Emanuela Borgatta Dunnett
Joined WSI in May 2016
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Emanuela Borgatta Dunnett

I was born in Turin, where I completed my studies, specialising in North American Literature. For years I have been involved in teaching and writing, never neglecting my passion for the arts.

I love to write about what alights my curiosity, and I have always felt the need to narrate it.

Allowing others to share a live experience, a book or an exhibition is an unparalleled experience of knowledge.

The people I have met and the countries I have visited for these purposes have created unprecedented beauty and multiple feedbacks/reports, in which I like to involve more and more readers.

Words have an incandescent intrinsic value and, if it is true that we are also forged by those used by our favourite artists, it becomes imperative to respect and share them.

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