Laura Pergolizzi, aka LP, is an American musician with Italian origins: Neapolitan mother and a half Sicilian and half Irish father. Her features are unmistakeable: errant curls, captivating smile and the incomparable theatrical voice. Even if she has collaborated with such artists as Rihanna, Rita Ora and Christina Aguilera, and from 2001 she has released three albums. After having graduated from the Walt Withman School, in fact, in 1998 she was noticed by David Lowery from Cracker who asked her to sing in their song: ‘Cinderella’.

Afterwards, she published two solo works: ‘Heart-shaped Scar’ and ‘Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol’ respectively in 2001 and 2004. However, despite a comprehensive American tour and the excellent reviews, the albums didn’t get the audience recognition they deserved, but things changed with: ‘Forever for Now’ and ‘Into the Wild’.

This year, LP has published the breakthrough EP ‘Death Valley’ made up of five previously unreleased tracks: ‘Muddy Waters’ and ‘Strange’ with blues echoes; the witty ‘Other People’ with soft nuances and some straight through lyrics, the emotional ‘Death Valley’ but above all the first single: ‘Lost on you’, with a captivating video which was released concurrently with her live session at Casa Bertallot, a fascinating and unique location in Italy which saw her giving the best of her with her bare voice and the inseparable ukulele; designed for her by Martin Guitars, making her the first female artist to obtain such honour.

Immediately after the EP was released, LP embarked on both a personal tour (often accompanied by her life and stage partner: Lauren Ruth Ward), as well as a supporting act for Brian Ferry’s live dates. Furthermore, after her appearance at the Coca Cola Festival, Laura has gained many followers in Italy which joined the American fans and a vast bunch of Spanish admirers.

At present, she is eagerly awaited for a European tour, as it is obvious that the live dimension suits her more than anything else. Without forgetting that the new EP is a prequel of a new album which will certainly feature new surprises.