The Waldorf Project: Chapter Two / COLOUR is a new art form, not simply a 'fully immersive dining experience.' Through 7 different courses (each consisting of a coloured cube, either 'BLUE', 'ORANGE', 'PURPLE' or 'ORANGE'), served in 7 different environments, guests will be able to experience colour through not only all of the sense, but also through the emotions imposed by these senses.

The event will run 5 – 11 February 2015 in the vast surroundings of London’s Oval Space – with only 48 guests to share in the rarefied experience per night. Taking a further step from trend forecasts already established in Chapter One / Muskmelon, the Waldorf Project now presents a fresh perspective and a new challenge in the synchronisation of consumption and emotional sentience.

The 7 course 'experience' will take diners from zone to zone, experiencing colour through taste, smell, sound, light and mood. Each course will be presented by choreographed dancers within cube-shaped environments to evoke something of Turrell, whose work has been a huge influence on both the stage artists and the costume designer.

The sheer scale of the project is unquestionable: over two years of artistic development; thousands of hours of R&D spread across six different artistic disciplines; a colossal budget. The wines treasures, sourced by Rogg over months and purchased from private collectors, alone are worth more than the ticket price.

Rare wine treasures, served in gorgeous wine tumblers donated to the project by Waterford Crystal include: 1998 Chardonnay Sanford Winery / Au Bon Climat Special Project; 1999 Pinot Noir Sanford Winery/Au Bon Climat Special Project; 1997 Nebbiolo Sanford Winery / Au Bon Climat Special Project; 1995 Pinot Noir Sanford Winery Barrel Select; 1996 Pinot Noir Sanford Winery Barrel Select; 1985 Chateau Picque Caillou (Magnum); and 1979 Pinot Noir Sanford Winery.

Further information can be found on the website:

Ticket prices range from £20 for rehearsals with no alcohol (for those aiming for a Dry 2015) to £160 for the full programme, including 7 rare fine wines.

CHAPTER TWO / COLOUR runs for seven nights, Thursday 5 – Wednesday 11 February 2015. Each event will run for approximately three hours. Limited capacity

Creative team

Sean Rogg is a British artist working in the field of video, photography and performance. His work has been exhibited at The Wapping Project, Bloomberg SPACE and ICA in London, as well as part of TinaB Biennale in Prague, at Modern Art Oxford, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, The CCA in Tel Aviv, Galerie Mathias Güntner in Hamburg and Galleri Kleerup in Stockholm.

Vanessa Krycève is a french Chef and artist. She learned pastry art at Ladurée and Pierre Herme, is a self-taught cook, and was later trained by 3-star Chef Guy Savoy. She develops happenings between art & food all across Europe. She worked in Germany for art gallery Van Der Grinten Gallerie and artist Simon Schubert in 2012 and 2013. She also worked as a food journalist with Julie Andrieux and on a web radio show. She is a consultant for brands and restaurants and collaborates with newspapers to create recipes and conceptual food. In 2009 she wrote her first cookbook, Delices et Coeur Brûlé (Agnès Viénot Editions). In 2013, she became the Chef of Paris’ new restaurant and cocktail bar, Artisan. Vanessa currently works as a private Chef and teaches cooking.

Bruno Viala worked during the first years of his education in different Michelin-starred restaurants such as -L’Elysee and Une table in Marseille. In 2002 he became the pastry chef of Magnolias before getting his first job as head chef of a semi-gastro Parisian restaurant La Famille. He has worked as a consultant for french television. He was the culinary ambassador of the Cancer League in 2012. Bruno is known as the specialist of the avant-garde cooking. His first book “Humeurs Gourgmandes” was published in 2008. Currently Bruno is the head chef of Executive Traiteur catering.

Alessio Natalizia is an Italian electronic musician, producer and composer currently living in London. He releases music through the Not Waving moniker and is one half of the Kompakt techno ambient duo Walls whose self-titled debut album picked up Mojo's Electronic Album Of The Year. He debuted Not Waving's A/V live show at this year's Meltdown Festival at the Southbank in London. He was the curator of 'Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988&' compilation (Strut Records, 2014). He worked as composer/sound designer for various projects such as Tate Modern's Oil Tanks Project, Independent American movie 'Wildlife', 'The House Of Peroni', BBC TV Drama 'Good Cop' and Chapter One of Waldorf Project.

Aoi Nakamura is a performing artist and choreographer. As a choreographer she received the 1st prize at the Aarhus International Choreography Competition in 2010. Aoi graduated from State Ballet School Berlin, 2006. She worked as a performer for several dance companies in Europe. She is currently engaged with Jasmin Vardimon Company, United Kingdom.

Estéban Fourmi is a freelance performing artist and choreographer. Estéban graduated from the Palucca Shule in Dresden, Germany in 2008. Since then Estéban has worked for the Staatstheater Kassel (Germany), Tanz factor (Switzerland) and other projects in Europe. He is currently engaged with Jasmin Vardimon Company UK since 2009.

Elena Martin graduated from Barcelona’s most eminent fashion school ATM. At age 20, she became the youngest student ever accepted to the prestigious Central Saint Martins College, where she earned a Masters in Womenswear. Her first student collection was on editorial pages like Self Service and International Textiles. She did stages with Robert Cary Williams and Alexander McQueen, amongst others. In 2006 Elena launched her own designer label Martin Lamothe, to international recognition. In 2008 the label began artistic collaborations that have connected Martin Lamothe to the art world.

Justin Alexander Horne is a British experiential chef and luxury event designer. He started his career working under Gary Lee at the iconic Ivy restaurant in London’s West End in 2009. He was then introduced to the work of Thomas Keller via executive chef Luke Keating at Notting Hill favourite, The Lonsdale. Justin armed with these tools went on to work as a personal chef for clients such as Claudia Schiffer and Mick Jagger. Justin continued to push boundaries in the world of experiential gastronomy, going on to launch his own bespoke catering company, All The King’s Men in 2013. In venues ranging from grand embassies to private islands, he continues to produce bespoke dinners, launches and innovative food concepts.

Greg Shaw Inspired and challenged by the world of production design, Greg Shaw’s work over the last 14 years has seen him design numerous feature films, commercials, TV drama & comedy projects. His work reflects his background in architecture, while constantly exploring the role of new technology and it’s application into projects as a tool for concept visualization and postproduction techniques.