Marcella Martinelli & Trausti Thor Sverrisson
Joined Meer in July 2014
Marcella Martinelli & Trausti Thor Sverrisson

Marcella Martinelli is Italian and arrived in London from her native Switzerland where she studied art and fashion, consequently attending the London College of Fashion then working for Vivienne Westwood. Her career later flourished as a stylist and journalist working for the likes of How to Spend it, FT The Times, Vanity Fair, US In Style, also working with actors for red carpet events such as the Oscars, BAFTA amongst many others high profile social premiers. Marcella is deputy editor of MilliOnair magazine specialising in the luxury market for travel, fashion and Jewellery.

Trausti Thor Sverrisson has worked in education and media, completing his master's degree in Mathematics Education with distinction from Reykjavik University before taking up teaching Mathematics in London. He left his native Iceland to find new inspirational paths after a lustrous career in radio where he has done editorial, programme and managerial work and presented live radio and television broadcasts, mainly relating to current affairs and classical music. He has a new-found passion writing about hospitality, food and music, home and abroad and sings baritone with The Music Makers of London.

(Thank you Qured for making our travels to Europe possible).

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