It is hard to resist an invitation to one of the most beautiful and glamorous parts of the world and it is especially tempting when you know you are going to spend a couple of days on the French Riviera in the company of the most gracious host Massimo Gismondi who is the designer and owner of the prestigious jewellery house Gismondi 1754, founded in that year and which has been in his family ever since.

Being quite fond of this part of the world there was no hesitation in accepting this invitation. Monaco is such an absorbing place, built up in parts but then just around the corner you will find an old beautiful palace or discover some buildings with architecture that totally contrast to its modernity. Although it is the second smallest country by area in the world, after the Vatican, there is plenty to do from culture and the arts , music and international events so if it's glamorous, impressive and expensive then you are in the right place, you are in Monaco.

The autumnal breeze and warm sun welcomes us at Nice airport and we are whisked away to our majestic Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons hotel in the legendary Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf, a vehicle that gives you an idea of the type of cars that are driven in and around the Principality of Monaco, although I am sure that this is really one of a kind, - a memorable ride indeed. From our luxurious abode we arrive at the Monaco Yacht Show attended by the most elegant people with a seductive perfume in the air. It is now clear what this exclusive invitation is all about, surrounded by the top range of luxury boats and certainly including one of our favourites, the Baglietto. Our host guides us to what appears to be a rather exclusive VIP section called the Secret Garden, apparently it is here where you can find only the best luxury brands of interiors and accessories which includes the exclusive collaboration between Gismondi 1754 and Boutsen Design, a company which provides bespoke luxury decoration, recently launching the Boutsen Design Yachting which offers a complete service and a variety of luxury products to create the perfect final touch to your boat. Indeed a similar service is available for your private jet or home for that matter.

After feasting our eyes on such a variety of beautiful designs it is time to turn our attention to the alluring jewellery glistening under the lights. As we go through each piece Massimo Gismondi explains to us the creative process that goes on in his mind, ‘It all begins with a moment of inspiration, a starting point that knows no boundaries. All shapes, from the animal kingdom and the world of art, can serve as a basis for Gismondi creations.’ The service provided to clients who wish to have special pieces commissioned is truly bespoke and has all the Italian craftsmanship and poetic passion to make it a memorable experience. While talking to Massimo and admiring the artistry and design of each piece one cannot help but sense his total dedication to his craft.

These beautiful and unmistakable Gismondi jewellery pieces featuring balanced colours and creative textures, are crafted with such expertise that one day spent in their company does not seem to be enough. The Animalier collection is a good example, featuring the rose big snake bracelet, the giraffe ring in rose gold or the turtle ring, also the Anelli doppi, a selection of double rings in gold and diamonds which is worn on two fingers creating a fashion element in its design and is an original take on the single ring. As well as all the exclusive pieces you can also find more affordable bracelets that not only look good but do good. Last year Gismondi 1754 launched the de Pria de Mä collection (Ligurian dialect meaning ‘sea stone’), a series of bracelets with delicate coloured stones that have been collected by children on the beach in Genova. All proceed of this go to the local hospital for children and proceeds from sales will be donated to the Neonatal Center of the San Martino di Genova, to help children in difficulty.

Massimo Gismondi designs with his heart, with purpose and originality, the refined delicacy of his creation speaks of his innate craftsmanship and passion, present in every generation of the Gismondi family.