my healing path. It arises when I am going away from my path in order to tell me that I am on a wrong path.

It is important to remember always that what we think and say becomes what we live. So, it will be better for us to pay attention to the thoughts we formulate during our day and to the words we use to speak and write to forge our life in harmony with our thoughts. Therefore we could use kind words such as “I would like to be able to or to have, to be able to be”, instead our mind enjoys itself making us visualize the worst situations and as a consequence we make negative thoughts. And, of course, we find ourselves in that reality.

Our mind is really fantastic in making us find the worst images of what might happen if we accepted that invitation or that proposal or that offer because our EGO always wants to guarantee the control on our mind, it wants to dominate our Superior Self, our true I, where all the answers to those questions are, where a huge treasure is kept for us. It concerns our Wisdom.

Therefore, please declare yourself ready to go deep inside you and to change your mind scheme, connect yourself with your original treasure, go searching for it. Create an inner side that is rich for you. In this way, your thoughts will become for you like your best friends, with whom you can communicate daily. For example, still making some usual thoughts, you could be creative by making up some new ways to do the same things.

Usually, we make a comparison with the garden of your house. In order to make it give you some beautiful plants, you must prepare the ground, starting from removing all the brushwood, rubble and rocks contained in it. Then you add nourishment and finally you blend it together well. You will notice that, when the plants grow, they will be beautiful and luxuriant.

The same is for the garden of your mind. If you change your negative mental schemes, substituting them with other new and positive schemes, you will see that everything you do will be a success. Your garden of thoughts will be luxuriant.

Of course, you will have to train in order to remain positive, once reached this level, but I assure you that it will be very simple because it will be a routine for you. You will not think about the positive statements anymore, because they will come by themselves.