An in-depth portrait of Prince Harry, in this thorough conversation with Angela Levin. The famous British author has had the privilege of following His Majesty during the last few years, giving her readers a new and unprecedented reportage, full of anecdotes and less known facts; also taking into consideration his recent marriage to Meghan Markle.

First of all, let me compliment you on such an achievement. I would like to start by asking what it was like to be able to ‘follow’ Prince Harry throughout the years.

It was an honour to accompany Prince Harry on many of his royal duties for over a year. I saw how intuitive and caring he was with people of all types and ages, especially if they were suffering physically, emotionally or psychologically. He seemed to always make everyone he talked to feel more confident and hopeful.

You have already worked as a biographer. What were the challenges of writing about such a prominent personage.

One of the difficult things is for them to find the time to talk. Their diaries are full for months ahead. They are also very careful about what they say.

What do you feel are the elements that create the worldwide fascination with the British Monarchy?

There are lots of reasons for their popularity. The Queen is highly respected and amazingly hard working for someone who is 92. I think the young generation of royals – Kate and William and now Harry and Meghan have brought a freshness to the Monarchy. The British are also brilliant for celebrating royal occasions. So many countries were interested in Harry and Meghan’s recent wedding. I was one of the commentators on Prince Harry’s recent wedding for the US CNN TV station and 69million people worldwide watched the ceremony on the channel.

In the light of his recently changed status within the Royal family, how do you feel that this will affect his public role?

Since Kate and William’s new baby Louis was born Prince Harry is now sixth in line to the throne. It means it is easier for him to choose what how to fill his time and what areas of charity work he would like to do. He told me he wants to focus on young people and ex serviceman and work in the Commonwealth. He is also very close to his brother Prince William and said he also wants to support him. As for becoming a married man, we shall have to see! His wild days certainly seem over. He is more responsible and has an increasing sense of duty.

Finally, could you tell us something about the future projects you are working on?

I am working on writing a profile of the HRH Prince of Wales in celebration for his 70th birthday. I am also looking for the subject for my next biography.