Simone Bresciani is an Italian musician and producer from Turin, whose musical activity ranges over live concerts and studio sessions, together with songwriting and arrangement of new songs, advertising and movie soundtracks. His experience has led him to work with different music styles such as: rock, pop, electronic, world/ethno music, chill out, ambient, dance. He also has experience in the field of Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic Beats. In this in-depth interview, he tells us more about his recent works and future projects.

Simone, would you like to tell us more about your arrival in the world of music composition.

Let's say that I've been writing/composing since I was very young, my first piece was written at the age of 7 and it was a very simple tango, the smooth ones for instance. During my years of studying the piano, I enjoyed recreating on my keyboard the pieces of music of the groups I loved. It was one of the first keyboards that had a simple integrated sequencer and this allowed me to record up to 4 tracks. Then in my teens, together with a dear friend of mine from childhood, we wrote simple funny songs.

But it was decidedly later that I started composing and producing lounge and chill out songs for some compilations with some consistency. From there I started a further study in the composition "throwing an eye" on my past passions (rock, pop, ambient) implementing elements of classical orchestration.

Your last two works: Across the Universe and Spectrum seem to dictate new perspectives for your music. Is that a correct feeling?

I'd say so. In the last few years I've gotten very close to the production of music for music therapy and to the use of "therapeutic" frequencies, also thanks to the activity of my girlfriend who deals with Chromopuncture, a holistic discipline based on light and colour frequencies.

Across the Universe was born from the idea of wanting to create pieces that had, as a starting point, the frequencies of celestial bodies present in our solar system. Conceptually, I wanted the whole record to develop like a real journey into the cosmos, like an astronaut who, with his spaceship, approaches the various planets and observes them. On the sound level, instead, I took inspiration from the soundtrack of Interstellar by the great Hans Zimmer and I combined orchestral elements and synthesizers, inspired by the great composers of ambient music such as Kitarō, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre.

The idea behind Spectrum, instead, is part of the frequencies emitted by the colors of the spectrum, and especially the thought of doing something that somehow could be close to Chromopuncture was crucial. The frequency of the colors, measured in Ångström, was converted to Hertz (Hz) and this gave me a starting point, or rather, a note from which to develop the compositions.

For years you have also been involved in production. Do you have a different approach, in this sense, compared to the moments you dedicate to composition?

Let's say that with the passing of time everything has been more and more "amalgamated" in a homogeneous way in my workflow. As my experiences in every field (composition, production, mixing) increased, I always tried to have them all channelled into a single way of working. These are phases that often intersect. Although I'm very picky and "precise", I don't tend to divide the work into distinct phases. When I open a new work session on my computer, I start with an idea of what I want to write, maybe just with a plan. Then the composition phase starts from there, but it also includes production phases... and maybe with the development of the song I already mix something "on the way". As I said it's a process that expands and evolves over time, and for sure this is the most fun and creative part of the whole process.

Can you already tell us something about your future projects? Do you think you can take new directions and move towards different fields?

At the moment I'm working a lot in the field of audio brand and advertising with a Finnish agency, Audiodraft. They study a "sound brand" for the companies that turn to them and then contact the producers to develop, produce and implement the project. For some months now I've been collaborating with an English production company, Evolution Media Music, in the creation of songs dedicated to everything related to audiovisual (TV, cinema) and multimedia in general (Videogames, presentations). I would certainly like to be able to establish myself as a composer of soundtracks, something that has always fascinated me. As for more "personal" works in the pipeline at the moment there is nothing, even if I have prepared a small compilation of ambient tracks that I have composed in the last year: it's called In the Land of Fairies and it's available in streaming on my Bandcamp along with the records Across the Universe and Spectrum.

I would be interested in knowing if - as a musician - there are territories that you would like to explore, maybe far from your comfort zone?

I'm naturally curious, so I'm always looking for something new to do. After a while I'm always on the same genre I necessarily need to try something else, otherwise I get bored, writing and composition becomes routine and the fun and joy of doing this job is lost. Even if in the past I have composed World and Ethnic songs, I don't want to hide you that I would like to go back to that area, maybe uniting elements from different cultures and different sounds.