Some might say that In life, you should only surround yourself with beautiful objects, love and if you can, glamorous jewellery so when we were invited to meet Marco Bicego we were very much looking forward to discover the secrets of this Italian jeweller who’s reputation precedes him as having a great passion for his art and designs with creative energy and a unique technique of making each pieces unexpectedly lightweight and with every step of the production done in-house, even the fusion of the gold.

The beautiful hand-crafted jewellery is displayed for us to admire in its headquarters situated in Trissino, in a state of the art building in the land of the Vincentine hills and known to be the centre of Italian goldsmith, gastronomic excellence and a place which holds many sixteenth- century Palladian villas not far from the historical cities of Vicenza, Verona and Venice.

Founded in 1958 by Marco’s father, Marco Bicego has craftsmanship at its heart. Each piece, handcrafted in the brand’s northern Italy very modern headquarters, reflects the allure of the raw materials, from 18 karat gold and sparkling diamonds to meticulously-sourced coloured gemstones. Marco credits the brand’s authenticity with this attention to detail; inspired by the rich cultures of far flung destinations, the brand’s calling card is ‘bulino’ engraving – a hand-carving technique that gives gold a fine, brushed texture, ensuring each piece is truly unique.

Going through the collection it is evident that this sun kissed gold jewellery and colourful gems have a fashionable twist and are different from any others, it is wearable,practical yet distinctive. With every single piece from the Lunaria collection you can make a bold statement which mixes the feather weight quality unique to Marco Bicego incorporating mother of pearl and brushed round shapes of gold with a slightly retro 1960’s femininity and elegance which would not be out of place in the chic Italian Riviera of Portofino.

Alternatively you can adorn yourself with luxurious threads of gold from the Cairo collection. The necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets are entirely handmade creations in18 carat yellow gold and brilliant cut diamonds characterized by a refined texture that recalls the delicacy, the softness, the sweetness of silk.

Another one of the signature pieces is The ancient technique of craftsmanship of the golden spiral, part of Marco Bicego's DNA, overlapping of skilfully worked gold threads to create a fabric around the jewels. In the Marrakech Supreme jewellery collection the spiral is wider and marked by an even more irregular wave giving it a sense and illusion of fluidity this method is unique and fascinating to watch when created and has a resemblance to liquid gold.

If you want to travel further, you can expand and explore the flavours of India and centuries old traditions through The Jaipur collection inspired by colourful jewels and delicate shades that make up the harmony of nuances of the natural stones of the collection's infinite horizons and with a new exciting recent addition of Jaipur with London Topaz a celebration of gemstones revealing itself only to the expert eye with a depth of colour in each stone.

With stylish boutiques all over Europe there is an extensive and superb choice of delicate,modern and easy to wear jewellery which celebrate women’s beauty, strength and independence.

Inspired by the many travels and places that Marco has visited, it combines sensuality with a current and minimalist approach and a mesmerising combination of fine Italian craftsmanship and imagination this is “ Made in Italy” at its best, this is the place to fall in love halfway between Verona and Venice.