Morgxn is a unique singer in today’s American pop scene. In the last few years he has published very varied albums and has performed on hundreds of stages. Hoping we will soon be able to see him live in Europe, we have had the chance of talking to him about his latest Blue EP, his writing process, live performances and his relationship with the audience.

I would like to start by asking you about the process that brought Blue to life. Why did you decide to record such an intimate version of ‘Vital’?

Some of my best songs come as after thoughts. I spent the day writing with my friend Dylan who is in an incredible band called Flor. After writing another song completely I decided to play him a little melody and lyric nugget I had been chewing on for a while. Sometimes songs just need a surprise visit to find their completion. That's how this one came to life. Around this time I had been exploring new versions of 'vital'... mostly because I think recordings are just snapshots. I was feeling like taking another snapshot and Blue seemed to be begging to anchor this new expression.

How are you combining these two different approaches on tour?

When I play short sets as an opener I tend to think that I just want to play the highlights, but as my set grows and as I grow as an artist - it also feels necessary to strip it back. I think my shows will always have peaks and valleys -- and I hope to keep finding that in my records and in my live shows.

Working with other artists seems to be a crucial part of your art. What can you tell us about performing with Nicholas Petricca from Walk the Moon on the title track of Blue?

I wanted a partner to sing Blue that would go to the depths with me and finding that is not as easy as just asking anyone. Nicholas has a special place in my heart and when I first sent him the song, he immediately sent me back a voice memo of him singing the chorus. I think my bones just knew it was meant to be at that moment.

Your courage in expressing your vulnerability and showing your emotions on social media gives you a unique and genuine voice. Does this humbleness help you during the creative process, too?

I'm just trying to express myself; whether it's social media or in song - I'm just trying to play with words and see if they reflect something true.

May we already know what projects will involve you at the end of the tour and whether we will have the chance of seeing you live in Europe, too?

If I could be in Europe every day of my life... I would. Keep playing the music, sharing it with friends. I'll be in Europe soon, I feel.