While waiting for Amazon Prime’s 3 Caminos to be released worldwide (it is already available in many countries), we have had the pleasure of discovering more about the shooting of it with Anna Schimrigk.

The German actress shared an in-depth analysis of the unique relationship between the characters and the challenges and joys of working with an international cast with us.

While preparing for our meeting, I watched some of the cast interviews and it seemed clear to me that The Way also had a personal impact on you all. Was my perception correct and would you all like to walk it again?

Definitely, because it was such an amazing experience. Even though we didn’t actually walk The Way, we clicked from the very first moment. When we saw each other for the first time there was this kind of vibe, which was extremely friendly and we connected on a deep level. During the shooting, we had to face many troubles and it created an even deeper bond with each other.

I certainly would like to go back, and I would like to walk the French Way, because we visited so many beautiful spots and I could feel their history and power even more. I was touched by these places and it also had an impact on my feelings towards myself. For example: once, I had a day off and I started walking on my own. I had planned to walk for 1.30 hours, but I couldn’t stop, as it felt so natural to keep on going and talking to myself all the time, trying to reflect on everything that happened and putting it into the right perspective. I, the end, I walked for five hours. Once I reached a small village, I sat down for a coffee and I saw a dog on the other side of the road, looking at me, and then he reached my table and laid down under my chair, without moving for one hour. After I paid, he followed me for a while. This is what happens when you walk like that: you get this nice energy and I believe animals can feel it.

That’s why I think that it would be amazing to walk The Way with the others again and I think it would also be nice to walk it alone, as I believe this is the actual mission: to be with yourself.

How did you find the right chemistry working with each other? Was it difficult, as you all come from different countries and backgrounds?

I believe this chemistry exists because we are so different. Everybody has their own talent, we do not interfere and we are all very tolerant. We accept each other, despite coming from different countries and backgrounds and with different ways of working.

Let’s talk about the two characters you interpret: Jana/Leni… I suspect they must have been very challenging to portray. How did it feel performing the roles?

Jana was definitely demanding to portray. The most distinctive trait about Jana is that she is holding back so much. It felt as if she had restlessness all the time, like an inner fight. That made it very challenging for me, because of course, during the months, you adapt to certain characteristics and sometimes privately, you cannot get rid of them.

They were both difficult to portray, though Leni is softer. Leni represents trust to me. She believes in God and that everything will fall into place. While Jana is fear, appearing very brave while she is extremely scared of being hurt.

I loved that she changes constantly, becoming more and more positive, interiorizing Leni’s side.

Let’s talk about another project of yours: Big Dating. What is it about and where can it be seen?

It’s only available in Germany, for the moment. It’s a comedy series and it’s very different. My character struggles to understand what her goals in life are, what she wants to become and then she gets pregnant, thinking she isn’t going to be a good mother. It takes place in 2020 and it’s about a group of friends, with a nerdie flavour to it.